• Erin Kelly

    Today is 5/29/13 at 9pm and mine was just deleted!!! Is this glitch still going on bc I have never posted anything bad

  • ahbi

    same here.. i dont even posted anything bad.. and it just happen that my account has been inactive. =( sad..

  • jake__norris

    Today is 6/20/13 my account was blocked because I “supposedly” violated Terms and Policies. This is so stupid! I don’t post bad stuff at all!!!

  • Enes H


    My Instagram account got disabled for no reason..
    I don’t understand what went wrong.. :(

  • Cheryl Chua

    My account just for disabled and I’m experiencing the same thing! Can someone help me??? Thanks alot!!!

  • mkkkk

    Me too my account were deleted , and I ddidn’t post anything bad

  • Sari Setton

    Our account was just deleted for NO reason! Is there any way to reach the ppl at insta? Seems like they have layered themselves against any customer contact!