• becca

    Awesome article! I feel like so many people design “pretty” websites but can’t convert! This explains a lot on why.

  • http://www.optimization-labs.com/ John Paul Mains

    Thanks! This is very true. I used to be in the camp that if it was “pretty” and you had a lot of traffic, then everything was great. When I was introduced to A/B testing many years ago, that all changed. Made me rethink (and test) every best practice out there.

  • PlaquesandPatches

    Do you find that even when all of these items are addressed well that conversions can still be low if the product pricing is at a premium vs. what competitors offer?

  • http://georgiana.ca Georgiana Laudi

    Nice post John! I’m curious if you’ve ever had the change to try unbounce dot com? The landing page platform is built specifically for marketers (no dev) to build pages really quickly, it also has really easy to use a/b testing built in. Would love to hear your thoughts on it!

  • http://georgiana.ca Georgiana Laudi

    That’s a really great question, raises the really important point that if the quality of your traffic isn’t great, no landing page, no matter how optimized will convert well.

    I find though that if you’re marketing to the right people, and your landing page communicates what *they* are looking for, you can’t really lose.