• simons1321

    Are all #hashtag’s going to be credited towards Twitter again this year?

    I don’t think this is an accurate attribution method anymore since basically all social networks support them now and users blast them across social networks whether they support them or not. I’m betting the average American doesn’t equate a hashtag to only Twitter anymore either unless the twitter logo is next to it. I’ve even had discussions with major brands where they feel that the hashtag is the best method to target ALL social networks in TV and print since it is the common denominator across most social networks. Sort of a catch-all for social media. The alternatives for the non-Twitter social networks is fragmented and can vary by site (ie. Facebook has a URL, Google+ a URL that uses a different format /+brand, @handle, etc).

  • Matt McGee

    Yes, we’ll be counting hashtags as their own entity, plus all of the social network mentions, too. If you click through to the Hashtag Bowl landing page (http://marketingland.com/hashtag-bowl), you can see on the scoreboard how hashtags will get their own count.

    You’re right — now that Facebook supports hashtags and brands appear to be more active on Instagram and Vine and other services that support hashtags, it makes sense to separate them and not count them strictly as a Twitter mention. (That said, as we showed last year, the majority of the brands that used hashtags in last year’s ads weren’t active on Google+, so the argument that those brands were targeting Google+ as a social network doesn’t really fly.)