• http://www.facebook.com/people/Roy-Lawson/670514336 Roy Lawson

    Lobbying is what companies do”

    Yes, but there is a difference between lobbying – where you run ads that say “we represent such and such company/group and this is our position” and front groups which pretend not to be funded by such companies or groups.  It is deceptive and should be illegal.  

    Companies that use these front groups are engaging in unethical behavior and they all need to be called out for it.  They need to be stopped.  Unless consumers and legislators know exactly who they are dealing with, groups like this should not be welcome in the halls of Congress/Parliament/etc.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Roy-Lawson/670514336 Roy Lawson

    But to be fair (just checked the group’s website), the group does list who funds them… so they technically aren’t a front group.  They are an industry group.  A front group is more deceptive about who they represent (often disguised as a non-profit).


    Not saying that it was a corporate-whore fest; it probably was.  But I don’t think they fall under the category of “front group” at least if you go by the definition.