• http://twitter.com/BrennanJean Jean Brennan

    Excellent article, examples, and links. A lot of work had to have gone in to preparing this. Thank you for sharing.

  • http://twitter.com/chriswinfield Chris Winfield

    Glad you found it helpful Jean, thanks for the comment!

  • YourDigiGirl

    Chris, this post was like a little slice of heaven pie to me, a data nerd. Seriously though, probably the best collection of resources I’ve come across – (and all in one handy post!) – for the data-driven content crowd. I will admit a bias in thinking that all content strategists should be data-driven…or at least consider it to be one of their “top 3” tools for topic generation, right?

    Thanks for your time and research spent on a very helpful post, Chris. I’ll be sure to share it. :)