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5 Ways To Be More Transparent In Your Marketing

strategy We all understand the importance of transparency -- this past year alone, we've seen the titans of tech have transparency wars, and Google itself has committed to transparency as a core value. At this point, companies know they need to be honest to build trust with consumers and, hopefully, that translates into brand loyalty. But why, if it's so important, do so many marketers fail to invest in transparency? There are a lot of excuses for keeping your cards close to your chest. Some include fear of losing control of the story, not having the time or resources to invest, or simply not feelin [...]

Study: Media Consumption & Evolving Role Of CMO Changing The Way Brands Are Measured

Branding Forrester released their Brand Health Measurement Is Ripe for Digital Disruption report this week, examining the new landscape of brand health measurement and the changing role of brand health measurement vendors. After interviewing 14 different brand measurement firms, the research company discovered that the methods for tracking the strength of a brand are transforming. According to the report, the two major "disruptions" in brand health measurement revolve around the exponential growth of consumer media consumption and the developing role of the CMO from a "communications expert" into a [...]

How to Embrace True Persistent Marketing

For years, it was commonplace for traditional marketing campaigns to require 90-day planning cycles -- at a minimum. More recently, digital marketing has brought about an evolution in both speed and agility that has quickly made these lengthy cycles inadequate and unacceptable. Customers are increasingly available on their phones, websites and social media platforms, and marketers are finding greater access to real-time data. As a result, a strong opportunity exists to create a pervasive digital buzz that intensifies brand presence while extending campaign reach in unprecedented ways. So [...]

Digital Marketing: The Past, Present & Future

Marketing Strategies In recent years, marketing has changed dramatically. Back in the old days, one annual planning meeting to create a go-to-market strategy, marketing plan and budget used to be sufficient. Today, marketers adjust course frequently and modify plans according to real-time customer insights, new media, emerging channels and technology. Unfortunately, even the most nimble marketers today are unable to keep pace with this ever changing marketing environment, citing lack of resources, skills and outdated technology as the main factors. Although marketing technology may not be the only solution, why [...]

Branding With Parallax Design: 5 Questions With The Minnesota Timberwolves

minn-timberwolves-featured A powerful -- and meaningful -- site design is more important than ever; it takes less than two-tenths of a second for an online visitor to form an opinion about a brand. Expectations to be entertained and involved by online media are only rising, and one way to captivate an audience is to use parallax design. What Is Parallax Design? Parallax scrolling in Web design provides a multimedia experience that layers images that move in different speeds, creating an illusion that you are interacting as you scroll.  The technique is used by media organizations and brands alike that want to tell an [...]

How To Organize Resources To Unlock The True Power Of Distributed Data

data mining Over the past couple years, it's become clear that ad marketing and media folks  are more readily identifying themselves as data-driven marketers. We are ready to embrace that data is utterly integral to what we do -- and we must conduct our work accordingly. [caption id="attachment_51543" align="alignright" width="352"] Image via Shutterstock[/caption] But this professed focus on data has real implications for a company's systems, talent, and organization -- as well as its choice of partners, vendors and suppliers. You see, it's not enough to commit spiritually to a data focus or to [...]

Social Login Shares Saw Little Change In Q2, Janrain Says

janrain logo After a couple quarters of gains, Google's share of social logins across the Web flattened in the second quarter of 2013. Similarly, Facebook's share of social logins also flattened during Q2. But that's a better sign for Facebook, because it had seen its share of social logins drop for two quarters in a row. According to Janrain's latest quarterly report, Facebook still holds 46 percent share of social logins and Google is still second at 34 percent. And the folks at Janrain must've had an easy time putting that chart together, because it's pretty much exactly the same as the cha [...]

Enterprise PPC Campaign Management Tools 2013: A Marketer’s Guide

dmdlogo Anyone managing a large-scale paid search campaign recognizes the value of tools, whether it's just using Excel or licensing a more sophisticated PPC campaign management tool. It's just impossible to manage thousands of ads, especially as paid-search options get more dynamic and competition intensifies. According to a new report from Digital Marketing Depot, marketers are increasingly opting for more sophisticated tools: As you can see, in just over a year, use of tools provided by search engines or the use of Excel has dropped by more than 10%, as marketers have developed proprieta [...]

5 Steps to Major League Optimization

Managing an optimization program has parallels to running a professional baseball team. To be successful, it requires a coordinated effort by many, all with a common goal, as well as acknowledgement that to reach the pinnacle of success, your team must navigate what amounts to a marathon and not a sprint. In this case, having one “star player” who’s an expert in optimization simply isn’t enough. You need the right internal support within your organization, including executive backing, proper funding, strong analytics data and test coordination to be properly structured for success. [...]

Digital Advertising Agencies 2013: A Buyer’s Guide

Many marketers opt to work with an agency to manage some or all of their digital marketing initiatives. But unless they have established relationships, it's sometimes difficult to know which agencies are reliable and are a good fit with other key stakeholders in the overall process. Our sister site, Digital Marketing Depot can help if you're evaluating an agency, offering a completely updated version of Digital Advertising Agencies 2013: A Buyer’s Guide. The report draws from primary and secondary research sources, including industry associations and publications, top-level executives at [...]

Forget About Mobile Cannibalization: Its Rise Bodes Well For All

Images via The media business has grown to a certain level of maturity. The ecosystem affords brands, marketers and agencies a vast tableau of options, along with tools to plan, operate and optimize across channels, platforms and screens. Yet, as an integrated digital marketer, I'm always surprised how much we tend to sweat the mix, scrutinize the allocation and fret the demise of one channel, platform, screen or another. It often takes no more than an infographic or chart to sound the alarm -- take the recent eMarketer chart below illustrating the rise of mobile that's circulating among buyers, publi [...]

B2B Marketing Automation Tools 2013: An Updated Guide

Back in February, Marketing Land’s sister site, Digital Marketing Depot, published an in-depth report called B2B Marketing Automation Tools 2013: A Buyer's Guide. Interest in the report was strong, and as with many aspects of online marketing, many things have changed in just a few months. So, the team at DMD has released an updated and fresh version of the report, designed specifically to help business-to-business marketers keep up with current trends, tools and vendors. Overseen by consulting editors Scott Brinker, CTO, Ion Interactive and Publisher, Chief Marketing Technologist and Th [...]

5 Keys To Improve The Marketing & Finance Relationship

[caption id="attachment_46777" align="alignright" width="240"] Kris is to Kim as Marketing is to FinanceImage via Shutterstock[/caption] Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries were a disaster from the start – a failed marriage that never had a chance. He, a naive, budding basketball player who followed his heart more than his mind and fell in love with Kim. She, a for-no-good-reason celeb trying to make a quick buck and keep herself in the spotlight with no emotional investment in Kris. They went together like oil and water, like fire and ice, like a head of digital marketing and a CFO. [...]

The Shortcomings We Tolerate

Internet Marketing In our business -- media, marketing, publishing, ad tech or whichever combination with which you self-identify -- on our most effusive days, we marvel at our own progress. It's a point of pride to have participated in the evolution, regardless of when you dipped in your toe and joined it: 80s, 90s, later or even last year. Yet, as a collective industry, there is a list of things we continue to allow to hinder us. Limiting mindsets; lack of understanding, commitment or investment; complacency; or even the exaggeration of our limitations themselves. You may have heard the famous Richard Bach [...]

Women Tech Leaders Talk Success At Google I/O

No women in tech? Women are invisible in tech? As part of the pushback against such problems and sometimes mistaken assumptions, Google I/O featured an end-of-day session with seven women who've been extremely successful in tech. And, the advice they shared was hardly for women only. Speaking as part of the "7 Techmakers & A Microphone" session were: Kathy Kleiman, founder of the ENIAC Programmers Project Google's ad chief Susan Wojcicki Anna Patterson, Vice President of Engineering in Artificial Intelligence for Google Johanna Wright, VP of Search & Assist for Google [...]

The Google I/O 2013 Opening Keynote: From Google+ To Search To Maps

google-io-logo Google+ gets a facelift -- and new photo organizing tools. Google Hangouts comes to iOS. "OK Google" may be the new way you search by talking to your computer or mobile phone. The Google Knowledge Graph gets stats-smarts, Google Now gains new "cards" and Google Maps gets big, bold and glorious. These were the highlights, as we saw it, coming out of the opening keynote at Google I/O 2013. Google I/O is Google's big developer conference, but the opening keynote often has products and announcements that are of relevance to consumers and marketers. That was certainly the case with this year [...]

Retail E-Commerce Spending Hits $50.2 Billion, First Time Ever To Hit $50 Billion In 2 Consecutive Quarters

ecommerce-online-sales-retail According to a new report from comScore, retail e-commerce spending reached $50.2 billion for the first quarter of 2013, surpassing the $50 billion mark for the second consecutive quarter on record after reaching $56 billion in Q4 2012. This is the fourteenth consecutive quarter of year-over-year growth and tenth consecutive quarter to earn double-digit growth, with sales up 13 percent for Q1 2013. While still strong, last quarter's 13 percent growth rate was slightly less than growth during previous quarters. "One potential explanation for this mild deceleration is the payroll tax increase [...]

Facebook Home Crosses 1M Downloads Threshold In One Month

Facebook-Home-Logo It may not sound like much for a site with more than a billion users and 751 million mobile active users, but a million downloads of Facebook Home is significant. Facebook revealed the figure at a "whiteboard session" held yesterday at the company's Menlo Park, California headquarters. Home had 500,000 downloads as of April 21. So the number has doubled in a few weeks. Facebook also said the profile of users adopting Home was becoming "more normal" with each passing week. (It's not clear what "less normal" would mean in this context.) The Facebook Home app/launcher has been heavily malig [...]

Brands Wanting More Leverage On Pinterest Should Follow The Lead Of Better Homes & Gardens

pinterest-logo-220 Social media metrics firm Unmetric evaluated over 5,000 branded Pinterest pages to determine which brands are leading on the social networking site built on images. The data gathered spanned from all time up until March 14, 2013 to identify the top five brands in five different categories: most followers, most comments, most likes, most pins and most repins. Of all the brands succeeding on Pinterest, Better Homes and Gardens made the most appearances, showing up in three of the five categories. The report revealed that brands with fashion, recipe, home and wedding boards score the highest a [...]

Picture This: Instagram Is The Fastest Growing Social Network For Brands With 14% Growth This Quarter

Instagram-Use Since Facebook purchased the filter-friendly photo app Instagram last year, brand adoption has skyrocketed, according to a new study of the top 100 brands by SimplyMeasured. Since purchase last year, the Facebook-owned Instagram has flourished. The post-purchase growth jumped 500% in just a year, going from 22 million active monthly users to nearly 100 million current active users. Brands have joined the filtered-photo migration as well, with 67% of the top 100 brands now on Instagram as of May 1st. This number jumped a whopping 14% from February 1st, making it the fastest growing social ne [...]

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