• http://www.kevinwayne.net Kevin Wayne

    Somethings wrong with their rankings! Google lists MySpace as #61 out of the Top 1000 sites worldwide, with over 45 Million unique visitors and over 1 Billion page views! It’s still ahead of other competitors like tumblr and Huffington Post. Take a look:


    Where are Stumbleupon, Moneysavingexpert, Gumtree, or Yahoo Answers in the Top 100? Nowhere! Seems to me as if ExperianHitwise is not a good horse to back as far as where to put your eggs in what internet basket.

    If you just count Social Networking sites, MySpace comes in 5th overall, worldwide.

  • Matt McGee

    Well, the Hitwise charts in the article are just UK traffic, so keep that in mind. But ultimately, both Hitwise and Google are estimating numbers to some degree so it’s not going to be perfect. I think it would be cool if there was some central reporting hub with actual statistics directly from the sites themselves. Now that would be great!