• http://profiles.google.com/bryanjbusch Bryan J Busch

    How does Google+ Hangout on Nexus compare to the desktop/laptop version?

  • keaner

    Danny pick up a Motorola XOOM, I have had one since day one, still, one of the best tablets out there.

    All this is trumped by the fact that you can plug in your droid to any computer and voila a hard drive emerges. Try doing that with apple anything. :)

    Also, the fact that it has the word “Nexus” on the outside instantly means its not an “unknown” to anyone who has been alive in the last 5 years. Nexus = Google

    …. Good post

  • http://bicyclestc.blogspot.com/ Ryan

    I keep reading about the stretched out app issue on 10″ Androids, but it actually doesn’t look like it would bother me (judging by the Twitter screenshots).