• http://raventools.com Jon Henshaw

    Somewhere out there on the intersplief, this very second, there’s a spammer tweaking their bot posting algo to Personal or Managed.

  • Harry Hawk

    I according to this, I Tweet personally more like a robot and a company.. than a person. I don’t dispute the analysis but I don’t think it’s correct for short periods of time, but likely to be more correct over longer periods (e.g., I sleep but robots don’t).

  • http://www.seo-theory.com/ Michael Martinez

    The problem with studies like this is that anyone can automate tweets through an account and still use it for personal activity.

  • Matt McGee

    :-) Well, it said with 83 percent accuracy, right? So you can tell everyone that you’re the 17 percent!

  • Thomas Smith

    I don’t think we’ll ever be able to completely combat the use of bots in social media, but I do think that the activity times of bots is very predictable at the moment (hence the 83% accuracy in the data above). This is, undoubtedly, a very informative piece of writing nonetheless!

  • Pat Grady

    I’ve talked to enough heavy tweeters to know that a Turing test won’t work. Haha!