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    It’s rare to see somebody leaving such an depth commentary in the ORM field without touting what they can do for clients. In a way it’s nice to read an article that shows cases like George Bush and how devastating it can be for even the president if he doesnt protect his image online. If the general public doesnt protect themselves than they can be a miserable failure as well. 

  • shamim6409

    This is a very nice post. I know from this post what is reputation management and how it is work.

  • http://www.digitalhorticulture.com/ Andrew Hanelly

    Fantastic post that everyone in the brand/marketing/advertising/business world needs to read. You are what you publish, for better or worse. And if you don’t publish, then you are exclusively what “they” publish. 

  • http://twitter.com/NicholasHerold Nicholas Herold

    This is a great piece! Well-researched and well-written. It’s amazing how few companies have understood how they can be affected by their online social performance, and gratifying when they get it right.

    Of course reputation management companies are getting big bucks, and occasionally their work adds value, but there is much that companies can do to keep their online reputation healthy by taking simple (and inexpensive) steps.

  • Vik Viksn

    Nicholas Herold, sorry, but what steps do you mean? I am for myself using the online reputation management tool, I mean http://www.strategator.com, to keep my hand on puls, but can I ask you if there are any other steps to do?

  • Delagio

    Indeed. Half, if not more of the energy spent on social media sites, should be turning happy clients into brandvocates. Like the journos say; “feeding the beast”, will never stop, but what companies can do, is garner a loyal support base. Invariably it’s only brandvocates that can save a company money in the long term, otherwise you’re pretty dependent on RMC’s.