• http://www.facebook.com/john.bixby John Bixby

    I’m floored that Gmail doesn’t account for a larger share of webmail opens. Most people I know use it over Yahoo. Maybe if the pie represented a subsegment of users with at least a college/graduate degree, the market shares would look very different.

  • Richard Austin

    Regarding the gmail issue; gmail doesn’t download images by default, the
    native app in both the iphone and ipad download images by default,
    therefore triggering the open. I wonder how many emails viewed in gmail
    (without downloading images) are being missed because of this.

  • http://chrisdrinkut.wordpress.com/ Christopher Drinkut

    This is NOT statistically accurate or useful for generalizing. The billion (wow big number) opens tested are not a universal population. Testing random populations allow you to make generalizations that you are making, not non-random databases of one particular company, which is what this is.

    Meaning, great now we know that among Litmus customers the iPhone is top, but the way this is being presented – as a universal generalization – isn’t accurate.

  • EmailTray

    We produce the increasingly popular smart email client EmailTray for PCs and Android smartphones (and Kindles). It sorts email into 4 Inboxes and rescues good emails from the spam boxes of your various accounts and then lets you delete all the spam from all your accounts at once. What’s great is that hash technology lets EmailTray operate on various devices and still remember whose emails you read and respond to and whose email you consider to be uninteresting or spam. Your screen only shows you if you have important email and it’s so accurate that you won’t worry about needing to check your mail as long as your screen isn’t telling you that something is in your Top Priority Inbox.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    This study also found the iPhone high: http://marketingland.com/report-mobile-driving-36-percent-of-all-email-opens-21049

    Agreed (and to Richard Austin’s point), this is based on opens, which require an image to load. That means for marketers, if you’re delivering all image emails, you may be OK with iPhone users but are likely missing out on Gmail ones.

  • http://chrisdrinkut.wordpress.com/ Christopher Drinkut

    No doubt, the iPhone has a growing and popularly trending email client that millions of people use to view emails through. I think it’s an important point to make. — Agreed.