• Pat Grady

    It’s such a richly diverse ecosystem, if you have a particular talent, you might turn it into something, but it’s most definitely not required. Effort followed by networking (learning, opps) are far more important than any specific talent. Quilt knitting grandma in Cleveland, 17-year database wiz kid in Brazil… I named my company after the obvious diversity all around me.

  • http://twitter.com/larajf larajf

    I know this intellectually, and it’s so nice to read to remind me that it’s just doing the work & not waiting for that magical talent fairy to flip the switch :-)

  • http://twitter.com/LosingFat4Good LosingFatForGood.com

    Good article Jennifer. It always boils down to taking action. So many people get caught up in not feeling confident enough to do anything and they just keep trying to perfect something they are learning and they never get anywhere. Just take action!

  • http://twitter.com/bgsnipe5652 tony simo

    what a great article I do believe in natural talent but no you don’t need natural talent to success in affiliate marketing but you do need the know how, I believe in the power of your mind and setting your goal, I read the following words in the book writing by Art C. ( think and grow rich) those are very powerful words: ” whatever your mind can concessive and believed it can archive “

  • Chuck Hamrick

    I see affiliates taking a year to read and research before building their first site. The first is not always the best and sometimes it take much trial and error to get a site that converts. The best thing you can do is get started and expect mistakes until you learn the craft. Take action!

  • Anders N

    Good Articel, thanks

  • http://www.nicholaswind.ca Nicholas Wind

    Very well written and 100% true in EVERYTHING virtiually.
    As a 56 year young guy I have a huge passion to stay fit.
    And I am. Very fit.
    Folks say to me frequently…”Wow Nicholas you are so lucky to be so fit at your age.”
    I say “Don’t call me lucky.”
    I work at it daily and consistently and always have.
    So what’s this got to do with this post you ask?
    Well….You have to be bad to be good …In ANYTHING.
    I’ve done the same while learning SEO for the last 5 years after the age of 50 and now I’m better than avaerage at it.
    The point being 5 years ago I knew zero about SEO …nada ..nothing.
    Now I can teach it to newbies and average folks.
    Because I’ve failed forward but have not quit.
    People as whole I’ve learned have a shallow commitment level to themselves.
    They quit too early.
    People qiut jobs.college.books,gyms,diets,learning….etc…everything.
    Like you I’ve not quit and have had many emails with money in them and that keeps me failing forward building multiple affiliate income streams.
    Great lesson in this post thanks.

  • Charles Staruch

    A Great Article Jennifer!! I am a complete Novice and I have been hearing that voice whispering in my ear but I refuse to listen to it! My course is set and my resolve is unshakable! Thanks for the article and inspiration!!