• Techy Goat

    Stock answers. It’s a bit of a success that it has tied product silos together but it is largely toxic when compared to facebook and twitter. Photos, hangouts, communities all need to stand alone and be ripped from Google Plus. Home streams, posts should and would be better served in a revamped Blogger. G+ to B+

  • http://about.me/andrewgirdwood Andrew Girdwood

    I’m a Google+ fan. I use it for hobbies and not just SEO. That said; these felt like stock answers.

  • http://www.ivanfuentes.com Iván Fuentes Hagar

    Right. It seems like they’re pushing more as a service for their other products, than as a social feed on it’s own. Like a “Google Account Service”.

  • http://profiles.google.com/trappermark Mark Traphagen

    This is not a surprise to those of us who actually follow closely how Google has developed Google+. Anyone proclaiming that G+ is dead just doesn’t understand the strategy. Three years in it’s time for G+ to move into its more mature role, more in the background as the identity engine behind all of Google. I would point you to my Marketing Land editorial http://marketingland.com/google-plus-will-die-may-change-82377

  • Lamaur Cheetum

    If you want to see my g- campaign search it on a web browser as google minus.

  • daveintheuk

    Shame nobody else is, Larry!

  • TomSchmitz

    They have some serious issues to address before they become an identity engine (Oops, too late?). http://www.zdnet.com/thanks-for-nothing-jerkface-7000030306/

    It seems apparent Larry and Sergey are not closely involved in G+. That’s okay, but Larry, as CEO, must make sure the network protects its users as diligently as Google’s compliance attorneys protect the company.

  • Satheesh Adepu

    Ofcoz Stock Answer from Mr. Page.. who would anyone anounce their trade secrets.. its just SEO’s like me run over every update and in the end, the update gets expired or upgraded..

  • http://www.maximumferrari.com edkuryluk

    When a Silicon Valley executive uses “Super-excited” that’s usually a sign the first nail is in the coffin.

  • all_the_usernames

    Use G+ everyday. Have found access to people and things of interest much richer than other networks. Lately some buzz with people looking for signs or ways to interpret things to mean the service is not growing. Like “I’m super excited about it”…..construed to mean it’s dying!! Meanwhile it grows and grows.

  • http://profiles.google.com/trappermark Mark Traphagen

    LOL. Do you think if Larry had said, “Yes, we’re planning to kill it as soon as possible” these guys would be commenting, “Obviously Google is now moving Google+ to top priority!”

  • http://blog.adstage.io Sam Mazaheri

    Stock answers. Still though, its good to see it will remain in a downplayed form

  • melvin jose

    First .. Don’t compare Google+ with Facebook and say its a failure. May be they started it to compete with Facebook, but that’s not Google+ is now. It’s not Google’s social networking site. Its like they say Google’s social layer. So I think its a component in Google services.

    Secondly… Google has made Google+ the identity service for all your Google services that its not that easy to kill it. It would be like taking out you Active Directory from a windows Domain

  • http://tradematch.us Rob Gordon

    When people say things like “anyone who says Google is dead doesn’t know what they are talking about, maybe it is really then who don’t know what they are talking about. Anyone who came from Google Buzz – and I imagine Google Wave and the Google Reader when it had a community heard the same thing – that those networks were eternal and anyone who said otherwise was guilty of fanbay sacrilege.

    The “stream” gives you a highly distorted view of Google Plus – go back and look at your contacts instead – you will find that many of them have stopped posting, and increasingly the stream is about Google+ itself. The guy who invented Google+ circles said that Google makes systems to solve its own problems – not that of its users, and the problem Google+ solved for Google no longer exists.

    Google+ won’t go away anytime soon – that is not how Google does things – Reader was around for years after Google lost interest, but anyone who thinks Google has the same amount of interest just isn’t facing the facts. Google never found a use case for Google+ but increasingly that use case is as a network for Google evangelists. As they come to dominate the network, more and more of the interesting and fun people are leaving, and it could cause a death spiral

  • David Negron

    Google + is the future of Google and hence the internet. All those people that think google + is dead will see how Google + step by step will take control of the internet and will claim victory for the dead.Just wait and see…Facebook doesn’t have all the services Google offer to the public in just one place which is Google +. And google will keep adding more and more services to Google +.

  • David Negron

    Google + is the future of Google. All those people that think Google + is dead will see how Google + step by step will take control of the internet and will claim victory to the dead.Just wait and see…Facebook doesn’t have all services Google offers in one place which is Google +.And Google will keep adding new services to Google +.Larry Page knows that he must get Google + boat against the current no matter what or Google then will be dead.