Google Wins “Overall Brand Of The Year” & “Ad Of The Year” Awards From Ace Metrix

Ace Metrix logo Television and video analytics firm Ace Metrix has named Google the big winner in 2013. The video analytics firm assembled a list of the top performing brands based on its Ace Scores, a measurement of a brand's television advertising effectiveness. According to the Ace Score results for 2013, Google won "Brand of the Year" in the software and website category, "Ad of the Year" for its "Here's to 2013" Google Zeitgeist video, and overall "Brand of the Year." "Their [Google's] achievements over the last twelve months are a testament to Google's ability to personalize technology and create [...]

State Of Marketing Report: Conversions, Brand Awareness & Behavior-Based Data Top Priorities In 2014

2014-business-featured ExactTarget's newly published 2014 State of Marketing Report claims 98 percent of marketers plan to increase their budgets in the new year, with a focus on driving increased conversion rates, raising brand awareness and leveraging more behavior-based data. Of the more than 2,500 marketers surveyed, 61 percent planned to increase spending on data and analytics, 60 percent on marketing automation, 58 percent on email marketing, 57 percent on social media marketing and 57 percent on content management. The survey covered a number of marketing themes, from challenges and success metrics to e [...]

KPMG Says It’s Leaving .Com For .KPMG Domain, Wrongly Cites SEO As A Reason

kpmg-logo KPMG, the multinational professional services agency that was born in 1870, says it will abandon its .com domain and switch to its own .kpmg top-level domain (TLD). And one of the reasons the company gives is an expectation that the new domain will help the company's search engine optimization. David Green, KPMG's chief of digital marketing, revealed the company's plans in a recent interview with World Intellectual Property Review (WIPR). "We won’t immediately drop .com; there will be a phased migration," Green said. In making the switch, KPMG is set to become one of the first -- pe [...]

Allstate’s “Holiday Home Decorator” Site Lets You Decorate Your House, Then Mayhem Guy Destroys It

Allstate Mayhem Guy Allstate Insurance has launched a "Holiday Decorator" website, letting users digitally adorn their homes with Christmas lights, candles and figurines, before warning against the dangers of too many holiday decorations. The interactive site offers an entertaining online distraction, while reinforcing Allstate's brand by leveraging its "Mayhem" character to illustrate how dangerous a Griswold Christmas can be. The "Mayhem" role, played by actor Dean Winters, has been a regular in Allstate's marketing strategy since the initial launch of the campaign in June 2010. To access the site, go to [...]

Maximizing Marketing Data: Turning Immediacy Into Impact

social media databases Businesses today are infusing their brand presence into every corner of the media and marketing landscapes. As digital channels continue to multiply, customers have spread across all of them, creating the need to converge social media, microsites, display ads and other assets into one seamless brand perception. At first, it might seem like this has placed a burdensome demand on marketers: to create persistent marketing programs that sync up across all channels to reach leads and customers wherever they are. Disconnected programs just aren't effective in our fast-moving world. To achieve [...]

How To Use Brand Ambassadors To Drive Social Media Success

social-media-conversation-featured Whether you're the CMO of a Fortune 500 company or the webmaster of your burgeoning startup's website, social media efforts will be critical to your business in 2014. Increasingly, marketers are tasked with launching ever more interactive (and expensive) social media campaigns -- but CMOs are still challenged to provide more than the most basic ROI metrics about these efforts. Marc Fischman, co-founder of social media tools firm Hyperactivate, is of the opinion that providing measurements for social media promotions will be the focus of all marketers in the coming year, because marketing [...]

Mobile Messaging: Essential Advice For A Successful Mobile Marketing Platform

mobile If you have a roadmap for your mobile marketing initiatives (and you should), it must in almost all cases include a mobile messaging program. You might be wondering what is the best way to execute on a program or how it fits into the rest of your mobile initiatives. Here are a few essential tips for success in the mobile messaging space… Messaging Is Important You likely have a mobile application and mobile website in your plan, but have you included mobile messaging yet? Mobile messaging is one of the only push-based mobile marketing technologies, meaning that you are not relying on [...]

8 Often-Overlooked Opportunities To Authentically Thank Your Customers

Thank You First impressions are important. We all know that. Marketers spend a great deal of time on improving that first impression. They build beautiful websites, gorgeous campaigns, and pick their words specifically to capture interest that very first time a consumer finds them. But what about after they convert? Are you spending as much time improving your "thank you"? Today's consumer expects to be delighted at every step of the customer journey, including -- perhaps especially -- once they have committed to you in some way (transaction, registration, comment, share, etc.). That is a moment at wh [...]

Advertorial Native Ads To Receive Closer FTC Scrutiny

Trojan Horse At one time the mixing of editorial and advertising content was an unthinkable breach of journalistic ethics. Now it's the hottest online advertising trend: Native Ads. Native Ads don't automatically violate US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rules against "deceptive advertising" provided they're identified as sponsored content. However the question is whether publisher websites are sufficiently calling out Native Ads as advertising. According to the Wall Street Journal, the FTC is hosting a "workshop" on advertorial content this week called "Blurred Lines: Advertising or Content?" to dis [...]

Your Homepage Is THE Landing Page

zendesk Your homepage is probably the most visited page on your website -- in fact, for the majority of websites, it typically receives more than 50% of all visitor traffic. In light of that, shouldn't it be converting more visitors? You may want to start thinking of your homepage more like a landing page that is uniquely designed to convince visitors that you can meet their needs or solve their problems. If your homepage isn't driving visitors to take some type of an action -- especially if it has a high bounce rate -- then it can be improved to drive more sales. Convert Like You Mean It: Goals [...]

Companies On LinkedIn Can Now Use Showcase Pages To Segment Content By Brand Or Business Line

linkedin-featured Today, Linkedin launched a new way for companies with a presence on the site to share content. According to the announcement, Linkedin's new Showcase Pages allow companies to build, "dedicated pages for their more prominent brands, businesses and initiatives." Linkedin says its new Showcase Pages take Company Pages one step further, offering businesses the opportunity to segment content for specific audiences. Created by the Company Page administrator, Showcase Pages work in the same way as Company Pages, with Linkedin members able to follow the pages and receive page updates via their Link [...]

Why It’s Critical To Connect Your Offline & Online Marketing

Branding All of the buzz about digital marketing has left an old, familiar and still viable marketing medium in the dust: offline programs. The marketing divide between online and offline spheres can be so epic, in fact, that it's not uncommon inside companies to see separate print, Web and social marketing teams using different strategies and launching campaigns that are in no way connected. But those silos only exist inside marketing departments. The customer's mind perceives one continuous brand. We live in a world where customers casually cross multiple marketing channels throughout the course o [...]

Networked Insights New Technology Platform Charts 100 Million Pieces Of Social Data In Real-Time

social-shutterstock Marketing analytics technology provider Networked Insights is releasing an enhancement to its social data platform SocialSense today. According to the announcement, the new technology analyzes 100 million pieces of social content in real-time across 22,000 dimensions, including age range, location, gender, psychographics, life stage, interests and preferences. Networked Insights claims its platform enables brands to "segment and understand audiences" based on the company's social data classification system that determines consumer details not specifically stated in social profiles: Our com [...]

Doug, Ford’s Hilarious Spokespuppet, Is Missing From YouTube

dougfacebook Ford created my favorite YouTube campaign of all time. It took place in 2011 and starred an orange, irreverent puppet named Doug and his reluctant co-worker, John. The two appeared in several videos about the Ford Focus. The campaign was brilliant and had all the elements you want in a video campaign. Each video was unique, branded, provided value propositions, and made the viewer smile. Ford released a new video each week, and I was always excited to see the new adventures of Doug the spokespuppet. Before the campaign officially launched, a few random YouTube users posted videos of a pu [...]

But Do You Love Me? Study Measures Consumer Emotional Attachment To Rank Top 100 Brands

heart-icon Research firm APCO Insight's study ranking the Top 100 Most Loved Companies discovered people are emotionally attached to tech companies, but Mickey Mouse steals everyone's heart, with The Walt Disney Company winning the No. 1 spot. Using its proprietary Emotional Linking model, APCO evaluated more than 600 of the world's largest corporate brands, surveying 70,000 consumers in 15 markets worldwide. The study measured consumer attachment to brands based on the following eight emotions: understanding, approachability, relevance, admiration, curiosity, identification, empowerment and pride. [...]

Survey: Millennials More Likely To Rank Tech Brands, But Google Still At Top Of Everyone’s List

Branding On the heels of Interbrand's 2013 Best Global Brands survey, research firm Vision Critical's BERA Group has released a list of the top 25 brands ranked by Millennials, along with a separate list of the top 25 brands voted by the general market. According to the survey results, only eight brands made both the Millennials and general market lists. The survey polled 7,000 Millennials and 28,000 people from the general market to analyze each group's favorite brands based on product features, pricing, communications, distribution and service. While Google secured the No. 1 spot on each list, the [...]

Apple Ranks #1 On Best Global Brands List, Ending Coca-Cola’s 13-Year Reign In Top Spot

apple-featured According to Interbrand's newly released 2013 Best Global Brands report, Apple has moved up from its 2012 No. 2 spot to unseat Coca-Cola for the No. 1 Best Global Brand. Google, which ranked No. 4 last year, also beat Coca-Cola, taking the No. 2 position this year. After 13 years as the No. 1 global brand, this is the first time since Interbrand began publishing their Best Global Brands report that Coca-Cola has not ranked in the top spot, coming in at No. 3 on this year's top 100 list. To evaluate a brand's value and determine the best global brands, Interbrand examines the brand's fina [...]

Brandwatch’s Vizia Gives Brands A New Tool To Run Social Media Command Centers

Brandwatch_logo_Sept2013 Brandwatch, a provider of social media monitoring tools, has launched Vizia, a new social media analytics solution that displays real-time data on multiple screens. Brandwatch is billing their latest offering as, "a reinvention of the traditional social media command center." "It's not only supported by advanced analytics that delve into the most relevant business insights, but it's also really dynamic and scalable across various use cases," said Dell's social media listening and analytics practice leader Logan Lawler, "I'm impressed at how Brandwatch incorporated customer feedback into [...]

Hearing Voices: Getting The Brand Voice Right In Social Media

social-media-colors-featured If you went out to the mall and asked random people what type of person any particular brand would be if the brand were to one day wake up as a human, you'd find that people most certainly do project personality onto brands. In social media marketing, the most successful companies are having one-on-one conversations -- if not with their customers, then at least with the communities that matter to them. It's fine for individuals within the brand to have their own unique voice, but when the brand speaks, it'll be liked and trusted a lot more when it has a well-defined and consistent personali [...]

Curalate’s Fanreel Gives Brands The Power To Integrate User-Generated Images Into Websites

curalate-logo Visual analytics provider Curalate has launched Fanreel, a solution that allows brands to integrate user-generated images into their website. According to The Dessy Group, an online retailer and Fanreel beta-user, their site has experienced more than a 30 percent increase in engagement with the newly launched platform. Curalate says images can be submitted to Fanreel via Facebook, Instagram, or directly from a mobile device or desktop. Once images have been uploaded, a brand can moderate the images and automatically add user-generated photos to product pages. Along with The Dessy [...]

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