• Emily Brackett

    Great data to share. We recently reviewed and compared some of the email client usage to get a sense of how big the reach of mobile is. The difference between the e-newsletter going out to a restaurant’s customers compared to an e-newsletter targeted at people working in the insurance industry was dramatic. The restaurant usually has between 25-30% of the recipients using an iOS device. The B2B client had a similar percentage, but their outlook users greatly surpassed that capturing 57% of the opens! You can see more detail in this blog post: http://www.mailonthemark.com/2013/02/mobile-usage-on-e-newsletters-b2c-vs-b2b/

  • http://twitter.com/tawatson Tim Watson

    Whilst there is no question about the massive move to reading emails on mobile, the need to urgently re-design templates and use responsive design everywhere is overstated by many design agencies – nice to see Tom you don’t fall into this.

    The following analysis looks at 377 million emails to show how emails are working on mobile platforms: http://www.zettasphere.com/mobile-email-responsive-design-a-waste-of-time-for-many/