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    Luckily I have ad block installed on my browser.

  • findingenvirons

    Bringing attention to:

    Right-Hand Column ads, and to the limitations these ads could have, is helpful.

    Will you be writing about details on the up-cost in cost-per-clicks? I can see how better visibility for advertisers could spark new interest in right-hand ads, and also send the message that users with right-hand ads need to be more competitive. I’m not sure yet what impressions mean and what CTR’s mean. Will you be elaborating on these facets?

    For all I know, fellow novices could be just as lost as me on how to proceed with channeling cost-per-clicks into ROI. Tackling the design of the ads isn’t the biggest problem, as a little creativity goes a long way, optimistically speaking. Chasing impressions was available, I’ve seen, in the way these ads were previously structured. But I really don’t know what the abbreviation CTR means and more reading is in store for me to get a handle on this entire predicament.