• http://www.brainrider.com/ Nolin LeChasseur

    Just because targeting too tightly with demographic and firmagraphic selects is a mistake doesn’t make the opposite a better approach by default.

    In fact, targeting with a heavy reliance on demographic and firmagraphic parameters is going to lead you to the land of irrelevance and poor engagement more often than not, regardless of how wide you set your aperture.

    You will engage more of the audience when you are sharing information that is relevant, timely and useful to them. The determinants of who will find your information useful are more rooted in the problems they’re actively trying to solve, where along that problem solving timeline they currently are, and the knowledge they seek that will help them make a more informed decision about choosing the right solution.

    Strive for relevance and utility in both your targeting and your offer/messaging, and you’ll see your campaigns generating better engagement across the board.