• http://www.rickbucich.com Rick Bucich

    Just about every link on the cybermonday.com page is external but when I check the header response on the url, it is a 200, not exactly a healthy ratio for organic search success. I’d say high very risk from an algorithm perspective. Looks like cloaking to me

  • http://twitter.com/photographworks David Bennett

    What does ‘dropped’ and ‘banned’ mean? How does Bing take these sites ‘off’? Has Bing said that is what they did? Is there a statement available from Bing explaining what they did and why?

    I am not doubting something happened, but I would like to see something from Bing that says “We did this and this because of that and that.”

  • Anonymous

    David, see the original article I posted at Search Engine Land. It goes into great detail explaining that banned means that these sites were completely removed from Bing. It has Bing explaining that they were removed because they were deemed as being to “thin” in content.

  • Anonymous

    Rick perhaps, but the bigger point is that it was there along with many other sites until just before these shopping days. Then poof, a bunch of them went.

  • http://www.rickbucich.com Rick Bucich

    Danny, correct. The timing is suspect and controversial to say the least. Guessing a tweak to the algo to counter an increase in spamming during the holidays is to blame.  

  • http://twitter.com/rossdunn Ross Dunn

    Bing’s dropping of these sites is baffling to me as well. It makes no sense other than to inflate Bing’s sales through its advertising which must break laws of some kind. I hope CyberMonday.com and BlackFriday2011.com find some way to sue the pants off Microsoft for this… it is completely ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

    I really do not think this was a tweak in algorithms or anything similar. To me, and this is my opinion, this is blatant removal of competitive advertising sites to gain in revenue.

    I can hear defensive explanations already coming and prepared but the obvious is that this was done specifically out of greed and for monetary gain.

    If all is fair in love, war, and advertising. Then lets let the flogs and the scammers loose upon the Internet without any restrictions. Fire the FTC and remove any government controls over internet theft and copyrights.

    Level the playing field for anyone that wants to cheat no matter how powerful they are.

  • http://www.raief.com Raief

    I had the wrong ID for Disqus. Raief is my user name on most sites. I dropped DocMapes because someone else is using it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1239606526 Alireza Sefati

    Why thin content is bad content all of the sudden? Some dies can offer thin content but have good products user need like many small commerce sites

  • bucksparty ideas

    That’s right, i think it’s a little unfair that they were removed only because they have thin content. Bucks Party Ideas