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WATCH: Coke Delivers Drinks & Thanks Via Drones To Skyscraper Workers

Coke_Drones_Deliver_Messages_of_Appreciation_to_Migrant_Workers In Singapore, most everything has been built by migrant workers. They are an unseen, invisible segment of the population that go largely unnoticed by the city's residents. They live far from their homes and families and are isolated from their culture. Working with Ogilvy & Mather Singapore, Coca-Cola decided to show some love and appreciation of these people who have given so much of themselves to the creation of Singapore. Launching the Singapore Kindness Movement, Coke and Ogilvy reached out to thousands of Singaporeans and asked them to create messages of appreciation for the [...]

GNC’s ‘Beat Average’ Campaign Aims To Correct Years Of Self-Esteem Club Crap

gnc_beat_average Health and wellness retailer GNC Holdings is out with a new national brand campaign called “Beat Average.” The campaign is designed to open a conversation with health and wellness consumers about their daily personal wellness goals and how GNC can be their ongoing partner and ally in beating average. Created by Carmichael Lynch, the campaign -- which is an ingenious antithesis to the idiotic self-esteem club, everyone-gets-an-award crap that has forced a generation into self-absorbed entitlement with little regard for achieving anything other than participation -- includes a mix of [...]

Magazine Ad With Removable Bracelet Links To App Which Tracks Your Child At The Beach

nivea_bracelet_kids_beach Last year, FCB Brazil developed a magazine insert for Nivea which had solar panels and a USB port affixed to it that could be used by beach goers in Brazil to charge their phones so they never have to leave the beach. It was an interesting entry into the ever growing product development avenues many agencies are now exploring. This year, the brand is you with another product of sorts. It's invented an ingenious way to keep track of your kids while you are enjoying a day at the beach. The product, called Nivea Protege, is again a magazine insert. This time it's a print and mobile co [...]

Study: Marketers’ Roles Are Changing. What They Need To Succeed

1st-place-award-featured Do marketers practice what they preach? And are they being rewarded for it? In an industry where best practices are constantly shifting as a result of new technology and trends, marketers need to keep up. They need to keep themselves relevant in order to keep their brands relevant, too. It seems that marketers today are eager to expand their skill sets, but many don't know how. What's more, these marketers know all the "buzz" strategies, yet many don't apply them to their own work. Despite that, many marketers saw promotions and comfortable pay raises in the past year, and average salaries [...]

Does Facebook Have A Teenager Problem? Does Google Have A Mobile Problem?

google-facebook-logos Teenagers are leaving Facebook, apparently in droves. I found one study that suggested a stunning three million teens had left Facebook in just three years. In related news, the growth of Google desktop search is slowing and is being replaced by mobile activity. At least some of this mobile activity comes from mobile app usage, leading some to speculate that search volume might see serious declines as a result of app cannibalization. So is the sky falling for both Facebook and Google? Of course not. Both companies have well-developed strategies to overcome these "deficiencies" and, I wou [...]

Camera Embedded In Greeting Card Captures Moms’ Reactions

hallmark_hidden_camera As Mother's Day approaches, brands are doing their very best to come up with ingenious marketing stunts that are both heartwarming and, hopefully move some product. One such effort comes from an agency called Lemz Amsterdam, which created a campaign that perfectly captures what is rarely seen: the reactions of people -- in this case, mothers -- when they open and read a card -- in this case, a Hallmark card. The agency installed a tiny camera and microphone directly into the greeting card which would capture the mom's reactions. The team then did post-stunt interviews with the moms a [...]

Creativity Unbound: How Current Digital Publishing Spotlights Brands

kid_game_table_shutterstock_144561377 Think about the last truly bold and memorable campaign you saw. Did it change the way you think about the brand? Do you still remember the product or service being sold? Don't be surprised if it takes you a minute to answer this question. So many marketing messages pass before our eyes that they often merge into a blur of promotion. In an age dominated by digital engagement, today's brands pump out an endless stream of content to reach customers and leads scattered across devices and platforms. The result is a blizzard of marketing messages in which consumers frequently feel overwhelmed, [...]

Get To Know: DTS Inc. CMO Kevin Doohan

Kevin Doohan headshot Serving as executive vice president and Chief Marketing Officer, Kevin Doohan oversees all marketing functions at DTS Inc., the premier audio solutions provider for high-definition entertainment experiences. In his role as CMO, Doohan manages brand and consumer marketing, product marketing, partner marketing, advertising and media, artist relations, public relations and corporate communications. Prior to joining DTS, Doohan was the executive vice president of marketing at Machinima, a leading video entertainment network. Doohan’s team led the evolution of the company from an entertainm [...]

The New VW Site: It’s Like Tinder For Cars

new-vw-site Acknowledging the fact that most car sites -- including their own old site -- are just glorified brochures that don't do much in the way of helping buyers locate a car that is actually available, VW is out with a very Tinder-like site that makes choosing a car as easy as choosing a date. The new takes inspiration from a not so obvious source: online dating sites. The site uses matchmaking functionality to help shoppers find their dream car based on whatever they’re looking for -- a particular model, features, color, or even price. Then it pairs them with new or used Volk [...]

Faceless Mannequins Call Attention To Plight Of Homeless & Missing Youth

bellefaire_jcb_homeless Bellefaire JCB, an organization that provides care, education, and advocacy to better the emotional, physical and intellectual well-being of children, young adults and families has launched Take A Closer Look, a campaign which aims to raise public awareness about the issues surrounding homeless and missing youth and educate communities on how they can help. Created by Doner, the guerrilla campaign featured faceless figures, basically mannequins, which were placed across Greater Cleveland. Each of these figures are wearing a sweatshirt that shares the reason behind their homelessness, br [...]

Augmented Reality App Turns Bottle Of Jose Cuervo Into Interactive Ad

Out of McCann New York and LAIKA comes a different sort of campaign for Jose Cuervo. Entitled History in a Bottle, the campaign centers on the message-in-a-bottle theme and adds an element of augmented reality. Designed to reflect the brand's 219-year history, the work highlights a volcanic eruption that enriched the soil for the brand's agave plants, Cuervo's work in relieving America from an era of Prohibition, the celebration of Cinco de Mayo, the brand's invention of the margarita and, yes, bikini volleyball. Along with TV and a YouTube home page takeover, the campaign offers peo [...]

What If A Family Member Was Drowning & There Was Nothing You Could Do About It?

st_john_ambulance Here's some really beautiful work from Australia's The Brand Agency. Making the rounds for a week or so, this campaign for St. John Ambulance Western Australia calls to attention the importance of learning first aid. The new campaign features 60, 30 and 15 videos that show a mother rush to the aid of her drowning child in a backyard pool only to be blocked from rescuing him by an invisible barrier. Of the work, Metropolitan Ambulance James Sherriff said, "That's exactly what it's like if you haven't had first aid training, there's a barrier preventing you from helping the other perso [...]

Weather Channel Introduces New App With Real-Time Wild Posting & Crazy Green Screen Stunt

3-2_OVERCAST_NY This week The Weather Channel has launched a new, re-designed app for iPhone. To help build awareness for the launch, The Weather Channel partnered with BBDO New York to create a campaign incorporating less than traditional ways to announce the new app as well as to demonstrate its new design and further reinforce The Weather Channel’s position in the weather forecast space. First, BBDO created wild, real-time postings that used a static medium to reinforce the accuracy of The Weather Channel forecasts. Posters were printed to look like “Coming Soon” movie posters which forecast [...]

This Poster Made Out Of Missing Children Stamps Led To The Return Of Two Children

Missing_Kids_6 For the past year, a growing number of Canadians have been using real postage stamps to raise awareness of missing or exploited children in Canada each year. It would seem it's their version of the milk carton. Using stamps as the centerpiece of this initiative was the idea of Lowe Roche, which also designed and developed the campaign's website and activation pieces. At, Canadians can create individual postage stamps featuring missing children and, in turn, each visitor to the site is afforded the opportunity to help put their photographs in homes and offices across [...]

Watch These People Walk Right Past Their Own Loved Ones In This Homeless Awareness Social Experiment

resue_mission_ny_experiment We've all done it. We're all guilty of it. Yet can we really be blamed for it? We're busy people. We're focused on our daily routine. We have things to do. People to meet. Places to go. And so it is without surprise we walk right past homeless people without ever noticing. Calling attention to this behavior, which partially stems from the idea that if we ignore it, it doesn't exist or it will go away, the New York City Rescue Mission, a homeless shelter which provides food, shelter and social services, conducted a social experiment to dramatize just how desensitized we have become to th [...]

Face-Making Contest Calls Attention To Plight Of Children In Warzones

booth_game_stream Here's a heartwarming campaign for a good cause. To call attention to the strife children experience while growing up in war zones such as Palestine, Right to Pay and War Child Holland -- which both teach kids how to cope with their feelings through sports, games and other means -- teamed with Amsterdam-based ACHTUNG to create a face-making contest. The agency launched a digital campaign that invited people to make crazy faces that match four different emotions. Using face recognition technology, the webcam automatically takes a picture when the right emotion is mimicked. Kicking off [...]

Branded Content Leverages Young Love To Sell Ice Cream

cornetto_cupid_train Taking a page from Greece's Lacta Chocolate, Cornetto, a Unilever-owned European ice cream company, is out with the second episode of its Cupidity series, a collection of online films that explore young love. This most recent chapter, entitled Travellers, takes a look at a young man and a young woman and their missed connection. It's an exploration of two differing viewpoints on traveling the path on one's life, for whom you are traveling that path and why you might want to leave room to re-evaluate that path from time to time. The film was shot last fall in southern Italy and it dri [...]

Coke Creates Giant Rainbows To Help South Africa Celebrate 20 Years Of Democracy

coke_south_africa_rainbow Here's some Happiness from Coke to brighten your day and your spirits. Twenty years ago South Africa held its first democratic election and Nelson Mandela was elected into office. And Bishop Desmond Tutu coined the term "the rainbow nation." The rainbow, of course, represents the country's diversity and its many achievements. To celebrate the 20th anniversary and highlight the country's diversity, Coke created a giant rainbow atop its billboard-covered building in Johannesburg using some technological wizardry, high-powered water cannons, the sun and a dollop of magic. The brand also [...]

Heineken Turns Living Room Into Gigantic Pinball Machine

heineken_sub In a super cool activation, Publicis Italia created an awesome piece of experiential marketing for the introduction of Heineken's "The Sub," a futuristic-looking, advanced technology method of dispensing beer. Effectively, it's a really cool keg. It was designed by Marc Newson and the agency decided to tout Newson's masterful achievement in Milan during Design Week by inviting people to a seriously tricked out "living room" called, appropriately, The Sub Living Room. While people were invited to appreciate the masterful design, that's not all they were in for. When the lever of a par [...]

Infographic: Which Is The Most Effective Digital Marketing Channel

Looking to attract new visitors online? Social, email, paid search and SEO are all attractive ways to bring in the audience. But some bring more visitors than others plus some convert better. The folks at Conductor have put together an infographic looking at the four major channels and how effective they are, compiled from various surveys. In summary: SEO: 54% discover new sites this way; just behind email for qualified leads, 36% Email: 51% discover new sites this way; tops for qualified leads, 40% Social: 32% discover new sites this way; tied with paid search for qualified leads, [...]

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