• http://twitter.com/JanetAronica Janet Aronica

    Thank you so much for highlighting our data! We’re interested in watching this trend and watching the traffic trends of Pinterest and other sites as well. We also saw a market share gain from Bing this month which occured in conjunction with a re-design… interesting stuff!

    I love me some Pinterest, personally. I always find new recipes, workout ideas and find it to be a fun way to bookmark things I’m shopping for until they go on sale. :) That’s just me though, and I suppose that I’m the typical audience being a female.

    Thanks again!

    – Janet from Shareaholic

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/LZAENXKE46RWYVL473HV5VLEDA Louise Moore

    Janet, you should check out the price drop alert feature on Clipix.com.  The feature lets you “clip” items and specific a desired price.  Once the price drops, you automatically get a notification.  I created an account after using Pinterest for several months and I can honestly say Clipix has just been a lot more useful.  Check it out and let me know what you think.  Highly recommended. 

  • Smallbiztrends

    Interesting, Matt! 

    I think the value of social media varies based on the type of site you are dealing with. It’s hard to generalize across all types of sites and audiences.

    For instance, a news site that publishes frequently can get a lot of value from Twitter, because it lends itself to updates similar to an RSS feed.  B2C sites can do very well in Facebook, because it tends to be more relaxed socially.  Pinterest… well, if you have a B2B site without interesting graphical elements, it’s hard to imagine much referral traffic coming from it — regardless of what broad statistics say.

    – Anita

  • http://www.eclecticradio.nl Matt Labour

    We have ditched the pinterest share buttons because they were ridiculously slow. Perhaps more webmasters thought the same?

  • Matt McGee

    Interesting, Matt – thanks. You’re the first person I’ve heard saying that, but it certainly could be part of the equation if others felt the same way.

  • Matt McGee

    That’s all very true, Anita. Makes me wonder if a lot of sites were kicking the tires with Pinterest when it got really popular then pulled back realizing it wasn’t the right fit for their audience, situation, etc.