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Domino’s ‘Steady Pizza’ to Eliminate #deliveryfail

dominos_steady_pizza Many agencies are getting into the whole product development thing. The poster child for this, of course, is the Nike Fuel Band. But where Nike is helping people stay fit, Domino's Pizza is ensuring people will get their fill of, well, not-so-low calorie pizza. But in Brazil, the brand is going a step further and ensuring delivered pizza arrives as it should... and avoids inspiring the endless #deliveryfail posts on social media. Working with Artplan, the brand is out with Domino's Steady Pizza, a stabilization mechanism that keeps pizzas in balance while being delivered. Because nothing [...]

The Secret To Better Online Marketing: It’s Not What You Think

company-culture A Zappos customer service employee recently set a record with an epic  ten-hour conversation with a customer. At Netflix, employees get unlimited PTO because the company concluded "we should focus on what people get done, not on how many days worked." So, what do these random tidbits have to do with your online marketing success? Turns out, a lot! The culture you create in your company will absolutely impact your marketing success, even if you can't track it through your web analytics software. Factors That Drive Online Marketing Success Why does one marketing team outperform another? As [...]

Nutrition App Helps Kids Get Smart From Their Farts

fart_code In perhaps the most bizarre combination of witty-licious humor and entertaining education, Goodby Silverstein & Partners has created an app called Fart Code and is releasing it on the iTunes store today. The agency’s in-house developers, the GS&P BETA Group, made the app to promote kid’s health and science education. And it's not just a bunch of bored creatives flexing their muscles during a period of boredom. There’s some smart science behind the gross-out laughs. Once downloaded, the Fart Code app allows one to scan a bar code on any item in the grocery store. The app d [...]

Watch These Angry Animals Explode Out Of People’s Hungry Stomachs Alien-Style

jack_links_jerky_puma Carmichael Lynch is out with some hilarious new work for Jack Links Jerky which illustrates how feelings of hunger can manifest themselves in strange and amusingly awkward ways. Three ads focus on "Hangry Moments," those unfortunate moments when your stomach just isn't getting what it needs and consequentially unleashes its anger. In the case of these three ads, the anger takes the form of a puma, an eagle and a dog, each of which burst out of their host's stomachs Alien-style. Except these aliens are friendly. Mostly. As long as their hosts feed them a bit of jerky. In one ad, a stude [...]

Watch the Beautiful Ad This 14-Year-Old Girl Created For SmartyPants

smartypants_lily Content. Brand advocacy. Teenage girls. What do these three things have in common? They were uniquely combined to create a wonderful piece of content for family-centered vitamin brand SmartyPants. Working with Ramaa Mosley's Adolescent, a company which champions the work of teenage filmmakers, SmartyPants commissioned 14-year-old Lily Eliana Walsh to create a video about the brand. Lily was born in New York, raised in Los Angeles and began taking photos when she was 11. When she was 12, she moved on to video and that's where her passion blossomed. Of her work on the video for Smarty [...]

Get To Know: eBay CMO Richelle Parham

richelle parham headshot As Chief Marketing Officer of eBay North America, Richelle Parham leverages her background in consumer and digital marketing to develop strategies and execute marketing activities that reach eBay's 140+ million active users. Parham has been with eBay since 2010, and is responsible for all areas of the online marketplace's North American marketing, including: consumer product marketing, loyalty and relationship marketing, digital marketing, global citizenship, search optimization and search marketing, seller marketing, market research and eBay's global partner network. Prior to joining eB [...]

Online Retailer Enlists ‘Drunk Dog’ To Hack Social Account, Leading To 100K New Buyers

glamour_sales_fred_farid Oh how the lemmings do follow. For Chinese luxury online retailer Glamour Sales, Fred&Farid had a little bit of fun with JCPenney-style drunken tweets and a dog. During Chinese New Year, and with the knowledge that most people search for promotional deals on Chinese microblogging site Sine Weibo, the agency posted a series of posts on the brand's  page consisting of random letters and numbers. Of course, the stunt garnered the usual interest and comments such as "What wrong with the community manager?", "He is so fired!", "The Weibo account must have been hacked" and, yes, "The commu [...]

Why Your Content-Based SEO Strategy Will Eventually Fail

Sixteen Handles How many channels does the average cable subscriber have access to? Hundreds? Thousands? And how many of those channels do they actually watch -- maybe 10 or 20? Over the past few years, most savvy search engine optimizers (SEOs) have traded in their outdated SEO tactics for a more modern, content-focused strategy. This is great, but make no mistake -- content, even really good content, will eventually fail to drive organic rankings due to the fact that it won't stand out. Consumers can only consume so much content in a day. The quality of content online used to be so low that any bra [...]

Why Your Audience Is Your Company’s Most Valuable Asset: Develop It

target-audience-featured How do you think of your audience? Hopefully, you think of them in a generally positive way, otherwise you wouldn't own or work for a business that's targeting them. But be honest with yourself -- are they an expense or an asset? Many business owners tend to think of their website and their overall online presence as a sunk cost -- something they need to do because their competition has a website, is active on social media or participates in other online marketing practices. However, your online audience is actually one of the most important assets that you have as a brand. For the pu [...]

The Agile Marketing Revolution

speed to market Faster, cheaper, better -- this is the mantra of the impossible demand. At least, we're told it's impossible to get all three. As marketers, we want to unleash campaigns faster, see better results, and do all of it in a cost-effective way – and we’re always looking for tools and techniques that help us do just that. Lately, marketers have embraced a new marketing paradigm that promises to do all that – and surprisingly, it comes from the tech world. No, this isn’t a new app or platform but a new approach: agile marketing. Anyone in the tech industry is familiar with agile softwar [...]

Airport’s Addictive Instagram Game Nails Engagement & Branding Objectives

Schiphol_Destination_Unknown_map_1 The Dutch are kicking butt marketing-wise these days. We have Pim De Koel explaining to Americans how cool Holland is in a series of hilarious videos. Now we have Amsterdam's Schipol airport using Instagram to tout the airline's destinations. They've created an addictive game called Destination Unknown which tests players' knowledge of global destinations. The game features upward of 300 destinations to which airlines fly out of Schipol. The game, which relies solely on sourced user-generated content, begins with the presentation of several location-based Instagram images that have bee [...]

Marketers, Face Reality: There Is No “Easy” Button

easy-button-600 This column is an extension of the conversation I started a couple of months ago when I wrote about the difference between grabbing attention and getting people to care. Over the years, I've realized that sensationalism is the norm for the marketing industry -- whether it's a conference session, a blog post, an e-book, or a marketing firm pitching its services to a client, there is a tendency to create expectations that simply cannot be lived up to. This sets the recipient up for inevitable disappointment and is a lose-lose situation for all parties involved. I was recently going over the s [...]

Pantene Turns Product Protest Into Marketing Win

pantene_yeqr_bad_hair_day Over in Israel, 25% of women have curly hair and many of them use Pantene Perfect Curls hair cream to tame their manes. Due to a regional lineup change, Pantene stopped delivering the cream. Women were angry! incensed! Outraged! OK, maybe it wasn't that bad but they did start a Facebook protest group to voice their frustration. Acknowledging this outcry, the brand worked with ACW Grey Tel Aviv on campaign that directly addressed the women's concerns. The approach centered on the notion that a bad hair day isn't just  a bad hair day. It's a bad day all around. And acknowledging they could [...]

This RFID-Enabled Billboard Displays Cost Of A New Audi Based On Collected Trade-In Value

audi_instant_evaluation_rfid Some people might interpret this as an invasion of privacy. Others might appreciate that they'd have to take one less step when considering the purchase of a new car. Working with Audi in Brazil, AlmapBBDO Sao Paulo created the Audi Instant Valuation Billboard. The agency had an Audi employee valuate cars parked in public spaces. The employee would register the model, year and value of the vehicle on a tablet. A flyer with an RFID tag was placed on each car's back window. The tag stored all the information collected by the Audi employee. As the vehicle approached a sensor near the exit of [...]

American Express- & Delta-Sponsored Instagram Game Aims to Raise Money For Non-Profit

gotoseanyc American Express and Delta Airlines, with help from BoomBox Inc., have teamed to launch #GoTo, an Instagram-based social media game which aims to tout the airline's New York and Seattle hubs... and do some social good. The campaign embodies gamification and aims to raise money for the non-profit Junior Achievement. American Express will donate $50,000 to Junior Achievement but how that money is split between New York and Seattle will be determined by the game. Users post photos to Instagram and tag the either #GoToSEA for Seattle or #GoToNYC for New York. Photos are categorized (sights [...]

Fat Tire Says Its Beer Pairs Well With People Rather Than Bikini-Clad Mud Wrestlers

bike_jousting Just to prove beer marketing isn't always about barely-dressed women mud wrestling in a public square, Fort Collins-based New Belgium Brewing is out with a Cultivator Advertising & Design-created campaign for its Fat Tire beer brand that is far more intelligent than oh, say, the Swedish Bikini Team. In fact, it's a wonderful celebration of human nature, ingenuity and downright goofiness that does a great job highlighting the campaign's "Pairs Well With People" branding. The campaign includes digital elements along with print, TV and sweepstakes. One of the digital elements is a quiz/s [...]

Forget Mobile-First: Marketers Need To Be Consumer-First & Take Multi-Screen Marketing Approach

Kelly Jones and Natash Hritzuk How many screens are you using to reach your consumers? Are you giving your audience the content they want on the device they want? Do you have a comprehensive strategy to connect your marketing efforts across multiple screens? In an effort to better understand consumer behavior in relation to multi-screen marketing, two Microsoft executives have published a book offering insight on how consumers are interacting with brands across multiple screens. Natasha Hritzuk, Microsoft's senior director of global consumer insights, and Kelly Jones, Microsoft's head of thought leadership, are the [...]

Get To Know: PGA Tour Superstore CMO Matt Corey

Matt Corey headshot Matt Corey is the chief marketing officer for PGA TOUR Superstore. Owned by The Home Depot founder and Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank, PGA Tour Superstores are among the largest brick and mortar stores in the US, with the golf and tennis retail locations averaging 50,000 total square feet. As CMO, Corey oversees all marketing strategy in addition to managing PGA Tour Superstores e-commerce business. He started his career building internet business strategies for BellSouth and Home Depot – establishing new business models at the dawn of the internet when brands were lobbying just to [...]

Monocle-Wearing Hipsters, Glassholes & Vine Lead To The ‘Stupidification Of Society’

ted_stupidification Toronto-based Capital C is out with a couple of videos that were created for TEDxColumbiaSIPA, which took place last week . Each video takes a look at the "stupidification of society" brought about by social media's penchant for encouraging ever shorter, less informative and downright stupid content as opposed to more thoughtful content. The first video, The Vine Effect, ponders what would happen if 6-second sound bites became the order of the day instead of engaging, immersive, longer-format content. A second video, The Glass Era, takes an ironic look at what would occur if people stoppe [...]

Sony Creates Underwater Store In Shopping Mall To Promote Xperia Z1 Waterproof Smartphone

sony_underwater_store Those who visited the JK Iguatemi shopping mall in Sao Paulo between October and December 2013 experienced the kind of store never before seen in a shopping mall, or anywhere, for that matter. To help promote the launch of the Xperia Z1 waterproof phone, Sony partnered with iris router to create the first underwater store in Brazil, the Sony WaterStore. The Sony WaterStore consisted of a 1 ton tank filled with 9,000 liters of water in which professional divers demonstrated the smartphone while fully submerged. Shoppers could enter the store, right next to the water tank, and have the sens [...]

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