• http://kameelvohra.com/ Kameel Vohra

    So after you filter out the spam, what details would you like to see in a guest post request?

  • Colin Guidi

    Thanks for the article Danny! I agree with Kameel, I think the general community understands certain tactics to not utilize, but beyond treating blog owners (who you’d like to guest post on) as actual human beings rather than a service, what tactics have you seen prove effective for this relationship?

  • Matt McGee

    Not to put words in Danny’s mouth, but this article isn’t about guest post emails; it’s about infographic pitches.

    We generally don’t accept guest posts. We do have a number of columnists and contributors that make a commitment to writing for Marketing Land and/or Search Engine Land over a period of time. Details of that are available here:


  • Larry Kim

    I wish I knew this 4 years ago lol

  • http://kameelvohra.com/ Kameel Vohra

    So do you view guest posts and offers to post infographics as separately? Would you mind if I ask what the difference is?

  • http://twitter.com/jeffmcneill Jeff McNeill

    Hallelujah brother

  • Matt McGee

    Yes, we do. We may run an infographic from a 3rd party here on ML, and post it under our account while writing a story around it. See here for an example:


    Someone else did the infographic and we wrote an article around it and featuring it.

    That’s different from what I said above about guest posts.

  • http://kameelvohra.com/ Kameel Vohra

    Thanks Matt. That’s a pretty neat approach.