• http://www.facebook.com/jamesvuth Woody Born To Be

    Good Article

  • http://www.kensavage.com Ken Savage

    This is a great infographic to share with coworkers who want to know what social media websites they should participate in. Thx

  • Anonymous

     Great infographic, going to share this!

  • Tracy Dempsey

    Mostly great –  but it’s incorrect in one point: It’s not true that you need to create a personal profile to create a page on Facebook. You can’t use a personal profile for business, it does have to be a page – but you can create a business account used only for maintaining pages/ads, if you don’t ever want to use a personal profile. You can’t maintain more than one account so it’s a definite either-or – but you do have 2 options, not 1. Useful for people who don’t want any personal info on Facebook whatsoever.