• Dustin Woodard

    My mind went immediately to Tumblr. I’m surprised they wouldn’t include it. Perhaps there are other Tumblr benefits – does Yahoo run house ads on Tumblr?

  • simonesweetweet

    maybe people are floating away from google for haw he’s behaving and thus for enriching Bing and yahoo

  • Adam Herman

    Wouldn’t it make sense that maybe because they have the best fantasy football website be the reason?

  • Virginia Lawrence

    I was surprised when I heard that Yahoo was claiming a 20% increase in active users. Then I heard several people complaining that Yahoo had closed their old, unused Yahoo email accounts. That’s one way to increase the number of active users. Also, Yahoo has started requiring a Yahoo email address to use various features that worked well earlier with anyone’s email address. How they increased the number of unique visitors is obviously still an open question.

  • Pat Grady

    Y nickname cleanup may have had a tracking and / or reminder effect?
    G’s RSS reader closure may have caused a shift?
    Organic rankings?

  • rompingbronto

    Fantasy Football – They kicked out all advertisers bidding on Fantasy football without notice, and this has been a banner traffic year for FF.

  • Stephen Lella

    I totally agree with this. During the months of August through January, I’m on Yahoo WAY more than Google b/c of Fantasy Football.

  • Austin McCollum

    Out of nowhere, all 3 of my browsers all default search to Yahoo. I’ve had to manually change back to Google several times.

    CONSPIRACY THEORY but if this is common, this would definitely explain this Yahoo traffic increase, no?