• Pat Grady

    “Postal Workers across the country may soon be rejoicing”
    Or crying over more lost volume. Once they privatize, my company of choice will have tools to screen out the sort of snail mail BS that NameJuice was sending.

  • http://newmediamike.com Mike Allan

    I hope that will also apply to his Canadian division – Domain Registry of Canada.

  • http://doug.mehus.info/ Doug Mehus

    It’s been awhile since I’ve commented here (not since it was branded Search Engine Land, I think) but wanted to “chime in” as I had seen this company, Brandon Gray Internet Services, growing in the domain registration rankings of late. I had no idea they were the company behind Domain Registry of America (or that DROA was afiliated with Domain Registry of Canada, though I suspected as much). Presumably, the must’ve acquired DROA and/or DROC at some point, no?

    Anyway, this move is a long time coming. As a former RegisterFly refugee who was fortunate enough to eventually have my names transferred to GoDaddy.com as part of a settlement between ICANN and RegisterFly, I would’ve thought ICANN had learned they needed to act more swiftly in cases of registrar abuse (and DROA and DROC clearly are). Things like data escrow and the ability to initiate a bulk transfer of a registrar’s portfolio are great, but how do we know the integrity of the data held in escrow? How many copies of that data do they keep (i.e., what’s stopping a registrar from uploading false data to the escrow house to replace the good data?)? Important questions we need to be asking.

    And another thing, as a CIRA member and domain owner, where is Canada’s toothless and ineffective domain registry in this matter? Why have they not suspended and, ideally, terminated DROC? Shameful.