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Now, “Starring” Gmail Promotions Tab Ads Turns Them Into Standard Emails In Primary Tab

gmail inbox tabs Earlier this summer, Google introduced ads in Gmail that look similar to regular emails and appear at the top of the Promotions tab when the tabbed in-box is activated.  When you click on one of these ads, it opens much like a typical email message. Now when you star one of these ads, it will be "Saved to your Promotions inbox", but more significantly, and unstated in Google's pop-up message shown below, it will also be added to your Primary tab and display as a standard email. After starring an ad, you'll see it appear twice in your Promotions tab: once as the original ad and a second ti [...]

The Most Overlooked Email Marketing Strategy: Segmentation

email-featured I get questions all the time from marketers looking for advice on their email campaigns. How can we run better campaigns? How can we improve opens and clicks? Should we use HTML templates or plain text? How often should we email? …and so on. Time and again, I've noticed that email marketers rarely focus on the one thing that always helps to increase conversions: segmentation. Here is a question: Do you like personal attention? So do your recipients! Segmenting your emails means sending each individual customer the right email for them at this moment. Fortunately, segmentati [...]

Report: Mobile Email Consumption Continues To Surge With 61% Of Brand Emails Viewed On Smartphones & Tablets

mobile-email-featured A new report from email marketing provider Movable Ink revealed more brand emails are opened on mobile devices versus desktops, with 61 percent of email opens happening on a smartphone or tablet. According to the report, iOS devices beat Androids when it comes to most popular mobile devices for reading brand emails. Basing its research on aggregate email statistics culled from more than 100 of its enterprise B2C marketing clients spread across the retail, travel, financial, media and telecommunications industries, Movable Ink evaluated consumer engagement with brand emails by looking at [...]

Responsive Email: Avoid Defections By Improving Mobile Experiences

mobile-email-featured As many articles have noted, mobile email opens are on the rise; some predict that mobile opens will surpass desktop opens by the end of this year. The rise of the mobile market has been relatively quick, and not all marketers have grasped how this market affects them. One study reports 40% of consumers leave a brand following a poor mobile experience, with another 23% losing interest over time due to poor experience. Another study reports that 75% of smartphone owners claim they will delete their emails if they can't read them on their phone.  Given the increasing mobile interaction an [...]

Why Responsive Email? Making A Case Internally

Image via Shutterstock Even though industry statistics indicate that more than 50% of email opens occur on a mobile device, a brand's desire to provide an optimal customer experience isn't always strong enough to convince it to move to a responsive email design. According to BlueHornet, 70% of consumers immediately delete emails that don’t render well on a mobile device. If that statistic isn't compelling enough to shift your company's internal mindset, then consider this: it's faster to build an email from a responsive email template than to build an email from a traditional HTML template. Efficiency is key [...]

Report: Online Shoppers More Likely To Respond To Free Shipping Offers Than Price Discounts

Retention Science logo Based on data pulled from 100 million online transactions, 20 million user profiles and 100 email campaigns, marketing solution provider Retention Science discovered online shoppers are twice as likely to respond to free shipping offers versus price discounts. According to Retention Science's report, conversion rates for 'Free Shipping' offers ranged from .22 percent to 1.9 percent, while 'Percentage-Off' incentives garnered a .1 percent to .8 percent success rate. Another key finding of the report revealed emails sent during the afternoon had the highest conversion rate at 38 percen [...]

All About Gmail Sponsored Promotions Ads

gmail-app-logo While much has been written about the new Gmail ads that look a lot like regular emails in the Promotions tab, did you know they are actually an extension of an ongoing beta called Gmail Sponsored Promotions? The ads shown above, below and in the box to the right of nearly every email message on desktops are the predecessors of those email-like ads that rolled out with the new tabbed inbox. Users may confuse the three ads for AdSense ads that also appear in Gmail, but they are in fact part of Google's Gmail Sponsored Promotions beta. Google often, but not always, adds the small price tag icon [...]

Bring Life To Your Email Campaigns: 5 Tips For Live Email Content

mail-email-icon To get the biggest bang for your marketing buck, invest in channels that consumers prefer most. While email marketing is often neglected in the face of trendier marketing channels, consumers still heavily rely on it. A recent study by the Economist Intelligence Unit found that consumers ranked email as the most important channel for both pre-purchase and post-purchase information. So how can you spice up this tried and true marketing channel? With dynamic, real-time email content, you can ensure higher levels of relevance. Check out these five types of live email content and how to incorpo [...]

Email-Like Ads Go Live In Gmail Android App 4.6

gmail-app-logo The latest version of the Android Gmail app, 4.6, has an entire library dedicated to code for ad execution as Artem Russakovskii of Android Police pointed out last week. Now the first signs of ads in the app have popped up. As with the desktop, Sponsored Promotion ads appear above, but in line with regular emails in the Promotions tab. Here's a first look at the ads in the Android app from Dutch blog Android World: It's not clear how wide spread the testing is or what regions the ads are appearing. A Google spokesperson wouldn't comment other than to say, "We’re always experimentin [...]

How To Collect Email Subscribers With Landing Pages That Convert At 50%

vero-remarketing-ad Using a dedicated landing page for an email marketing list can lift conversion rates up to 50%. That's an impressive figure! Better yet, a landing page per list, or per campaign, gives you the power to maximize the effectiveness of each individual funnel. This means you can play with all of the elements from the moment the customer hits your landing page to the moment they receive and react to your emails. Perhaps best of all, dedicated email landing pages allow you to use all of the great conversion optimization techniques that usually apply to your landing pages, so you can use the [...]

Conducting A Multi-Point Inspection On Your Email Program

inspection-tuneup-mechanic-featured [caption id="attachment_21484" align="alignright" width="206"] Stock image used with permission of Shutterstock.[/caption] I like lists. Okay, that's not quite true. I LOVE lists. Growing up, one of my favorite book series was The Book of Lists. So it's no surprise then that when it comes to email marketing, I seek out opportunities to use them. One great combination of marketing and lists takes place at any car service center. Through an offering often called a "multi-point inspection," the auto shop conducts a laundry list of maintenance checks as a diagnostic tool to see if anything [...]

Budgeting For Email Marketing: How To Invest In The “Killer App”

Holiday Emails Last week at the ExactTarget Connections Conference, I had that the opportunity to meet Forrester analyst Shar vanBoskirk. Like most in our industry, I was interested in her point of view on a question I often ponder, so I approached after her presentation and asked for it: “If email consistently has the highest conversion rate of all channels (search, social, etc.) why does it consistently receive the least amount of budget?” We see this with our clients, and it's something that Forrester Research reported on in their US Interactive Marketing Forecast, 2011 to 2016 that was recently fea [...]

Three Tricks One Site Used To Increase Subscribers 150% In A Month

rabbit-hat-trick-featured If you are aiming to use email marketing effectively, then one of your primary focuses should always be to increase your subscribers. There are a myriad of ways to optimise your site for email subscription, but practical advice can be hard to come by. Here are 3 practical approaches you can use for inspiration to increase the subscribe rate for your blog, eCommerce store or Internet product. 1. Personalize Your Calls-To-Action Based On Customers' On-Site Actions Using behavior data to adjust what your customers see is a sure-fire way to increase your conversion rate. There are a lot [...]

Q&A With Google On The New Gmail Inbox Tabs

gmail inbox tabs It's been about three months since Gmail introduced its Inbox Tabs, a change designed to help users be more organized with their email but one that's made many email marketers nervous. How's the launch been going? Is there a secret to not being shuffled into the "Promotions" area? The answer to these and other questions, below, in a Q&A with Alex Gawley, product manager with Gmail. How's It Been Going? "We wanted to give our users more control over their inbox," Gawley said of the new tabs, which rolled out on May 29 for anyone who was using the "classic" Gmail interface. Those who had [...]

Mobile Email Opens Hit 50%, iPad Drives Most Mobile Email Transactions [Report]

mobile-email-featured The Q2 Email Benchmark Study released by Experian Marketing Services this week is yet another indicator of consumers' shifting their email consumption habits to mobile. The study shows that half of all unique opens happen on mobile devices (which include smartphones and tablets). That puts Mobile-only opens ahead of all other individual platforms, and even outpaces the combination of Desktop-only and Webmail-only. The Experian study breaks out Desktop and Webmail platforms, but both are typically desktop-based. Webmail encompasses subscribers who opened via a webmail service "typically t [...]

Gmail Tabs Get Most Positive Reaction By Young Millenials, But Half Check Promotions Less Than Once A Week

gmail-logo-240px It may not come as a huge surprise, but more young millenials say the new Gmail tabs make inbox management easier than their more change-resistant elders, which in this case is anyone over the age of 24. According to a new study by marketing software firm StrongView (formerly StrongMail), half of young millenials (users aged 18 to 24) report the tab filtering makes it easier to manage their inboxes, versus just one-third of the rest of the surveyed population. Shawn Myers, VP of marketing at StrongView, said in a statement accompanying the survey results, “As the younger demographic ch [...]

Is Your Email Program Experiencing That 2:30 Feeling?

tired guy at work [caption id="attachment_57759" align="alignright" width="300"] Image via Shutterstock[/caption] That 2:30 feeling doesn't just hit people. Think about your email program and how energized it is. If email marketers are honest with themselves, many would admit their programs have hit a lull. They've become sluggish, struggling to make it over the afternoon hump and burst with life again. Fatigue has set in and productivity has plateaued. The program needs an energy boost, and fortunately there are a lot of flavors to choose from. Flavor 1: Triggerlicious No doubt your email program has a [...]

10 Holiday Gift Guide Ideas For Email

Pottery Barn - Parties Planning your holiday email campaigns? You should be. There are any number of tried and true approaches to engaging your subscribers over the holiday season. Gift guides, in particular, tend to be high performers. In fact, I strongly recommend that, rather than running just one gift guide campaign, you consider the following ideas to extend your gift guide campaigns throughout the season. Even better, several of the examples below combine multiple concepts into one campaign! 1. Price The most straightforward gift guide is to offer by price. Gift givers generally have a threshold in mind f [...]

Up Close With Gmail Inbox Tabs: What’s Caught As Promotions; What Gets Into Primary

gmail-featured Gmail's new "tabbed" inbox is designed to ensure that your most important email makes it to the main "Primary" tab while lower-priority messages from marketers get diverted into a "Promotions" tab. It generally works as advertised, though in my testing, I've found some surprises along the way. Come along for a personal look at Gmail Tabs in action. [caption id="attachment_57064" align="aligncenter" width="600"] By default, Gmail enables three "tabbed" areas to organize email: Primary, Social & Promotions[/caption] Google launched the new tabbed interface for Gmail on May 29. When my [...]

Gmail’s Tabbed Inbox: The Good News & The Bad News

gmail inbox tabs Reactions to Google's new tabbed inbox in Gmail are reminiscent of past changes to some of our favorite inboxes. A quick Google search shows dozens of articles on how to survive major inbox overhauls like Google Wave, Gmail Priority Inbox, and Hotmail's Sweep. These changes to the inbox pale in comparison to the threat that mobile devices and social media pose to email marketing -- yet, despite the death threats it's received over the years, email has always triumphed over adversity. So, the question here is: Will Gmail's tabbed inbox pose little threat to email marketing, or is email market [...]

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