• http://www.facebook.com/people/Sarah-V-Bundy/100002494167744 Sarah V Bundy

    Great article and one that’s very important for merchants to understand. This is the entire point of my business and I’m happy to say merchants ARE in fact investing more into this marketing channel and giving it the time it needs to properly grow. Affiliate marketing is a long term investment and one that can show some serious sales and profits over the long term.

  • Ram Prakash
  • http://www.eaccountableopm.com Durk Price

    Excellent post Scott. We continue to get feedback from our clients about the value of “coupon” sites. I think Forrester’s research and particularly related to the quote: ““…consumers
    perceive deals offered on affiliate sites as superior to those on the
    merchant’s website. Even when the offers are the same, the conversions are more
    likely to come through the affiliate sites.” is something every retailer needs to be reminded of. Great job!