• http://getlittlebird.com/ Marshall Kirkpatrick

    Steve, thanks for the overview of the space. To extend on your analysis of the role between influencer marketing and content marketing, Joe Chernov once put it this way: that great influencer marketing technology can help businesses solve three challenges. First, content sourcing. You don’t have to start from scratch, if you know where to look, the best sources online can help surface content to curate, engage with or be inspired by in creation of original content. Second, better content. We all know there’s a tidal wave of content being created – the most reputable people in a field are a great path to the best content, and quality is a key competitive differentiator. Finally, more distribution. This is what everyone comes looking for, but the two aforementioned are really big too. (Joe’s post was at about Little Bird in particular and articulated these perspectives at http://www.contentmarketinginstitute.com/2012/10/influencer-app-content-marketing-weapon/ )

    Thanks so much for the mention of Little Bird here, too. When it comes to leveraging influencer relations to increase the distribution of your content, what we bring to that discussion is this. Step one is mapping the field of top people, but that’s just the first step. Step two in our approach is to identify which of those people you, your brand, your competitors and other parties of interest have existing connections with. We use graph analysis (not keywords in content) to power both the discovery of influencers and to deliver intelligence based on connections. Then the third step we recommend is to grow those connections by engaging with those top people and their best content. By leveraging the best content from the best people, our customers grow their connection to influencers who can later become allies in distribution and credibility downstream with their own audiences who see them engaging with top content and people, too.

    TBH, discovery of influencers is just the first part of what we do – and we do that a lot better than Klout, too. I’d love to give you a personal demo some time (bonus points if you can get Danny Sullivan on the call, Danny and I dig each other) to show you all the things our system can do.

    Thanks again for taking the time to post this and for including us.

  • http://opentopic.com Alex Bisset

    Nice post Steve. This clearly spells out tools to use to put together a strong content marketing plan. Think it is worth mentioning that Opentopic is a content marketing platform that integrates many of the pieces mentioned, into one place which is a nice alternative for many companies. Visit the site to learn more.

  • Kristen Matthews

    Another tool that you should take a look at is GroupHigh for influencer identification on a granular level

  • http://pinballstrategy.com Taylor Alexander

    I work in digital marketing and have been using the Find Your Influence platform in an effort to amplify my influencer marketing efforts. The platform helps me reach out to influencers that relate to the brand and it’s easy and effective. I highly suggest checking them out! findyourinfluence.com http://bit.ly/VDxfvz