• Pat Grady

    If you have the sell your CEO on Search, I’d suggest looking for another job might be the best strategy.

  • http://about.me/KariRippetoe Kari Rippetoe

    But in what ways can you leverage search data in the [not provided] age? If you don’t know what your prospects are searching for because of that, where is that data coming from?

  • Loren Mckechnie

    The “not provided age” only relates
    to specific keyword level tracking. The number 1 keyword is likely your Brand.
    The number one source of web traffic should be Google Organic Search. In terms
    of investment, there are plenty of other data points and compound metrics,
    proving the value and incremental ROI for additional Investment in Search. Of
    course the prescribed methodology for success depends on where your business
    is, within the marketplace and lifecycle stage of your brand.