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Why Native Advertising Matters And What You Should Do About It

Key Benefits of Native Advertising Native advertising is much more than the newest shiny object to appear on the digital landscape. It represents a fundamental turning point in the evolution of digital advertising, mirroring similar historical shifts in the maturation of print and television advertising. Smart marketers, publishers, and agencies are moving aggressively to adjust their core strategies to reflect this, experimenting with and learning from new tactics. This article applies the IAB's aspiration to define native advertising -- a paid ad that is so cohesive with the page content, assimilated into the design, an [...]

Criteo’s Overhauled Prediction Engine Now Factors Actual Conversions, Not Just Clicks

Criteo Personalized display advertising firm, Criteo, today announced a major update of its prediction engine, three years in the making. The Criteo Engine has been retooled to automate impression bidding based on the likelihood that a user will both click on an ad and make a purchase. Up to now, bidding was based on click predictions. Criteo says the engine's ability to close the prediction loop through to purchase has lifted sales volumes 38 percent while maintaining a stable cost-of-sale in A/B testing across billions of impressions and millions of users and clicks. "We've solved a lot hard [...]

Google Updates AdSense Ad Creation Process And Interface

Google AdSense Logo Google has overhauled the ad creation process and interface in AdSense to make it easier to set up and deploy new ads across your site. When modifying text ad styles, a preview will show how each change affects the look of the ad, including font style, color and size. Once you've made changes to an ad unit, they can be implemented across an entire site rather than at the ad unit level. The last update announced is a subtle one. The display URL on the default ad setting will now be light gray instead of green.   [...]

Is The Opposite Of A Viewable Display Ad…‘Unviewable’?

A Native Ad on NYTimes.com Out-of-view ads are the black sheep of the ad-tech industry. Long considered wasteful, inefficient, and ineffective, they have been relegated to the flotsam and jetsam on the water's edge of advertising. But does that have to be an accepted "meme"? Maybe not. Every toddler learns absolutes: the opposite of up is down, and the opposite of more is less. And so on. But, is the opposite of a viewable ad an "unviewable ad"? No. First of all, it's perfectly understandable why digital stakeholders would look askance at unviewable inventory. Why wouldn't they? Who wants to pay for an ad [...]

AdSense Gets Two New Large Format Ad Sizes

adsense-ad-sizes-new Boasting larger real estate, Google's newest ad units for AdSense, introduced today, are meant to showcase rich ad creatives.  The ad units are 970 x 250 Billboard and 300 x 1050 Portrait. Due to their size, publishers can place just one of these units per page. While they are designed to house rich media ads, both of the new units can accommodate standard text ads as well as image ads. As with other ad units, smaller-sized image ads may appear in within these new ad units to increase competition in the auction. For example, a 300 x 250 ad would serve in the 970 x 250 ad unit and a 160 [...]

3 Ways To Change Your Thinking About Display Ads & Move Out Of Your Comfort Zone

display-ad-here-featured We have all seen it: marketers deeply loyal to “last click attribution” and the comfort zone it brings along with it. With a last-click mindset, they have focused on maximizing their search marketing volume via Paid Search and SEO until the query supply is maxed out. These marketers also use remarketing (another comfort zone), with proven intent similar to search queries, as well as similar success metrics such as return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and effective cost per acquisition (eCPA). But once these three channels are maxed out, what can marketers do to continue to ramp business? Getti [...]

TechDirt Threatened With AdSense Closure For Reporting On Racy Videos That YouTube Puts Ads On

YouTube AdSense Another week, another loony story involving Google AdSense. This time, publisher Techdirt has been told to remove ads from a page with content deemed too racy for AdSense -- even though Google itself runs ads against the same exact content.   I'm Too Sexy For My AdSense... Techdirt.com, a long-standing and respected tech publication, wrote on Thursday that it received notice from Google's AdSense team demanding that it take AdSense ads off a news article. The article covered an intellectual property lawsuit where a porn star sued rapper Bow Wow for using video of her pole dancing in [...]

Is AdSense For Mobile Apps Ruining Your Google Display Network Results?

Device-clicks Have you checked your Google Display Network (GDN) campaign placements recently? If the answer is no, then I would take a look ASAP -- chances are, you're appearing on a hell of a lot of apps now, and you might need to make some adjustments to your campaign in order to improve your results. The Issue Eighty percent (80%) of people's time on their mobile device is spent in an app now, and this has caused a significant shift in the traffic available on the Google Display Network via different devices. We all know that there's been a big shift in the amount of time people spend on mobile de [...]

New Display Research: State Of The Industry Retargeting Report #4

soti-retargeting-q2-2014-chango The fourth edition of the State of The Industry Retargeting Report has just been published and with some surprising results. With the support of Digiday, the survey (conducted by my employer) received responses from 333 agency executives and 117 brand executives; questions covered site retargeting, paid social marketing and mobile marketing. Paid Social (FBX, Twitter Tailored Audiences and LinkedIn) has shot onto the scene relatively recently; yet, respondents reported having their own dedicated budgets for them and reported this channel as their path to solving the problem of connecting [...]

Google Expands AdSense A/B Testing To Account-Level Settings

Google AdSense Logo Last fall, Google launched A/B testing for AdSense ad-level settings in beta. As of today, A/B testing in AdSense is now available for account-level settings. Publishers can launch A/B tests of account-level settings to allow or block: General ad categories (including first level sub-categories) Sensitive ad categories Ad serving opt-outs (e.g., enhanced text ads, expandable ads, etc.) Running A/B tests doesn't require any additional or alterations to the AdSense tracking code. However, just one global account-level test or ad settings test can run at one time. You'll find mor [...]

New AdSense “Magazine” Ads Render Text Ads In Display Formats

google-adsense-magazine-ad [caption id="attachment_83808" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Examples of Google AdSense Magazine Ads: Text Ads Rendered In Display Formats[/caption] Google has launched a new AdSense ad format in which text ads are rendered in display formats called magazine ads. Publishers that opt to only show display ads on their sites may now have text ad advertisers entering auctions for those ads. When a text advertiser wins an auction, the ad will appear in the magazine format. Presumably, adding text advertisers to the auction will increase CPCs and publisher revenues on display ads. Why ar [...]

Bye, Bye Banner: Emerging Display Formats & What Marketers Need To Know

iab-ad-formats-600 A renaissance in digital display advertising is underway which will finally put an end to the tyranny of the banner. Smart publishers, brand marketers and agencies will participate in creating the new digital advertising order by adopting and experimenting with new mobile, native, digital video and, yes, browser banner formats like the IAB Rising Stars. (Disclosure: IAB is my employer.) A digital ad ghetto, consisting of the right rail and leaderboard, became embedded in the digital advertising world early and has stubbornly held on despite advances in device forms and capabilities, band [...]

Perfect Audience Launches Peer-To-Peer Retargeting: Directly Target Other Sites’ Visitors

Perfect Audience Connect What if you could "retarget" the audiences of specific websites that likely have similar visitor profiles as yours? The self-serve retargeting platform, Perfect Audience, has begun testing this concept with roughly 100 of its customers. The company's new service, Perfect Audience Connect, offers gives advertisers a way to connect with other companies they are familiar with and share retargeting audiences with one another -- all in a way that doesn't drive up  bids. Like a social network, each advertiser on Perfect Audience now has its own profile page on the portal showing informati [...]

Mozilla Still On Track To Test Sponsored Content On Firefox’s New Tab Page

firefox-logo-wordmark-vertical Over the weekend, confusion broke out about whether Mozilla plans to go through with its decision to test ads on the Firefox new tab page after Firefox VP, Jonathan Nightengale, wrote in a post that Firefox was not going to turn into "a mess of logos sold to the highest bidder; without user control, without user benefit." What was lost in subsequent reporting is what he said next, "But we will experiment... Sponsorship would be the next stage once we are confident that we can deliver user value." On Sunday, TechCrunch's, Frederic Lardinois wrote, "Despite what you may have read, Mozilla [...]

Yahoo Adds Mobile-First Image Rich Ads To Native Lineup

Yahoo_Logo Yahoo today announced the availability of new image-driven native ads across Yahoo properties including weather, mail, sports and finance. The ads feature larger images and are now included in Yahoo Gemini, the ad marketplace for Yahoo's mobile and native ad formats that the company launched in February. With nearly half of Yahoo's traffic now coming from mobile devices, the company says the ads were designed specifically for mobile, but will also appear on desktops. When users tap on the ad, it will either transition to a full-screen visual (as shown in the Netflix example above) or take t [...]

Understanding Live Intent Data: Lifting The Veil Over Marketers’ Eyes

data management In last month's column, "Real Time" In Display Advertising Doesn't Really Mean Real Time, we discussed how despite the industry talking about doing "real-time marketing" or "real-time bidding" (RTB); in most cases, they are not actually using real-time techniques to run their campaigns. The media itself might be traded in live auctions, but the data being used are typically not live. In this month’s column, we are going to address the common questions that arose from that article -- what is live intent data, where is it, and how do I use it? What Is Live Intent Data? Intent data helps u [...]

Solve Media Makes Its CAPTCHA Ad Validation More Mobile Friendly With Gestural Technology

Mobile Friendly CAPTCHA Ad Validation Solve Media, the company that enables simple, branded CAPTCHAs on digital display and video advertising to engage users and verify that ads are seen by humans rather than bots, has updated the mobile version of its ad validation software. Now, users on smartphones and tablets can choose to double tap or swipe on an ad for activation rather than typing a brand message in the CAPTCHA field. Microsoft/Nokia has been testing the new Gestural TYPE-IN ad solution for touchscreens, using it to highlight the zoom feature on the Nokia Lumia 1020 phone starting in late 2013. When a user double ta [...]

Viewability In Display: Your Path To “VIP” Status

viewability-as-gateway Viewability. It almost sounds like a new, trendy term used by models on the catwalk in LA, New York or Paris. After all, it’s important to be seen and remembered whether by the paparazzi or adoring fashionistas. Viewability has much the same impact in the digital advertising world. To be seen and remembered is "mission critical" for brands, publishers, marketers and media companies across the spectrum. Of course, there's much more to it than that. Viewability is no passing fad or fashion trend in the ad-tech ecosystem. Nor should it be. For a number of reasons, as discussed at the r [...]

Google Updates AdSense Text Ads For Better Readability On Both Mobile And Web

google-adsense-logo Google has rolled out a fairly stark new look for AdSense text ads that is designed to be easier to read across devices. The ads have a default color palate of blue and grey and use the Roboto font that Google already uses on Android OS. Prior to the update Roboto Light was the only Roboto version available for AdSense text ads. The size and position of the call-to-action button adjusts based on the ad unit as well, as shown in the examples above. [...]

VIDEO + SLIDESHOW: The Display Ad Of The Future

esurancesave30 What does the future of online display advertising look like? A landscape very different from today's, and one that disrupts current advertiser practices and beliefs. Ads will evolve from interruptions in other activities to voluntary views that users seek out. Ads will be more interactive, and beautiful. Ads will be connected across devices and time, and thanks to better retargeting, will be more useful to your personal life. Finally, measurement of ads will be much more complex and accurate, allowing advertisers to even more precisely tune messages to individuals -- at scale. Learn how [...]

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