• Chris Green

    Does this include brands who’ve habitually cross-posting fb/twitter/instagram updates, including hashtags for months already?

  • http://www.clinicaferrusbratos.com/ marconi88


  • http://www.clinicaferrusbratos.com/ marconi88


  • sheridanbeachresortandspa

    We don’t use hash tags too ever since it was announced. We continue to use url links for blogs about Sheridan Resorts Palawan

  • http://www.techmagnate.com/ Eva Rajput

    The best part about Facebook hashtags from a marketing perspective is
    marketers are already using it.
    The hashtags are just part of a first in a series of features that
    Facebook will be rolling out to connect conversations across social
    networks. Facebook will continue to roll out more features in the coming weeks and months,
    including trending hashtags and deeper insights, that’ll help people
    discover more of the world’s conversations.
    We’re looking forward to it.