• Giuseppe Sacco

    Hi, could you please specify that the separator need a trailing space as explained in http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3676#section-4.3 ? Without that space, software does not recognize signatures. You might also write that when using a software that recognize such signatures, and you reply to a message that contain a signature, your quoted reply does not include the original signature.

  • http://blog.writethat.name/ Brad Patterson @ Kwaga

    Nice eye, Giuseppe. Indeed the “–” is a typo in the infographic and should be “– “. Our techs at WriteThat.name know that very well and have even planned in our algorithms that mistakes such as “–” etc are picked up as well.

    Your point on “quoted replies” is also taken into account in our software so that only the from: contact is added and not any other forwarded data/quoted reply signature is analyzed.