Yahoo Gives Out Inactive Usernames Via “Wishlists” & Launches “WatchList” With A $1.99 Fee

yahoo-featured Yahoo users who completed a Wishlist for their "dream" Yahoo username/email last month should find out today if they received one of their top five choices. According to the announcement, even if a user didn't win one of the five usernames they submitted on their Wishlist, Yahoo's newly launched Watchlist will offer more opportunities to claim a Yahoo ID. Yahoo's Watchlist allows users to monitor up to five usernames for three years. The company says that if any of the usernames on a Watchlist become available, the user will have 14 days to claim it. Any users who completed a Wishlist will [...]

Report: 80 Percent On Broadband, 3 Percent Still Dialing Up

internet-speed-featured According to new data out this morning from the Pew Research Center, 70 percent of American adults have "broadband" at home. (Broadband speeds aren't defined in the report.) Three percent of US adults are still on dial-up. There are a great many so-called broadband connections that are pretty slow. But that's another discussion. As with all things tech, more educated and affluent users are better connected than those with less education and income. Interestingly, 10 percent of survey respondents have a smartphone but no broadband at home. According to the data: 46 percent of A [...]

Google Glass Won’t Cost $299 & Won’t Be Sold At Best Buy Next Year

glass-orange-featured With the final stretch of 2013 staring us straight in the eyes, there's been a lot of speculation lately about when Google will start selling Google Glass to the public, where it'll be sold and how much it'll cost. Google's Chris Dale, part of the Google Glass communications team, put at least some of the speculation to rest today on Twitter. He didn't reveal how much Glass will cost or how Google will sell it; but he did say where it won't be sold and what it won't cost. Google Glass not coming to Best Buy in 2014... oh, and it won't be $299 either. #factcheck — Chris Dale (@cadale) [...]

Market Cap Doesn’t Equal Box Office Earnings: “Jobs” Behind “Social Network” & “The Internship”

jobs movie Apple may be worth far more than Google or Facebook, but when it comes to movies about the companies, Jobs, based on the epic rise of Apple CEO Steve Jobs, is still way behind in box office earnings versus The Social Network about Facebook and The Internship comedy set at Google. Released last Friday, Jobs enters its second weekend in theaters with a long way to go if it hopes to catch up to recent movies featuring Google and Facebook. Starring Ashton Kutcher as the world renown entrepreneur, the movie earned a meager $6.7 million during its opening weekend, and ranked seventh, behi [...]

Google’s Field Trip App Now Available For Google Glass

field-trip-logo Google's Field Trip, a local discovery app that offers information about your surroundings, is now available for Google Glass. The app was introduced last year for Android devices and later came to the iPhone, too. Google's Timothy Jordan described the app today as "a guide to help you discover hidden gems and interesting information around you as you explore the world with Glass." Field Trip has data from more than 100 local publishers in categories like "Historic Places and Events," "Lifestyle," and "Food, Drinks and Fun." It haven't had a chance to try it yet (I'm guessing nothing [...]

Google’s New YouTube App For Android Makes It Possible To Watch Videos Back-To-Back

youtube-logo-200 Google is rolling out a new version of the YouTube App for Android today that includes a number of updated features. According to, it is, "The biggest redesign the app has seen yet." TechCrunch reports that the "highlight" of the new version is the ability to minimize the screen for a "picture-in-picture" effect. The app now moves videos to the bottom-right corner of the screen so that users can continue watching a video while they browse channels or perform searches, making it possible to watch videos back-to-back. No longer having to stop a video before finding a new vi [...]

Yahoo Releases A New ToolBar Designed For Quick Access To Weather, Email & Social Networks

Yahoo released a new toolbar today for Firefox, IE and Chrome users in the US. According to the announcement this is the first Yahoo toolbar designed for Chrome. With an updated look and feel, the new toolbar allows users to access search, bookmarks, email, local weather, news and social networks with one click. Users already taking advantage of Yahoo's toolbar only need to do an update. Anyone not currently using a Yahoo toolbar will need to download the new one and customize it by adding preferred feeds, sites and networks. [...]

Google Adds Location Sharing Features To Google Maps & Releases Google+ For Android Updates

Google+-iOS After retiring Latitude earlier this month, Google announced today that they have added location sharing features to the Google Maps app. Users can now share "pin-point" or "city-level" locations, and filter which of their connections can see a location by selecting Google+ circles. Along with the new Google Map location sharing updates, Google+ for Android has new features as well: With a few taps, users can now switch between Google+ accounts without having to sign out of one account before signing into another. Also, any Google+ pages managed by a user are available from the [...]

Google Glass Gets New Google Now Cards, Hashtag Support & Volume Control

google-my-glass-icon Google's latest software update for Google Glass is on the way, and it includes hashtag support, a few new voice commands, new video controls and a few new Google Now cards, too. This is what Glass owners will recognize as the XE8 update, and it's rolling out over the next couple days. Google Now Cards Google Now has been updated to show upcoming dinner reservations, hotel reservations and concerts (when you've received an email confirmation for these types of events). It also includes emergency alerts such as bad weather, and movie listings near you. That movie card has been rolli [...]

New Google Glass User Survey Suggests YouTube App Is Coming Soon

google-my-glass-icon The latest survey being sent to select Google Glass owners suggests that an official YouTube app may be coming soon. If so, it would join other official Google apps for Glass including Google+, Gmail and Google Now. I'm one of the Glass Explorers that's received this latest survey invite. It's somewhat similar to the survey that I completed a couple months ago, but this one asked for feedback about the group of Glass apps that Google has officially sanctioned and lists on each Glass owner's "MyGlass" website. Strangely, the survey asked me to grade a YouTube app even though that app does [...]

Twitter Releases New Login Verification, Photo Gallery & More For iOS & Android Apps

twitter-mobile-phones-featured Twitter announced today a number of updates for their iOS and Android apps, including a new login verification, search suggestions with a social context, and an updated photo gallery in search. The new login verification enrollment lets users approve login requests directly from their iOS or Android app. It is in addition to the SMS-based login verification that was released in May, and allows users to verify logins without relying on text messages. According to the announcement on Twitter's blog, the new login verification includes the following features: No phone number required: [...]

Google Teams Up With Starbucks To Provide Wifi Service For All 7,000 US Locations

Starbucks Starting next month, Google will begin providing WiFi service for all 7,000 US Starbucks locations, offering Starbucks customers connections speeds up to 10x faster, and possibly up to 100x faster for stores located in Google Fiber cities. The roll-out is expected to take up to 18 months, and is part of Google's investment to make Internet access, "...speedier, more affordable, and more widely available." Remaining free to Starbucks customers, users will know they are logged in to the Google network when they see the "Google Starbucks" SSID. "The free Internet connection at Starbucks [...]

Got Glass? Google Sending Out Gmail-Like Invites For Google Glass

google-my-glass-icon The next phase of Google Glass' expansion is underway this afternoon with an old trick from Google's past. The company has started sending out Gmail-like invites, giving current Glass Explorers the opportunity to invite one friend to become a Glass owner, too. There are currently in the neighborhood of 10,000 people that own Google Glass. About 2,000 of those pre-ordered it at the 2012 Google I/O conference, and the rest are winners of this year's #ifihadglass contest. There are several posts in the Glass Explorers community from users showing off the invites that are arriving via email. [...]

Apple Remains A Consumer Favorite, Winning Brand Of The Year For Computers, Tablets & Mobile Phones

apple-featured A recent Harris Poll proved Apple remains a favorite brand among consumers, earning Brand of the Year for the computer, tablet and mobile phone categories. Conducted online, the poll surveyed 38,815 US consumers age 15-years and older on over 1,500 lifestyle, product and service brands across more than 155 categories. The intent of the study was to understand a brand's overall strength and value. Using the poll ratings, brands were measured on their familiarity, quality and purchase consideration. "What really stands out is that in all three of the categories Apple brands are measured -- [...]

Compared: What You Can Watch On Google Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku & Xbox

tv-video-featured Want to stream content from the Internet to your TV? There's a new player in town, Google's Chromecast. It's super easy to use and priced to move. What's not to like? If you're happy with just Netflix, you're good. If you want Hulu or HBO Go, paying a bit more for Roku or Apple TV may make sense, unless you don't mind using your laptop. Then again, for only $35, maybe you'll decide Chromecast is worth being a second device. The Players Chromecast is entering a space where two other major Internet-to-TV devices already exist, Apple TV and Roku. Xbox, a gaming console, can also double as a str [...]

Google Play Store Website Gets Redesign With Bigger Thumbnails & More White Space

googleplay The Web version of the Google Play Store has been redesigned to mimic the Google Play Store mobile app with larger thumbnails and more white space. With less content on the screen, users must scroll more to access additional content. reports the Google Play site now uses AJAX and leverages the modern Roboto font, but also comes with a few bugs, citing that the Romanian version includes exclamation marks to separate words. Along with the new redesign, CNET's Don Reisinger noted that the Google Play Store is now showing Google Glass as a supported device for Googl [...]

Yahoo Opens Wishlist For Inactive Usernames, Hopes To Avoid Identity Cataclysm

If you have an inactive Yahoo username/email address, it could end up in someone else's hands about a month from now. And that could create all kinds of havoc if the new owner of your old username decides to use it to try to recover old online passwords of yours that might still be associated with that Yahoo address. Yahoo announced a new username wishlist tool today that allows existing Yahoo account holders to put in claims on up to five inactive usernames. It comes about a month after Yahoo announced plans to recycle usernames. There's no public list of the inactive names; you just pr [...]

Twitter Rolls Out Updates For 7 Different Apps & Syncs Direct Messages Across All Devices

Twitter logo Today Twitter announced they are rolling out updates for their Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac,, and TweetDeck apps. Among the updates for all seven platforms, direct messages will soon be synched across all devices, so that messages marked as read from one device will show up as read on other devices as well. This update is being released gradually; and, according to Twitter, users must have the most recent version of each app before direct messages will synch across all devices. Twitter's mobile search has also been updated so that Twitter users now receive an [...]

The Google Glass Privacy Debate: What’s Real & What’s Overblown Hype

google-glass-glow-featured To hear some people tell it, Google Glass is leading us down a path toward a world where every citizen is a walking, hidden spy, surreptitiously recording videos and photos of everything -- and everyone -- we see. What's more, they're afraid that those videos and images are being posted on the Internet for all the world to see, warts and all. Some are afraid that Glass is auto-recording (or will) everything it can see or hear, and each word you've ever spoken within earshot of Glass will be available in Google's search index. These fears typically come from people that don't know how Gla [...]

Yahoo Launches Unified Top Bar Navigation Across Most Properties

Yahoo logo Yahoo has officially launched its unified top bar across most, if not all, of their priorities. Yahoo began modernizing its look in February, part of Marissa Mayer's new goals for the company, and included in that was to give Yahoo a more unified top navigation bar across its many properties. Yahoo started widely testing this last week and now it appears to be live across all properties. Here is an animated GIF showing the home page, Yahoo News, Yahoo Groups, Yahoo Answers and even external brands like Flickr, with the unified top bar: This is similar to Google's unifica [...]

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