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What The New Gmail Inbox Means For Your Email Campaign

Used with permission from MailChimp Like many other well-intentioned Google updates before it, the new Gmail inbox has set off a bout of angry and confused complaints from users. Also like many other updates, this one has sparked criticism from marketers who are certain the email-sky is falling. But keep the faith, Marketing Chicken Little -- there just may be hope yet. In case you are not a Gmail user and have managed to avoid the wave of blogger grumblings, this Gmail update was released in late May and has been rolling out to users over the past two months. A new "tabbed" inbox allows users to enable up to five tabs (Prima [...]

Keep Calm & Send Email: Industry Experts Offer Hopeful Outlook On The New Gmail Inbox Tabs

email-featured On May 29, Google began rolling out a newly designed Gmail inbox that includes five separate tabs to group emails. After the announcement on Google's official Gmail blog, users began seeing their emails sorted into three tabs - Primary, Social and Promotions - with the two additional tabs, Updates and Forums, available from the Configure inbox settings. According to Google, the new inbox organizes emails in a way that lets users, "...see what's new at a glance and decide which emails you want to read when." The new Gmail tabs sent a shock wave through the email marketing community. Would [...]

Oops! Email Mistakes Happen

Lee Email 1 Let's face it: humans aren't perfect. And there is definitely a human element to email marketing. From the designer who creates the graphics, to the front-line associate that clicks "Send," there is a risk of something going wrong. So, on occasion, an email makes it to the inbox that isn't 100% right. Unfortunately, it can be a highly visible mistake. After all, most executives of a brand receive their own emails, not to mention the thousands or millions of subscribers. And unlike a webpage that can be replaced with new code relatively quickly or a Facebook post that can be deleted and re-p [...]

Updating Your Email Campaign? Tips To Avoid Subscriber Whiplash!

modcloth-weekly-wow You want to keep your emails fresh. Follow the latest trends. Stand out in the inbox. Freshening up your email campaign gives you the opportunity to try out new things -- maybe a new call-to-action will increase conversions, or a new sidebar will bring more clicks to your website. A new look can also relieve subscriber fatigue. Looking at the same old thing all the time might get boring for your subscribers. Whether you're doing a full redesign, tweaking some minor design/layout elements, or even just altering the frequency of your emails, updating your campaign will mean making noticeab [...]

New Gmail Inbox Features Ads That Look Like Emails, Above Promotional Email Subscriptions

If you've converted to the new Gmail inbox, you may have noticed in-line ads that resemble regular emails at the top of your Promotions tab. These new native-style ads function as paid-for-placement email messages, and essentially circumvent standard email marketing practices. The ads do have a shaded background and ad symbol to differentiate them from the other promotional emails and newsletters users have to actually opt-in to (theoretically, at least). This ad placement at the top of the Promotions tab is new, but it's an iteration of  the Gmail Sponsored Promotion ad type. Those ar [...]

Measuring Brand Perception & Strength With “This Is Not Spam”

shutterstock_85335880 Measuring the strength of one's brand is an important part of marketing, albeit somewhat difficult and sometimes expensive as it traditionally relies on tactics like surveys. However, marketers now have everything they need to measure brand perception using email marketing analytics. Specifically the rate that users indicate "this is spam" (TIS) or "this is not spam" (TINS) in relationship to your emails can provide an accurate perception of your brand -- and even your competitors' brands. For the most part, email subscribers are already customers, and the email marketing channel is used [...]

Infographic: What People Put Into Their Email Signatures

The email signature is perhaps one of the most overlooked marketing opportunities out there. Everyone emails. Each email we send is an opportunity to share more about our brands. Do we do that? Almost half use no signature at all. Of those that do, most overlook adding information about their company or social media accounts. The folks at WriteThat.name, a contact management solution, looked at 700 million emails processed through their systems since 2011. Only 52% had email signatures. Of those, most people (70%) included their name, followed organization/brand (58%). In terms of conta [...]

5 Email A/B Split Test Ideas You Haven’t Tried

tsubo-example-responsive-email-template You’re probably sitting there thinking, "A/B testing my emails is hard!" or "Where do I even start with A/B testing my email campaigns?" The truth is, most online businesses could spend a lot more time testing their email marketing campaigns, and this means you can stand out from the crowd by being one of the companies that does. If you're looking for ideas on what to test, here are five things you can experiment with -- they're likely things you have never tried. Let's break each idea down and throw in a few examples so you can learn to harness the full power of A/B testing for you [...]

How To Convert Email Subscribers To Customers

Email is a great vehicle for reducing the time between key milestones for a subscriber. After all, subscribers are great, but customers are even better. Take advantage of email’s automation capabilities with these triggers at various subscriber milestones to create additional purchases. Subscribers That Have Never Purchased The first of these key milestones is reducing the time between when a subscriber signs up for email and the time of their first purchase. Start with a dive into your subscribers' purchase history. What you’ll most likely find is that the majority of subscribers on [...]

Study: Email Lands More Customers Than Facebook Or Twitter, But Still Fewer Than Organic Search

email-marketing-featured A new report from marketing software provider Custora found that customer acquisitions gained via email marketing has quadrupled since 2009, with email delivering more customers than Facebook or Twitter. According to the report, email accounted for only .88 percent of online customers acquired in 2009, but that number grew to 6.84 percent by Q2 2013. Facebook and Twitter's combined customer acquisitions have accounted for less than one percent this year. Even after an upswing of nearly seven percent during the last four years, email still falls behind organic search, which has accoun [...]

Webcast Wednesday: “E-mail+Social = Profitable Client Retention”

This Wednesday, June 26 at 1 PM EDT, our sister site, Digital Marketing Depot will host a webcast that will highlight strategies for effectively combining email and social media marketing. It's been proven time and time again that it is cheaper for a company to keep a customer than bring on a new one. In today's digital marketplace, marketers must know how to effectively combine marketing channels to build customer loyalty. "E-mail + Social = Profitable Client Retention" will look at three marketing perspectives: agency, brand advertiser and email technology partner. Speakers inc [...]

5 Ways To Put Your Email Call To Action To Work

Having an effective call to action in your email marketing -- whether part of newsletters, transactional emails or lifecycle campaigns -- is a must if you want to engage and convert your customers. One of the worst things you can do is "wing it" when it comes to creating a call to action, yet this is all too common for online businesses. Today, we will take a look at some great examples of email campaigns that really nail the call to action. Hopefully, they will provide inspiration for your campaigns across the board. 1. Images Can Cost You Sales With up to 60% of all recipients regu [...]

Are You Ready For Video In Email?

Video_WFs In a previous post, I wrote about many of the scarier myths that are floating around about video in email and gave a few reasons why now might be the right time to put aside those fears and give it a try. In the intervening months, whether at conferences, meetings or just industry meet ups, the topic of embedded video invariably seemed to pop up in any conversation about inbox innovations. So, I’d like to address a few themes that seem to surface consistently and also share some tips that have been shared with me along the way. I’ll even add a few of my own lessons learned. We’ve [...]

Evolving Your Email Marketing From Crawl To Walk To Run To PR

email-marketing-globe-world-featured [caption id="attachment_46861" align="alignright" width="300"] Image via Shutterstock[/caption] Now that email marketing has been around for years, every retailer has an email marketing program. But, each program is at a different level of sophistication. The Evolution Of An Email Marketing Program Do you ever wonder where your program ranks compared to others? Need helping mapping out where to go from where you are? I find the crawl, walk, run metaphor resonates with most marketers; and, I’ve added PR after run. As a runner myself, this is reality. Many times after finishing a race, [...]

As Yahoo Begins Scanning Email To Target Ads, Is It Next On Microsoft’s “Scroogled” List?

yahoo-billboard-featured Did you know Yahoo scans email to do contextual ad targeting similar to the way Google does for Gmail? That wasn't on my radar, but it is now, as the company is ending older versions of Yahoo Mail and forcing everyone to use the latest version, where terms of service allow for this type of targeting. Yahoo's Terms Allow Email Scan & Targeting The folks at rival StartMail (which is not yet live) sent up the red flag. We got an email highlighting the change. From StartMail's release: As of June 1, all Yahoo email users are required to upgrade to the company's newest platform, which allow [...]

2 Ways To Use Competitive Intelligence On Email Subscriber Lists

caribou coffee vs einsten list growth If you're like most email marketers, the size of your email list is an important metric to measure. The problem is that there’s no perfect size for an email list. It varies based on industry, audience and business. However, most marketers can, and do, measure the monthly rate of growth using their own numbers as a benchmark. If you’re currently doing this, I’ll show you two new ways to measure the growth of your list using data from third-party competitive intelligence tools -- so you can be not only best in class, but also be better than your competitors. 1. Benchmarking List Growt [...]

Auto-Responders: Why Trigger-Based Email Will Increase Your Conversions

Internet marketing research firm MarketingSherpa recently asked online businesses what types of automated emails they send. The results (full chart here) show that outside of welcome, thank you and transactional emails (such as receipts), most business are not fully embracing the power of auto-responders. In fact, based on their data, about 75% of businesses are missing out on the email marketing sweet spot. Why Use Auto-Responders? What's the sweet spot, you might ask? Per the diagram above, newsletters (i.e., one email distributed to many people) have an open rate of around 20%. [...]

Using Data-Centered Storytelling To Enchant & Engage Your Email Audience

Our goal as savvy email marketers is to look beyond the lure of the one-time conversion and strive to build an ongoing relationship between consumers and our brands. Why is this goal so important? Because it’s been proven through many a marketing study that engaged customers become loyal customers and loyal customers are the most valuable segment in any list or database. This type of highly engaged, loyal customer typically has higher overall lifetime value than the casual consumer. They’re also more likely to be an evangelist, introducing new customers to your brand in a very personal [...]

Infographic: The Challenge Of Email Success In A Fragmented Mobile World

email Soon, nearly half of all emails will be consumed on mobile devices, where the methods used to read them are widely varied. Having a responsive design for your email, as well as the time and day you send, all has a big impact on open and success rates. And, don't forget that catchy subject line! The folks at Email Monks have created an infographic with data from studies about email consumption that cover these and other topics: Like the infographic? You can get it for yourself here: Using responsive mobile email design is crucial. [...]

The ABCs Of A/B Testing

Testing should be at the core of your email marketing program. Not only does it help you understand the impact you’re making, but it gives you a much fuller understanding about your customers’ behavior and preferences. It not only tells you where you've been, but where you should (and shouldn't) go with your campaigns. A/B testing is the simplest, most straightforward testing method available. Most of you probably understand what A/B testing entails, but for those who don’t: A/B test is a process through which you provide different versions of an email to statistically significant [...]

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