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In Interactive Marketing, The Goalposts Always Move — And That’s Good

marketing strategy You may have heard murmurs about the newly released IBM study, “Stepping up to the challenge: How CMOs can start to close the aspirational gap,” that came out last week. It was conducted by IBM’s Institute for Business Value and was based on in-person interviews with 500+ CMOs worldwide, delving -- as studies of this nature and in this day and age often do --  into their takes on the changing digital economy. Among other findings or validations of our current industry state, the study indicates that 94% of CMOs feel advanced data analytics will play a significant role in hel [...]

10 Ways To Squeeze More From Your Interactive Marketing Budget

money-budget-squeeze-600 As marketers, we're always striving to get the most from our budget without compromising the brand or the customer's experience -- not an easy feat. It benefits us to remember how much money can be saved by making subtle changes to marketing strategy and program execution. Here are ten ideas across all segments of your marketing budget that will help you do just that. 1. Enter New Markets Through The Affiliate Channel Instead of incurring the overhead costs of opening new offices and hiring additional staff, look to the affiliate channel to help you enter new markets. Along with provid [...]

Study: Only 20% Of CMOs Use Social Media For Customer Engagement

social-media-conversation-featured In its series of reports surveying C-level executives, IBM's latest study revealed only 20 percent of the chief marketing officers polled leveraged social networks to engage with customers as part of their digital marketing efforts, and a growing number feel overwhelmed with the amount of available data. Interviewing 524 CMOs from around the world and in various industries, IBM's study found the number of CMOs who feel ill-equipped to interpret available data has grown in the last three years: In 2011, 71 percent of the CMOs we interviewed told us they felt under-prepared to deal with data [...]

The Key To Growth Hacking: Never Stop Testing

never stop trying I'm often asked by business owners about online marketing best practices. They want to know what will help them gain an advantage over their competition or simply drive more leads and more sales. They often want to look better than their competitors, rank higher in search engines and pay less for advertising. The answer I give them isn't necessarily what they want to hear, but it is fundamental to their success. Don't Stop Growing, Don't Stop Experimenting The key to digital success and growth hacking is to never give up. That seems like a simple tip -- but more often than not, compa [...]

In Lead Gen, Sometimes Broader is Better

lead generation Today's marketers are laser-focused on targeting. It makes sense -- the idea of picking out who is most likely to buy your product is the ideal situation. In the all-you-can-eat data buffet, reaching our audience and only our audience is relatively easy, and it has become the definition of efficiency. Unfortunately, in lead generation, targeting that narrowly isn't always the best solution. Let's say, for example, that your target (like everyone else's) is the CMO. You set up filters to ensure you're reaching that most senior marketing executive and no one else. Decision makers only. Bud [...]

Chevy’s CMO: Traditional To Build The Brand; Digital To Reach The Buyers;

Harris Diamond, Chairman & CEO, McCann Worldgroup on left interviewing Tim Mahoney, Global CMO Of Chevrolet [caption id="attachment_77125" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Harris Diamond, Chairman & CEO, McCann Worldgroup on left interviewing Tim Mahoney, Global CMO Of Chevrolet[/caption] When most Americans are only ready to buy a car every three to six years, running ads on TV or in traditional media pushing an immediate purchase is largely "tone-deaf" for an audience not ready to hear. Enter digital media, as a solution. Digital, in contrast to broadcast and traditional media, allows marketers to reach consumers when they're in the process of buying, doing research or seeking more infor [...]

American Express CMO John Hayes: Marketers Win By Interpreting Change

amex cmo When American Express CMO John Hayes entered advertising 37 years ago, media plans were simple, he says: TV, print, radio. Today, TV ads carry calls to tweet and technology keeps accelerating. How to survive as a marketer? Stay with the fundamentals, especially the ability to interpret change. Hayes gave a keynote address at the 4A's Transformation conference today -- the annual gathering of the American Association of Advertising Agencies. Advertising is "about the creation of demand and desire to ignite growth," Hayes told the audience, fundamentals with two common denominator [...]

Static Assembly Lines Don’t Work In Interactive Marketing

shutterstock_180665672-assemblyline Your company makes money by scaling what you do and limiting the costs associated with whatever you provide. With any product or service, scale depends on the systematic completion of a series of tasks -- think of the efficiency brought about by the adoption of the assembly line. As a result, we use technologies to assist in scalability and definition of process to ensure the consistency of delivery. Process is great. It's the rock in monetizing service delivery. But in interactive marketing, change is the status quo and over-developing a process can lead to competitive disadvantages throu [...]

Designing The User Experience (UX): When Technology Is A User

Humans vs. Technology sign In my previous article, 4 Things Online Marketers Should Know About User Experience (UX), I mentioned specific items that all online marketers, UX professionals, and even designers/developers should remember as they go through the website design process: Content is King, Context is Queen "Usability" and "User Experience" are not the same thing Findability is a critical facet of a positive user/searcher experience Perceived download time is more important to users than actual download time I write from the perspective of an SEO hybrid. I have skills, knowledge and experience in mul [...]

It’s Omni-Channel, Stupid! Don’t Adopt Mobile-Focused Marketing

shutterstock_133481336 Some of you may remember James Carville's famous slogan, "It's the economy, stupid," coined during Bill Clinton's successful 1992 Presidential campaign. The purpose of the slogan was  to remind campaign workers to focus on the economy, given the fact that the country had slid into recession during then-President George Bush's time in office. Meant to be used as an internal phrase, the slogan took on a life of its own and was mimicked often. In the world of mobile, it's time for a similar cry. The plea is this: let's stop focusing on "mobile" as a channel or marketing strategy and sta [...]

Digital Marketing Disaster? Hope You Have An Emergency Plan!

thG4VD10Z8 With 54 inches of snow so far in New York this year, we have officially broken into the top ten worst winters on record. It's been one snow emergency after another. Enough already! That said, being prepared has definitely made this harsh winter much easier to handle. The same goes for marketing disasters. Whether it's a PR crisis, a search algorithm update or a major technology change, a marketing disaster can strike at any moment. Yet, few marketers are prepared for it. Instead, the response often looks like this: ...which is usually soon followed by something like this: B [...]

Content Marketers: Concrete Steps To Finding Your Brand’s Voice

tone of voice video Take these two groups of words: "High octane," "shine adrenaline," "super-charged." "Fortified," "amino acids," "neutralize." Funnily enough, both are used to describe shampoo. The first set – from Bed Head – positions the brand’s hair care products as expressions of a fast, exciting lifestyle; we picture ourselves strapped to a speeding motorbike, possibly while checking for split ends. In contrast, the second set – from Nicky Clarke – frames the products within a dependable world of science, innovation and men in lab coats. The above example shows how two compa [...]

The Hazards Of Love: Keeping Mindful Within Long-Term Engagement

relationships No matter your side of the business, you've been conditioned like the rest of us to strive for long-term engagement. If you're an agency, you're bred to eschew the one-off project or single campaign and pitch for Agency of Record status, or at least a retainer-based arrangement. If you're on the sell side, you know how to skillfully sweep aside the pilot or the test proposition and angle for the longer-term contact. Tests are for wimps. We need skin in the game to understand our own capacity for success. There's a lot to be said for having the time and space to conceive, execute and deli [...]

5 Killer Marketing Strategies Your Competition Isn’t Using…Yet

marketing strategy Small business owners don't typically have the time or resources to design and execute cutting-edge marketing strategies; that's the way of the marketing world. Big corporations like Coke and Microsoft test out new ideas in big ways, and then smaller companies adopt the new strategies that proved worthwhile. Because of this "trickle down" marketing process, insights often come to small business owners after enough time has passed to analyze the results of the big firms' efforts. In this article, we'll discuss new marketing ideas that are proven, but still fresh -- fresh enough to put your b [...]

What Does Omni-Channel Brand Marketing Look Like?

Marketing Strategies We live in a world where marketers have more tools and channels than ever. That can be good news when they understand how to use them for one unified brand impact; it can also be bad news, when print, digital and social teams operate in silos. It's not hard to understand why silos lead to a weakened brand impact. Today's customers shift between marketing channels within moments, and can view a microsite, digital banner and TV ad all while sitting on the living room sofa. If those campaigns present a fractured brand image and disparate messaging, they won't have as much power to penetrate [...]

20 Traits Of Successful CMOs

Marketing Strategies Being a CMO is… well, a lot of things: amazing, hard, exhausting, fun, challenging and about a million other adjectives. While I've only carried the title for just over half a year, I have spent those 8 months researching what it means to be a "successful CMO." It's been quite the learning curve and an exciting ride. To help me along the way, I've thrown myself into the art of being a CMO. I've had dozens of coffee meetings with other CMOs, read books on leadership and management and talked for days on end about the traits that make a CMO successful with my executive team and professional c [...]

Managing Your Digital Ad Dollars As More Consumers Move Online: 5 Questions With Eyeview’s CEO

5-Questions-ML Eight days later, and most of us have recovered from our Super Bowl ad hangovers, but what's a brand to do now that the biggest night in television advertising has come and gone? According to Eyeview CEO Oren Harnevo, brands that can afford both television and digital advertising should be leveraging their digital ad dollars to drive revenue. "Television is a great tool for reach and awareness, but very un-targeted. The message has to be generic," says Harnevo. "The huge advantage with digital is that you know who's watching. You can speak directly to your consumers." Launched in 2 [...]

Survey: 80% Of Marketers More Optimistic This Year With 62% Increasing Data Budgets

Infogroup Targeting Solutions logo 2014 Marketers are upbeat this year, with 80 percent of the respondents for an Infogroup Targeting Solutions (ITS) survey claiming to be more optimistic about their organization's marketing efforts than they were last year. Conducted during last October's Direct Marketing Association Annual Conference, the survey discovered 62 percent of the 370 marketers polled expected data-related expenditures to increase this year, with 39 percent already witnessing a positive return on data investments. ITS's survey focused on data and analytics issues, covering topics like budgets, expected ROI and 2014 pr [...]

Infographic: Do-It-Yourself Tactics For Small Business Marketing

Run a small business? Chances are, you're not just the boss. You're also the chief marketing officer. It's tough being both the CEO and CMO, but you're not alone. How are you planning to spend your limited time on digital marketing? If you're like your peers, on email marketing, hoping for word-of-mouth and social media. The folks at email marketing company AWeber surveyed 1,500 small business owners to understand how they'll do online marketing this year. The results found email marketing a leading tactic, perhaps skewed by the businesses that already know AWeber. Still, email marketing [...]

Don’t Give Up On Past Customers, Re-Engage Them With These Tips

customer engagement Let's face the facts: customer lifecycle marketing is hard. Traditionally, the acquisition stage of the customer funnel kept marketers busy, but it appears the tides are turning -- the majority of marketers interviewed in a recent 2014 State of Marketing survey said retention and re-engagement are now a key focus. So, how can we re-engage our past customers? There are a number of authentic and mutually beneficial ways to reach out and reconnect with those customers that have departed -- cancelled their product subscription, uninstalled your app, etc. Let's jump into some of the more pop [...]

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