• Sam Mazaheri

    Interesting, I didn’t know Business Google Apps users weren’t included. Thanks for the summary!

  • http://securityinnovation.com/ Maureen Robinson

    Interesting article, Tom! From a user perspective this can be good, from a security perspective this might be good, from a privacy perspective I’m not convinced this is a good move for the sender or recipient. First let me explain what changes Google has made and how it affects you.

    The reason Gmail, and most other email clients have chosen not to load the images is because the images are loaded from the e-mail sender’s servers. This means the sender can know quite a lot about your computer when you load that message.

    Google has a decent history of keeping information safe, but security is difficult to do and with every new feature comes new attack surface and new security concerns. Here’s a great article related to this subject http://bit.ly/1dNl5Df.