• http://twitter.com/DGGeorge David George

    Great article, Pamela. These are interesting findings from IAB. It’s not surprising that 70% of consumers see mobile ads as a ‘personal invitation’ as opposed to a ‘personal invasion.’ After years of targeting consumers via traditional media vehicles like TV, print and radio, brands and advertisers were given a clean slate in targeting the mobile advertising channel. By and large, they’ve taken full advantage of the opportunity by providing useful, engaging information to mobile consumers. My company has worked with all sorts of retail brands to help them build rich media ads that engage with mobile consumers. The common denominator across those campaigns is that each involves an inviting, interactive experience and targeted call to action specific to the user – so much so that the mobile consumer is willing to stop what they’re doing and ‘opt in’ to the ad. And people don’t simply welcome these ads, they want them. They expect brands to deliver them meaningful experiences, helpful deals, etc. As long as brands and advertisers keep delivering engaging rich media ads that offer value to mobile consumers, everyone will continue to benefit. – David George, Celtra