• http://www.facebook.com/jeff.mayland Jeff Mayland

    IMHO, when I buy a gadget that is in that price range I divide it up by how long I think I will use it. So if I was going to buy a 7″ tablet and the iPad Mini was $130 more. I would divide it by 24 months which equals 1 trip to Starbucks per month.

    If I were to compare features, support, and quality I would think that $5/month more for using an Apple made product over a untested, unsupported, android tablet is not an issue.

    My theory is that Android product manufacturers are in the business of selling on quantity rather then quality. For the most part, if you are only concerned with price then you are subject to manufacturers that are racing to the bottom and will usually have to make their products “cheaper” before technology can allow then to make a same or higher quality product at a lower price.

    From a look at consumer trends and tech spending on Apple products, it appears that people are more interested in owning a well made, well tested, product that is part of a larger ecosystem of products, all supported by 400+ Apple retail stores.

    My bet is that this will be the same for the iPad Mini.

  • http://twitter.com/RealPaul Paul Gilbert

    Been thinking along the same lines, the ipad mini is priced to protect the ipod touch. With all the upgrading this year, its a devise Apple must believe has a future. Of course perhaps the price of both is such that there is wiggle room for a price discount come the Christmas season?