Report: Asia/Pacific Only Region To Show Mobile Phone Sales Growth Last Quarter, China Wins 25.7% Of Global Sales

smartphones-600px In a new report from Gartner, the only global market to experience mobile phone sales growth during Q1 2013 was the Asia/Pacific region, demonstrating a 6.4 percent increase year-on-year. This growth rate accounted for a 53.1 percent year-on-year increase in Asia/Pacific's share of mobile phones globally. China witnessed a 7.5 percent increase last quarter compared to Q1 2012, and accounted for 25.7 percent of all global mobile phone sales. "The Chinese and local manufacturers have been exemplary at addressing the demands of buyers by offering affordable devices with optimum features," claim [...]

With New Gmail And Chrome Integrations, Is Google Trying To “Colonize” iOS Devices?

New Gmail for iOS Is Google simply trying to create a better user experience on the iPhone and iPad or is it trying to "colonize" iOS with its apps? It all depends on your point of view -- though, it's probably a bit of both. When the new Gmail app for iOS was released May 6, immediately, inflammatory headlines appeared, suggesting that Google was "taking over the iPhone." However, that's not exactly the case. Users of the new Gmail app have the (default) option to go directly to the native versions of YouTube and Google Maps, as well as open Chrome via links in email. Previously, such links would have op [...]

Google, Facebook Have 7 Of Apple’s Top 25 All-Time iPhone Apps

iphone-apps-ios-featured Google and Facebook combine to take up seven spots on Apple's newly-released list of the Top 25 all-time free iPhone apps. Apple published that list -- and three others -- as part of its countdown to 50 billion App Store downloads, which the company expects to happen soon. (Apple is giving away a $10,000 App Store credit to whomever completes the 50 billionth download and $500 credits to 50 others.) Those lists look at the most popular iPhone apps (free and paid) and iPad apps (free and paid). On the paid side, the majority of apps on both lists are games. But, there's more variety in th [...]

March Mobile Market Share: Apple Gains, Android Drops, Microsoft Sees Some Movement

smartphones The March smartphone market share numbers are out from comScore. What we see is Apple gaining 2.7 points to maintain its lead as the top US smartphone maker. Samsung also gained slightly and remains the number two smartphone manufacturer in the US. All other hardware makers, including Google's troubled Motorola unit, lost ground. Below are the smartphone operating system share percentages. Android lost about a point and a half of share. Apple gained 2.7 percentage points. And Windows Phones saw a slight gain. These comScore data above stand in contrast to data released earlier in [...]

Report: Samsung Now Undisputed King Of Smartphone Realm

Galaxy S4 Not that long ago many people were speculating about when smartphone penetration would reach 50 percent. That happened relatively early in 2012. And today US smartphone ownership stands at roughly 60% according to Nielsen. Yesterday IDC reported another milestone: smartphone "shipments" surpassed non-smartphone shipments for the first time in Q1. According to the device-tracking firm, "more than half (51.6 percent) the total phone shipments in a quarter were smartphones." The following chart shows top global phone vendors (all phone shipments) according to IDC: Samsung lead all ot [...]

Apple Beats The Street With $43.6B And Higher Than Expected iPhone, iPad Sales, Record iTunes Sales

apple-fruit-money-featured The bears were wrong. Apple beat Wall Street financial analysts' expectations this afternoon. The company had been steadily losing value as analyst after analyst expressed anxiety about the company's outlook. Apple reported quarterly gross revenues of $43.6 billion, compared with a $42.3 billion consensus estimate. Second quarter revenues in 2012 were $39.2 billion. Growth was driven by better-than-expected iPhone and iPad sales. Last quarter Apple reported $54 billion in revenue (a miss) and $13 billion in profit (a beat). Profit was $9.5 billion vs. $13 billion for the holiday quarter. [...]

Boston Manhunt Pushes CNN, Police Scanner Apps Into iTunes Top Ten

top-ios-apps As law enforcement officials continue their manhunt for one fugitive that's suspected to have been involved in the Boston Marathon bombing this week, consumers looking for the latest news and information have pushed several news and scanner-type apps into the iOS top apps charts. As of about 11:30 am PT, CNN's app has taken over the top spot on the iPhone's free app chart. It wasn't in the top five as recently as last night. Further down the top 10, an app called 5-0 Radio Police Scanner Lite is ranked seventh, TuneIn Radio -- another source for following police scanner communications -- is [...]

Report: iPhone Regains Impression Lead, iPad Generating 12 Pct Of Mobile Ad Revenue Globally

Share of impressions Opera Opera has released its quarterly State of Mobile Advertising report for Q1 2013. The major finding is that "iOS continues to outperform all other device platforms in terms of monetization, with the highest average eCPM and greatest percentage of publisher revenue." In addition the iPhone has regained its lead (among the publishers using Opera's Mediaworks platform) over Android handsets on a global basis. This is remarkable given the overall OS lead that Android has now established. Opera observed that "Android tablets [have grown] to a small but noticeable share of the market." However [...]

Federal Judge Expresses Anger Toward Apple, Motorola For Using Global Litigation “As A Business Strategy”

android-apple-ios In the original Star Trek series episode called "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield," two nearly identical aliens, inflamed by mutual hatred, beam down to their decimated planet to continue their fight, seemingly for eternity. That might also be a way to describe the Apple-Android global litigation: it goes on and on, seemingly forever. A frustrated federal judge in Florida has publicly attacked both Apple and, in this case, Motorola (Google) for being unwilling to voluntarily streamline and simplify their case or engage in sincere settlement talks. According to Bloomberg, exasperated US  [...]

WSJ: Yahoo Wants Deeper Relationship With Apple

Yahoo + Apple Earlier in the week, I speculated that Yahoo might be able to follow Facebook's lead and create a Home-like proprietary software layer on top of Android. But, there would be risks in doing so. An alternative way to boost mobile usage and traffic might be to deepen an existing partnership with another operating system that has massive reach: iOS. The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) is reporting this afternoon that Apple and Yahoo are having a conversation, with no deal imminent, to expand the amount of Yahoo content available to Siri and pre-loaded on Apple devices. According to the WSJ: But [...]

Administrative Body Affirms Samsung Violation Of Apple “Text Selection” Patent

android-apple-ios According to Reuters, a judge on the US International Trade Commission (ITC)  has affirmed that Samsung infringed an Apple patent involving "text selection" (copy, cut, paste). The ITC is a "quasi-judicial federal agency" that reviews patent and trade-related disputes. The decision above is not final and must be reviewed by the full ITC body. Apple originally filed seven infringement complaints against Samsung in 2011. Last October another individual ITC judge held that Samsung infringed four of the seven Apple patents. The full ITC asked that two of those four claims be re-examined mor [...]

No Way You’re Only 40, Happy Birthday Cell Phone!

It was 40 years ago today that Martin Cooper, an employee at Motorola, made the first ever cell phone call from the streets of Manhattan. Cooper used the Motorola DynaTAC to dial his rival, Joel Engel, the Bell Laboratories research chief. The cell phone Cooper had helped create was ten-inches tall and weighed two and a half pounds. It would be ten years before Motorola's DynaTAC hit the market, costing $3500 in 1983. While mobile phone technology has greatly improved during the last 40 years, the mobile Internet is still relatively new. With the first iPhone in 2007, followed by the first [...]

Feedly Continues To Eat Up Google Reader Mobile Users

Since the announcement of Google Reader closing shop July 1, Feedly has taken the lead for top news app on Androids, iPhones and iPads. After winning the No. 1 spot for news apps on Google Play and U.S. iTunes App Store last week, Feedly showed up No. 2 on Google Play and No. 4 on the U.S. App Store for both iPhones and iPads as of March 24. While a slight drop from last week's rankings, Feedly continues to out-rank other mobile Google Reader alternatives like NewsBlur, a favorite of our corresponding editor, Gary Price. Earlier this month, more than 500,000 Google Readers  transitio [...]

Watch Wars: Samsung Races Apple To Develop Wearable Computer

Pebble smartwatch [caption id="attachment_36725" align="alignright" width="324"] The Pebble[/caption] Consumers have only recently gotten used to smartphones and barely integrated tablets into their routines. Soon they'll be presented with yet another mobile device: wearable computers (watches) from both Apple and Samsung. There are other companies offering or developing versions of a "smartwatch" as well. One such device is the Pebble smartwatch (pictured at right), which raised a record $10 million through kickstarter. It integrates with the iPhone and Android smartphones. The anticipated Apple iWatc [...]

Samsung Introduces Galaxy S4 With Nary A Mention Of Android Or Google

samsung-galaxy-s4-featured At a Broadway-style premiere this evening at New York's Radio City Musical Hall, Samsung unveiled its heavily anticipated Galaxy S4 handset. The event had the hype and production values of an Apple product launch. But, what barely seemed in attendance was any idea that the S4 is an Android phone or contains Google services. Samsung obviously spent a great deal of money on the show. Parts of it were awkward and many of the scripted jokes fell flat. But, the phone is sure to be a hit. The new S4 looks very much like the Galaxy S III (I watched the live stream and haven't held it in my hand [...]

Apple Devices Dominate In-Flight, Tablet Traffic

ipad-iphone-ios-featured The tablet is becoming the device of choice in the air. According to Gogo, 35 percent of in-flight Internet usage happens on tablets, 32 percent on smartphones. The remaining 33 percent is on laptops. It's easy to see why tablets are becoming the preferred in-flight work and entertainment device. Economy travelers are often unable to open their laptops when the seats in front of them recline. (As an aside, here's an aggressive response to that problem.) The majority of in-flight mobile devices running on Gogo are on iOS (84 percent), while 16 percent are Android, which has grown from [...]

The January Smartphone Story: Android Slips, Apple Gains, Feature Phones Fade

smartphone-shutterstock The US smartphone story has been pretty consistent for well over a year: Android is now on more than 50 percent of US smartphones, followed by iOS. All others are losing share. Samsung and Apple continue to battle for the top two OEM positions in the market (and around the world). January data from comScore largely repeat and affirm this story line. According to comScore's survey data Android had a 52.3 percent market share in January. However the Google operating system slipped a bit (1.3 points) as the iPhone gained. Apple’s share grew 3.5 percent to 37.8 percent. The US is proba [...]

Study: iPhone 5, Galaxy S3 Neck And Neck In Web Traffic Share

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 11.47.38 AM According to ad network Chitika's latest traffic study, Samsung's Galaxy S3 has caught the iPhone 5 in terms of the amount of Internet traffic it generates. The findings are drawn from "tens of millions of U.S. and Canadian smartphone mobile ad impressions" this month. Chitika said that in October 2012, Apple's latest iPhone enjoyed an 8-point lead in Web traffic share over Samsung's Galaxy. Now, it's down to one point, according to the ad network. The chart below reflects the comparative shares of the Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5 when looking only at traffic coming from the two devices. [...]

Duopoly Time: Apple And Samsung Combine For Almost 90 Percent Of 2012 Global Smartphone Market

iphone-android-ios-phones-featured Woe be to any mobile phone maker that isn't named Apple or Samsung. Numbers out today from IDC show the two combining for a staggering 87.6 percent of all smartphones "shipped" in 2012 on a global basis. In Q4, according to IDC, the two companies' products constituted 91 percent of all smartphones shipped. Shipped is actually a false market share metric. That's because shipments don't always equal sales or usage. However, in the case of Apple and Samsung these data are a reasonable proxy for actual sales. According to IDC, Samsung controlled 42 percent "of all Android smartphone shipment [...]

Global Handset Sales Fall But Smartphones Continue To Gain

Galaxy S3 People are starting to shun conventional mobile phones also known as "feature phones." But sales of smartphones continue to grow. According to sales data compiled by Gartner, global mobile handset sales in 2012 hit 1.75 billion units. However that was a nearly 2 percent (1.7 percent) drop from the previous year. According to the firm, "Demand for feature phones remained weak in 2012 and in the fourth quarter." Indeed, feature phone sales were off over 19 percent in Q4. By contrast demand for smartphones continues. As already widely documented Samsung and Apple were the two dominant smartpho [...]

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