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Content: The Right Tools For The Job

software development Digital content doesn't just happen. Marketers require tools to get it done. The range of software and tools serving content marketers has mushroomed in the past couple of years. As researchers and analysts at the Altimeter Group, we started looking at the space informally back in April, building a list of software vendors. Currently, we've compiled a list of 75 vendors offering a range of content marketing software solutions. (It's a list I plan to share officially in the fall, once it's been through some winnowing.) Content Software Landscape Research In fact, we plan to go one bett [...]

4 Ways To Create Successful Social Media Content

When developing a content marketing strategy, one of the most crucial aspects of the plan is often social media marketing. When content is created, it is usually produced with hopes of being shared across the Web, not only through internal marketing campaigns, but also organically on social media networks. It isn't always as easy as it may seem to create content that people want to share. Generating buzz is difficult when a content piece isn't optimized for social media or wasn't created with social-specific goals in mind. However, there are many steps you can take to assure the content you [...]

LinkedIn Rolls-Out Sponsored Updates Ad Program To All Companies

linkedin-featured LinkedIn announced today that Sponsored Updates are rolling out to companies with a LinkedIn account representative. By the end of the month administrators of all 3 million Company Pages will have access to LinkedIn Sponsored Updates. Billed as "content marketing in the world's only professional feed," Sponsored Updates allow companies to pay to promote their content to specific audiences on LinkedIn -- in the same spirit as Sponsored Posts on Twitter and Promote Page Posts on Facebook. Sponsored Updates has been running in pilot mode since January with a handful of companies including Adobe, [...]

Publish With Passion: Let Your Content Find An Audience

shutterstock_53519494 There's a great expression sometimes used in business: "A camel is a horse designed by committee." I don't have anything against camels, of course, but I do agree with the underlying sentiment: well-intentioned content and advertising campaigns can go awry when the companies executing them have lost sight of their original purpose. A recent interview with some of the most successful content creators on YouTube illustrates this point. When asked what the formula was for successfully growing an audience, they explained that they "simply made content that they personally liked and wanted to [...]

73% Of Online Publishers Offer Native Advertising, Just 10% Still Sitting On The Sidelines [eMarketer]

Percent of Publishers With Native Advertising Nearly three quarters of U.S. publishers offer online native advertising opportunities on their sites, according to new research released by eMarketer from the Online Publishers Association and Radar Research. Just 10 percent of publishers say they don't have and aren't considering adding native advertising to their sites. In taking the pulse of how publishers define native advertising, the study seems to hit on some consensus. Over 90 percent agree that native advertising is an ad's "integration into the design of the publisher's site." Interestingly (and somewhat bewilderingly), 21% [...]

Native Advertising, WTH?

Native Advertising Buzzfeed The concept of "Native Advertising" is getting a lot of attention these days. In some circles, it's been suggested that it may even "save newspapers." I blame BuzzFeed for doing such a great job of letting the cat out of the bag. As is so often the case, stick around a while and you'll learn that "everything old is new again." I would like to congratulate BuzzFeed on reintroducing us to the second oldest profession: the corruption of authoritative sources. (Yes, there is a correlation with the oldest profession.) I wonder if the scribes of ancient Egypt had PR operatives whispering i [...]

International E-Commerce Heating Up: Where To Go & What You Need To Know To Grow

Not so long ago in 2005, less than 50% of online users were located in developing markets. Fast-forward to today, and you'll find that that number is estimated to reach 75% by the year 2015 (according to a recent Forrester study, Key Trends And Best Practices Selling Globally Via The Affiliate Channel). [caption id="attachment_51548" align="alignright" width="222"] Image via Shutterstock[/caption] As an online marketer, you know this shift represents significant opportunities to reach new customers in burgeoning markets. So you may be wondering: Which countries show the most promise, [...]

Why Content Marketing Goes Rogue And How To Rein It In

content-marketing-featured Is your content going rogue? [caption id="attachment_27321" align="alignright" width="279"] Image via Shutterstock[/caption] Do you know all the sites and social media accounts controlled by your brand or company? Who can access and update them? Who knows the passwords? How frequently is the content on each property being updated, and how do those updates conform to larger communications and brand strategies? Or has this whole content thing mushroomed out of control, quite possibly behind your back? A project I'm involved with was supposed to have been delivered last week. It’s l [...]

Study: LinkedIn Positioned To Be Professional Content Marketing Leader, Testing Monetization

linkedin-featured LinkedIn's focus on content has been in overdrive recently. A new in-depth study by faberNovel, titled LinkedIn, the Serious Network, looks at LinkedIn's ten year trajectory from an online resume repository to a powerhouse hub for professional recruitment, lead generation, sales solutions, marketing tools and, yes, a full-fledged B2B content engine. It is now testing ways to monetize its content marketing power with native ads called Sponsored Updates. The company's focus on content can be traced back to the inception of social news product, LinkedIn Today in 2011. Acquisitions of SlideShare [...]

Who Reads Reddit? 6% Of US Internet Users, Young Men Are Highest Group

reddit-logo.png.512 A new survey finds that six percent of adult Internet users in the United States say they've used Reddit, with the group most active perhaps being no surprise to those familiar with Reddit -- young men, ages 18 to 29. The report is from Pew Internet. In all age categories, Reddit was used by men more than women, and the biggest gap between the two sexes was in the youngest group. Young Men Like Reddit Whereas 15% of men aged 18-29 said they use Reddit, only 5% of women said they did, a 3-to-1 ratio. Other age groups have a smaller gap except for 65+ and older, where the percentage of use [...]

The Big Comparison Of Google Reader RSS Feed Alternatives

rss-featured Google Reader is turning off their feed on July 1st and by now many of you have already switched to a new RSS reader - but, for those of you who have yet to make the jump, keep reading. We wanted to give you a concise chart explaining the features, costs and functionality of some of the larger RSS feed readers on the market. Since then, many new readers have been built or are in the development phase now. So, this comparison is a supplement to our 12 Google Reader alternatives story released shortly after the Google Reader news was announced. A major consideration for some is free versus [...]

Google Shows Nearly 100 Million Unsafe Browsing Warnings Per Week

Safe Browsing – Transparency Report – Google The Google Safe Browsing system is designed to warn people from Google's search results and when using popular browsers if they are about to enter a site deemed unsafe due to suspected malware or phishing attempts. Google's now sharing figures on how often it warns: currently almost 100 million times per week, along with other statistics. The statistics have been added to the Google Transparency Report, where Google has shared information about when it is required to remove content or provide user data due to legal reasons. Now, Safe Browsing statistics are a new area of the report. Unsafe [...]

Is John Deere The Original Content Marketer?

john-deere-featured Though the approach of using content in marketing initiatives has become more prevalent over the past couple of years, businesses have been employing content marketing strategies since the 1800s. Today, marketers use online content to educate and entertain their audiences in order to drive traffic, conversions and/or leads. Similarly, more than 100 years ago, companies used content (albeit different types) in hopes of increasing business and revenue. Consider John Deere. In 1895, John Deere started publishing a magazine for farmers called The Furrow. The company published the magazine i [...]

3 Keys That Open The Door To Massive Social Sharing Of Your Content

Content is the foundation of smart online marketing, but social media sharing of that content is the catalyst to success. It’s the publicity engine that helps you build your audience and attract the links that get you ranked well in search engines. So, how do you make that happen? Ever heard of Upworthy? It’s a site dedicated to resharing stories with social impact (think Buzzfeed, except way less shallow). And, although it’s barely a year old, it’s being called the fastest growing media site of all time -- racking up 10.4 million unique visitors a month at the time of this w [...]

Where Does The Content Budget Come From?

Image used by permission from Shutterstock.com Unless you work for a very unusual, or highly progressive, organization, it’s unlikely there’s a formal content division within the enterprise. The much-ballyhooed but rarely seen in the wild Chief Content Officer really doesn’t exist. Or when the odd one is spotted, the species is too rare and dispersed to reproduce, at least for now. That’s why the recent research report I published, Organizing for Content, proposes six real world organizational structures for companies grappling with the need to feed the beast from an operational perspective. These models are deliberately present [...]

Conducting Data-Driven Content Marketing

website traffic Since it's routine to measure return-on-investment (ROI) for online marketing campaigns, marketers are regularly looking at specific metrics and evaluating success based on campaign goals. Through this regular measurement, data is gathered that can be used to craft future content marketing endeavors that are truly aligned with audience needs. However, many marketers aren't using this data to drive content development and marketing, even though they're collecting it day in and day out. Below are six types of data that can help you determine what an audience prefers, so you can focus your [...]

Feedly Outlines RSS Roadmap, Touts 68% Conversion Of Testers To Active Users

feedly-logo With less than a month to go until Google Reader shuts down on July 1st, Feedly has shared what it's been doing -- and still plans to do -- as RSS users search for an alternate feed reader. In a blog post, Feedly also says its userbase has been growing since Google's announcement in mid-March: 68 percent of those who try Feedly convert into active weekly users active users have doubled the time spent using Feedly Feedly users are sharing 10x more content to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest thanks to its partnership with Buffer From looking at the analytics of some sites t [...]

Expand Into New Digital Markets With A Semantic Microsite Strategy

Creating great content has long been the only true way of creating long-term audiences of value. If we look back at the history of mass media, a certain process has played out time and time again. Print, radio and television have followed the same path from the original obsession with technology to the eventual love for the content that technological breakthroughs deliver. Opportunity With that shift now occurring in interactive media, the love for content has created a huge amount of opportunity. Content marketing has exploded in 2013 as businesses across the Web have moved to a content [...]

Hidden Data In Your Amazon Associate Reports

hidden-data-in-amazon-reports Like many other Internet marketers, one of the first things I do each day is check my Amazon Associates account to see how much I earned the day before. I also check to see how many and what products were ordered the day before, knowing that I will earn my commission on them once they are shipped. It's just a routine of mine and, as I said before, is likely common for others that promote Amazon products. However, about once a week or so, I really dig into the reports in my Associates Account. While most people are aware that they can see how much a tracking ID earned for any specific time f [...]

Google Glass Integrates With Blogger Via Independent App

blogger-logo-200px Add Blogger to the short list of social/publishing platforms that can be integrated with Google Glass. Christopher Bartholomew, an independent developer, announced his new "Blogger Glassware" app Tuesday night on Google+. He's making it available at myglassapps.com. At the moment, it works similarly to Facebook's Glass app. Blogger publishers can shoot a photo with Glass and then publish it on their Blogger blog by sharing the image from Glass. After that, Bartholomew says, a new timeline item is available and the blog owner can use Glass' voice commands to speak a new title for the blog [...]

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