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Thinking Inside The Boxplot

data-analytics-200px In a previous post describing a simple approach to de-seasonalizing your data, I covered how marketers can examine, at a rough level, the impact of seasonality on metrics. Obviously, your data science team would be looking at this data in greater depth and, to be sure, a more precise calculation of seasonality is a far more complex undertaking. The basic thought process, however, is a valuable learning for business people. Today, let's try this approach on another topic: using a boxplot to get a general overview of the spread of your data without using "capital S" Statistics, and, again, at [...]

Google Analytics Android App Gets Complete Redesign For Mobile Devices

google-analytics-icon Google Analytics has released a new version of its Android App with a complete redesign built specifically for phones and tablets. The announcement says the new app includes visualizations that automatically resize to fit the user's device screen size and orientation, along with side navigation to access reports quickly. Other updates include specialized reporting for web and app views, key report metrics summarized in a single Overview screen, and dimension-based drill-down for most reports. Google Analytics created the new app using Google Tag Manager for Mobile Apps to make the app [...]

Using Indices For Digital Analytics: Opportunities And Pitfalls

Print It seems as though indices are everywhere these days as the entry-level insight tool of choice for digital analytics. It's Marketing Analytics 101. But there is still some debate as to what an index is - and often, indices can be misused. But because each individual index can be used by marketers to help understand the effect of particular attributes (for example, age or gender) on a consumer’s propensity to convert, it can be one of the most actionable, effective tools at an analysts’ disposal. So how do you use them? In the context of digital media analytics, an index is the ratio of [...]

Twitter Quietly Adds Website Analytics (& You’ll Love It)

twitter-data-analytics-featured Did you know you can see how your website is performing on Twitter? You can see all the tweets that link to your website, whether or not they include your @username. You can see tweets that link to any specific page on your website. You can see how often Twitter users click on links to your website, or to any specific page. It's true. And it's all right there in Twitter Analytics, quietly added sometime in the past couple months. Back in June, when we covered the Twitter Analytics public launch, the "Analytics" dropdown had two options -- Timeline activity and Followers. Both of tho [...]

The Digital Marketing Analysis Tree: Understanding Root Causes

dmtree_ps I recently read an excellent article in the Harvard Business Review about how data-driven individuals think and act. Some of the key traits described in the article apply not only to researchers, but to anyone involved in analysis and decision making. According to the author, data-driven individuals: Make decisions at the lowest possible level Bring as much diverse data to any situation as they possibly can How do these traits translate for the digital marketer, and how we should think about performance management of campaigns? The Data-Driven Marketer The traits, when applied to [...]

Are Your Local PPC Ads Really “Local”?

local-maps-featured Paid Advertising Platforms are growing exponentially on what seems like a weekly basis. What once was Keywords + Ad + Bid = Money has now become a full-time job. Bid adjustments, rules, remarketing, extensions, day-parting, local or geographic targeting, modified broad match, and more -- the vocabulary alone is a struggle for small business owners who do their own marketing. As I review and overhaul paid advertising campaigns for new clients, I've noticed that there are numerous misunderstandings surrounding local paid search advertising in Google and Bing. Targeting with location exte [...]

Is Your Site Foreign To Visitors? How To Present A Tourist-Friendly Experience

Like visitors to a foreign city, your Web visitors are looking for something familiar. You're being tested. Right now. You're being probed and compared and measured and documented. Would you like to know your results? [caption id="attachment_58698" align="alignright" width="300"] Like visitors to a foreign city, your Web visitors are looking for something familiar.[/caption] Having spent the past week in two foreign (to me, at least) cities -- Frankfurt and Stockholm -- I've tackled the challenges they presented with a mix of science and creative abandon. I've been finding my way through these marvelous cities alone, most of the time. I needed very much the same sorts o [...]

Adobe Adds Dynamic Tag Managment To Adobe Marketing Cloud

adobe-logo-180px In July, Adobe acquired tag management technology Satellite. Today, the company announced the integration of that capability into its marketing hub Adobe Marketing Cloud, which already includes such as Analytics, Target, Media Optimizer, Experience Manager and Social. Like other tag management solutions, the Satellite technology consolidates tracking code for various analytics, advertising and marketing services. With a tag management just one piece of code can be placed on the site, speeding up loading times. The other added benefit of tag management is it simplifies the entire implementat [...]

Google Analytics To Cease IE8 Compatibility By End Of 2013

Google Analytics Google Analytics announced today that it will not be compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 by the end of this year. According to the announcement the company is, "Deprecating official compatibility of Google Analytics with Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) at the end of 2013." Google says it wants to focus its energy on new product features, and help drive adoption of web technologies that are, "in the design of Google Analytics product." While users will still be able to measure site traffic from IE8 browsers, Google Analytics will only support the latest versions of Chrome, F [...]

IBM Launches Digital Marketing Network, Offers Single Tag Integration With 100+ Vendor Partners

IBM Digital Marketing Network IBM has launched the cloud-based IBM Digital Marketing Network to give clients easy integration between more than 100 ad tech vendors. The network allows organizations to share analytics data with their other advertising and marketing solutions to inform media buys based on individual buyer behaviors in real-time. The network harnesses Digital Data Exchange, IBM's tag management solution, that enables marketers to use a single tag to relay information to all partner platforms. The single tag simplifies implementation and eliminates the weight of having multiple tags for each solution. C [...]

How To Create Interactive Charts In Excel

final interactive chart in Excel Continuing with my dashboard series that began on Search Engine Land and continued over to Marketing Land when the entire analytics column migrated to Marketing Land, this post is going to talk interactive charts. When you're creating a dashboard, real estate is minimal, so you find ways to consolidate your data and allow the dashboard user to manipulate a single chart different ways. Excel offers a panoply of interactive controls that make this possible. I'll be the first to admit that working with interactive controls were really intimidating to me when I first started. They seemed to hav [...]

Adobe Target Overhaul Aims To Simplify Web And Mobile Testing Efforts

Adobe has announced a major update to its testing platform Adobe Target. The new features are designed to make it easier for marketers to launch tests targeted at specific audience segments across their digital properties, including websites, email, mobile sites, and mobile apps. The update supports touch for use on mobile devices. In the new workflow, marketers are taken step-by-step through the audience targeting and testing set up process.  Users can create tests on offers, images, color, text and design changes on a web page within the platform. As part of Adobe Target's integr [...]

Marketing Metrics & Quantum Physics

Quantum Marketing Sitting at the airport the other day, trapped by an indeterminately delayed flight, I picked up a copy of Scientific American. After all, for all the talk of science in marketing, it's always good to get a glimpse of science in science for comparison. I ran across an article on quantum physics with the intriguing headline, What Is Real? -- a fine question to tackle at 10:47 pm on a Monday night. The gist of it, in my crude layman's interpretation, is that particles may not actually exist. At least not in the way most people traditionally think of those little bits of atomic matter. Those [...]

My Date With Big Data

2014 happy new year I recently closed the doors on my company, a social media analytics start-up. As soon as I dispose of my house, cars, and other major worldly possessions, I'm heading out for some extensive travel to far-away places (a mid-life gap year, if you will). [caption id="attachment_58053" align="alignright" width="300"] Image via shutterstock[/caption] And on the threshold of these major changes, I can't help but wonder: what will the analytics world -- especially "big data" -- look like in a year from now? Big Data (a phrase used to describe datasets that are so large they become awkward to [...]

Google Adds AdSense Revenue As A Testing Objective In Content Experiments

Google AdSense Logo Google announced today the addition of AdSense Revenue as an experiment objective in Content Experiments. The addition allows AdSense publishers to run A/B tests on Google Analytics Content Experiments Platform that focus specifically on increasing AdSense revenue. Publishers must link their Google Analytics accounts to AdSense accounts in order to use Content Experiments. Once the accounts are linked and the test is set with AdSense Revenue as the objective, the algorithm will split traffic across the experimental variations "to achieve maximum revenue in the shortest amount of time." G [...]

How To Design A Landing Page That Converts

landing-page-match As marketers, getting quality traffic to our websites has never been easier. We have SEO, PPC, social media, email marketing, display ads, photo marketing, mobile ads... and the list keeps growing. Consumers, however, are learning to automatically tune out anything that isn't interesting. This drives businesses to spend even more, becoming more creative and pulling out every tactic they can think of to capture consumer attention. So, with all the above tools at our disposal, why do we still have terrible conversion rates, hovering between 1 to 3% on average? The largest culprit I see? [...]

4 Must-Know Facts On Product Listing Ad Mechanics

Google Shopping Google's Product Listing Ads (PLAs) have rapidly gained market share since being introduced last year, and PLAs are now well established as an integral part of retail marketers' pay-per-click (PPC) strategies. This rapid growth has been fueled in part by the improved performance of PLAs over traditional text ads. However, the increased spend has also resulted in competitive inflation, where CPCs for PLAs now match or exceed that of text ads. Despite their growing importance as a marketing channel, PLAs remain frustratingly opaque when compared to traditional, paid-search text ads. Part o [...]

Page Speed Matters! Why You Need to Improve Yours Today

Pizza! My three-year-old daughter loves it -- which is why the delivery guy knows exactly where our house is. But… if it takes too long to arrive, she'll quickly move on to something else more readily accessible. Speed clearly plays an important role in her user experience -- much as it does for the digital user experience. Why Page Speed Matters Given my e-commerce and conversion background, I have always been obsessed with the usability aspect of digital. I see user experience as Job #1. After all, what's the point of achieving top search rankings if you don't provide a great user experi [...]

Facebook Driving More Than 2x Twitter Traffic To Parse.ly’s News Clients

parsely-logo-200px Facebook is far and away the top social network driving traffic to some of the biggest online news and media websites, sending them more than twice as much traffic as second-place Twitter. That's according to the Authority Report from Parse.ly, a company that counts the likes of Reuters, The Atlantic, Mashable, The Next Web, US News and others among clients using its content optimization platform. Parse.ly says it's currently processing about five billion page views and 160 million unique readers per month. For the month of July, Parse.ly reports its clients received about 73.5 million p [...]

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Customer Analytics

Big Data We marketers love our data. What surprises me is the percentage of us ignoring one of the most valuable data sources we have available to us -- our customers. Too often, we mistake our site visitors for our customers. While site behavior is important, it's not all our customers have to tell us. [caption id="attachment_55560" align="alignright" width="300"] Image via shutterstock[/caption] The rise of Customer Analytics comes out of a need for more information. Marketers need more than site behavior and conversions to steer them in the right direction. As is the case with most analytics e [...]

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