• Eric Enge

    This perfectly illustrates the problem with making too much use of social media as a ranking factor. Sharing, Liking, Plussing, Tweeting all happen for reasons much more complex than – “I read this piece of content and found it compelling”.

  • moovd

    Absolutely true. The main reason for social sharing is to boost one’s own position. The content gets a cursory vetting and approval and then wham – it’s shared.

  • Ardvark

    I think a lot of tweeters take the ‘George Bush approach’ they only read the headline and then tweet asap to be the first. Moral of the story – have a great headline!

  • http://www.alittlelunch.com/ Kim Bultman

    Greg, it was interesting to see the graphic on attention span vs. sharing. I’m a self-professed link clicker, though not always an immediate sharer. (Some articles resonate personally and I need awhile to ponder them before making them public.) I also think feeling overwhelmed by “incoming” — and time — are huge factors.

    Would I love it if everybody read my posts? Yup. But that’s not always real life. (Maybe that’s why the ‘synopsis’ has become so important when introducing a new post or thought here on G+?) Thank you for your astute observations!