• Tema Frank

    Great article. In my interview with Janine Keogh, Vice President, Marketing Insights and Services of Mondelez International in Canada (formerly Kraft), she noted that one of the things they have learned is that they need to tone down the rah, rah Americanism for Canadian audiences. (You can hear the interview at

  • Hristo Gaydarski

    Great article! Can you give examples of affiliate marketing network companies? I am looking for such to enter the UK market! Thanks in advance!

  • Frank van den berg

    Hello Hristo, there are several good affiliate networks in the UK. The choice depends mainly on (1) your product since the main affiliates have a different publisher profile and (2) your budget/targets. If you let me know I can recommend. Best regards, Frank van den Berg

  • http://www.bolee.com/ Dee Baig

    Great insight especially on copying model! Copying model from one market and applying it in another is bound to fail! This should be no rocket science since different markets have different norms and trends. While it is true that some very basic tips can be shared across but most things are specific to market. Applying rules of a different market may actually have a negative impact.