• http://www.GregoryKohs.com Gregory Kohs

    Benjamin, your article and visualization skills are commendable. However, I hope that you are aware that Wikipedia pages are highly susceptible to bot-driven traffic surges. For example, see this: http://stats.grok.se/en/201109/Mathematical_descriptions_of_opacity Do you really believe that 5 million people suddenly became interested in “Mathematical descriptions of opacity” for only five days in late September 2011? That page ranked as Wikipedia’s #1 viewed page for the month of September 2011… but nobody has ever explained why that page, that month. And this happens pretty much every month on Wikipedia article page-view traffic stats. There will be a handful of very random pages that are “attacked” with page views, and nobody at the Wikimedia Foundation (that I know of) ever bothers to investigate and explain to the public.

  • http://www.GregoryKohs.com Gregory Kohs

    Also, I chuckle at your comment, “there is a Wikipedia page for anything and everything”. There is no page about the multi-count felon Carolyn Doran who once was the Chief Operating Officer of the Wikimedia Foundation. That’s one article that the folks who run Wikipedia don’t ever want you to see.

  • http://www.cindytansin.com Cindy Tansin

    Interesting article. Thanks for the info.

  • M. Ratcha

    Does Wikipedia make available specific data regarding referring hosts, or traffic coming in from Google searches on specific terms? Does Wikipedia itself use GA code?