• http://twitter.com/motbones Tom Jones

    This is a good article and makes sense if people would take the time think it through. Everyone seems to have the knee jerk reaction anytime Google, FB or Apple make a change. When often times we end up finding great ways to utilize the change and incorporate it into our strategies.

  • Steven Godlewski

    Love the last paragraph!!  Great article as always.

  • http://twitter.com/CPC_Andrew Andrew Davis

    Well said Kevin. Google bashing seems to be all the rage these days. Not that it’s unwarranted, it does seem a bit overplayed. 

    Consumer identification online is a component that we cannot avoid. Just like when there were more cars on the road, the government had to regulate us with a driver’s license. 

    Now that there’s so many internet users, cyber crimes, piracy, etc, it’s only so long until we have our own Internet driver’s license, and Google is making a case to not only consumers, but governments, that it should be the sole location where this identification relationship stems from. 

    I have a feeling advertisers, id on the web and Google+ will be quite the news story for more than just a week. :)

  • Megan Walt

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  • angelica Lovera

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