• Barb Young

    PLAs are the life-blood for many of our ecommerce clients. We definitely see the relationship between PLAs and text ads (as well as organic and direct traffic) in the Multi-Channel Funnel reports. In many cases, the PLA is the first touch point for the customer, with the Brand campaign taking credit for the conversion.

    We’ve had the benefit of early adoption and participation in the PLA beta a couple years back. As more and more competitors “figure out” their datafeeds, CPC pressure is definitely on the rise. It’s frustrating to have lost the visibility into position in recent months. It requires even more vigilance to monitor Impressions and live observations to ensure consistent visibility.

    With limited competitors with datafeeds, we can actually achieve a “flooding” effect where we consume 3 of the 5 or 4 of the 6 listings in one ad box. If we lower bids, our dominance in the ad box is diminished. For some clients, it’s worth paying more to get the additional visibility.

  • http://twitter.com/kohkiyamaguchi Kohki Yamaguchi

    Great point Barb! The “flooding” option (having more than one of your PLAs displayed at once) was something I had also considered touching on. With the boots example I have above, you can kind of tell through the mosaic that all 4 “expensive boots” ads are from the same vendor. Agreed that it’s a great short-term tactic for out-competing the market, but if competition standards and CPC pressure continues to increase, it’s going to become very expensive to maintain even with the assist effect on brand factored in.