• Anonymous

    Am I alone in finding it a little tragic that these guys obviously have some talent? Shame they couldn’t use it in a different way. 

  • Zachary Reiss-Davis

    Spam on Twitter is such a major problem that I’m frankly glad to see Twitter take any steps it can to work on the problem.  

  • 云 陈

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  • Free Speech

    Trying to eliminate spam is one thing.. but filing a lawsuit against software developers is another. This lawsuit is the wrong solution… but you can file a lawsuit against anyone for any reason. It doesn’t mean you will win the case. Any judge with common sense will recognize that  Twitter (as an open source application) allows  for others in this free country to develop software to work with Twitter (Ex:TweetBuddy, etc…). There is nothing wrong with developing a software that simply allows someone to automate everyday tasks that are a huge waste of time on Twitter. The average user could save several hours per week using this. Also, these companies that have developed software are not the Spammers who abuse the “Twitter Rules”. It is the users of Twitter who spam people.. Therefore, Twitter also enables spam, and anyone who has a Twitter account can spam people.. just like anyone with an email account can spam people. Twitter should be focusing their efforts and money on making Twitter a better service, not blaming some developers for their own lack of creativity to improve their service.

  • Andy Daniels

    TweetAttacks and TweetBuddy are no longer exist. Why TweetAdder is still in business as of May 26, 2012???