This column covered business issues relating to the online marketing industry, from important personnel changes to corporate earnings and other items impacting online marketers. This column was discontinued as of May 2013, but you can still access the archived columns below. You may be interested in some of our other columns.

Marketing Biz: Foursquare Search, BloomReach & Message Bus

This week we saw more. More Yahoo changes. More competition in the mobile payments and deals verticals. More funding for BloomReach and Message Bus. More evidence that 140 characters is truly dead. More location analytics services. Foursquare also made it clear they were a local search engine and the potential bailout of Color by Apple turned me green. This is ... Marketing Biz. Reinventing local search for everyone Head over to and search for ‘pizza’ or a ‘sushi.’ No need to create an account; just go there and type in what you’re looking for. Foursquare [...]

Marketing Biz: DISQUS Builds Tunnels, Verbs Become Uniform & Groupon Serves Up Breadcrumb

It was a relatively quiet week in the world of marketing. Perhaps politics or the San Francisco Giants playoff run (#gogiants) is keeping people from churning out work. There were some notable exceptions like the clever move DISQUS is making with their My Disqus product or Twitter's pre-emptive purchase of Vine. Another Little Bird also made a splash, Groupon put the moves on OpenTable and Move itself was in an acquiring mood. This is ... Marketing Biz. Evolving My Disqus Today we’re announcing the first of a series of updates to the My Disqus tab. Disqus 2012 introduced My Disqus [...]

Marketing Biz: Personalization, MindMeld & Tumblr Metrics

This week we had plenty of examples of data (our digital wake) being used to personalize the web experience. Whether it's Criteo's intent-based display advertising, Gravity's website personalization or GraphDive's inferred demographics, the static website is quickly becoming a dinosaur. Even your conversations could be used to deliver personalized content if MindMeld has it's way. We also had new features from Foursquare, Twitter and Facebook who are all moving to better define and position themselves. And don't look now but Tumblr is growing up and has the analytics to prove it. This is [...]

Marketing Biz: Mapageddon & Authority Wars

Mapageddon was front and center as the new iOS Maps fallout continued and the fight to control the most valuable context began in earnest. Meanwhile both LinkedIn and Bing raced headlong into identifying experts and assessing authority. While you can quibble with their implementations the trend toward a web of people is undeniable. While these two themes dominated the week, there were plenty of other interesting stories from Groupon's acquisition of Savored to the launch of Wanderful Media to new NFC business cards from MOO. This is ... Marketing Biz. Apple had over a year left on Googl [...]

Marketing Biz: PassTools, Facebook Highlight & Google Now

surveillance-eye-200 This week the creepy factor gets turned up to 11 with the science behind Google Now, the launch of Sense Networks Retail Retargeting, expansion of Facebook Highlight and BuzzFeed's purchase of Kingfish Labs. Conductor and Mass Relevance launched new products for enterprise marketers and Dice confirmed the validity of content marketing with a $20 million acquisition. Of course, the mobile payments space continues to evolve with Tello's PassTools, Groupon Payments and a massive round of financing for Square. This is ... Marketing Biz. Why Google’s Predictive Personal Assistant is be [...]

Marketing Biz: Gyft Cards, Ensighten Tags & Facebook Retargeting

This is an iPhone5 free zone. That's a good thing too because there was a lot going on outside of Apple incrementalism. There were transformative things like the disruption of the gift card vertical by Gyft. And we saw just how powerful retargeting can be when it's extended on Facebook. There were some personnel changes at Tumblr and Google Offers and new funding for start-ups that could make a marketer's life easier. We also marked a watershed moment in search and furrowed our brow at Feedburner. This is ... Marketing Biz. Gyft Is Moving The Plastic Gift Card Industry To Your iPhone [...]

Marketing Biz: Adobe Social, Deal Junkies & Bitchy Tweets

This week I am reminded of Voltron, narcolepsy and Burn Notice. Confused? Let me explain. The Hootsuite acquisition of Seesmic and Nebula funding remind me of Voltron. The title of the piece about eBay acquiring Svpply makes me think of My Own Private Idaho and, thus, narcolepsy which is what seems to be happening to Blekko around search. Finally, the title of the piece about Conversocial makes me think of Sam Axe describing spies on Burn Notice. This is ... Marketing Biz. The New Paid Discovery is Here! After undergoing a complete design refresh as well as extensive beta testing by ou [...]

Marketing Biz: Twitter Tightens The Screws, Vicarious Search & Didit Buys Inceptor

This week Twitter continued to play hard ball, cutting off Tumblr and the display of third-party apps. Non-traditional search was also in the news with funding for Vicarious and impressive results from Walmart's shopping search engine. Agencies also continue to morph and adapt as the digital landscape matures. Last but certainly not least, technology is catching up with our ideas, disrupting the entertainment, commerce and clothing verticals. After a week off, this is ... Marketing Biz. Tumblr becomes next property to have Twitter friend-finding privileges revoked As with Instagram, the [...]

Marketing Biz: New Facebook Metric, Mobile Payment Dark Horse & Rio SEO Advances

This week saw more movement in the white hot mobile payment space and continuing changes by Twitter as it pivots into a viable advertising platform. Two SEO data leaders made significant moves and the co-founders of Twitter launched a new publishing tool. Not to mention Facebook's new advertising metric, some significant acquisitions and Trulia's $75M IPO announcement. This is ... Marketing Biz. Location Analytics Startup Locately Acquired By Research Firm SMG Locately, for those unfamiliar with the company, had built a proprietary data-mining engine which collected data from customers’ [...]

Marketing Biz: DISQUS Challenges AdSense & Acquisio Buys ScienceOps; Microsoft Opts-Out Of Advertising

Microsoft is not so quietly deciding to opt-out of advertising, while DISQUS is stealthily building an alternative to AdSense. This week we also saw Square taking a big leap in mobile payments, learned out inept ICANN is and saw more drama unfold between Apple and Google. The future might also include FreeMonee and sponsored people. Confused? Read on. This Guy's Microsoft Blog Will Be Seen As A Death Warrant By Advertisers Lynch argued that, when asked, most consumers prefer to browse in private rather than be tracked with cookies by the advertisers who want to target them. That may be true, [...]

Marketing Biz: Better Stalking, Google’s Costanza Wallet & Facebook PR Problems

Among the highlights this week, Google gave marketers better stalking capabilities while giving users a digital Costanza wallet. Meanwhile Facebook dealt with public relations issues that may have forced their hand with DoubleClick and yet another new subscription eCommerce site debuted. A simpler way to re-connect with your website visitors Remarketing with Google Analytics helps you create remarketing lists based on certain audiences who visit your website and show interest in your products, without having to tag your site twice. This can help you more easily create remarketing campaigns t [...]

Marketing Biz: Nextdoor Neighbors, Facebook Search Ads & GoodData

While Q2 results for Zynga and Facebook took center stage, efforts by Foursquare and Nextdoor continue to make hyper-local look like a real future instead of a mirage. And new providers like GoodData and Retention Science seem well placed to help marketers deal with the rising volume and complexity of data. Zynga Takes Axe to Outlook, Spooks Facebook Investors Blaming its poor performance on a steep drop-off in players for its core Facebook money-makers, Zynga took an axe to its earnings forecasts, predicting 4 to 9 cents a share, down from a previous 23 to 29 cents. Zynga shares tumbled to [...]

Marketing Biz: Future Shock (Is Already Here)

It's one of those weeks where those digital marketing ideas that used to feel so cutting edge are now a reality. Google+ is over a year old. Twitter has a suite of advertising offerings. Foursquare is connecting loyal customers to businesses. E-signatures are poised to become ubiquitous. The future of marketing is already here if you know where to look. Kiip Raises $11 Million To Erase Advertisers' Frowns By rethinking ads as "rewards" that show up at opportune moments in the midst of ordinary app usage—leveling up in a game, going for a run, reading a news article—Wong thinks Kiip ca [...]

Marketing Biz: Twitter’s Pitch, Vevo’s Warning & Bitly’s Disrespect

This week in marketing felt a bit like a lesson in evolutionary biology. Things are changing fast. The lion is chasing down the ailing antelope on the digital plain. The big are swallowing up the small. Digital creatures flash their bright colors to ward off predators. And everyone wants to be close to the Internet watering hole. Google, FTC Near Settlement on Privacy While the fine likely will represent only a tiny portion of Google's revenues—last year, the Internet giant raked in that much cash roughly every five hours or so—it counts among a series of negative reports about Googl [...]

Marketing Biz: Smartphone Wars, Rocket Fuel & Twitter Evolution

This week we saw the smartphone wars heat up and got more data on just why everyone is so crazed to get in on the action. Looking past the small screen there were acquisitions a funding news along with more Twitter changes and further indications for Facebook's social commerce strategy. Introducing the Save to Wallet APIs for Payment Cards and Offers Google Wallet aspires to hold all the things you put in your physical wallet: credit and debit cards, coupons, loyalty cards, tickets, boarding passes, and more. That didn't take long. On the heels of Apple's Passbook announcement Google W [...]

Marketing Biz: Psychic Search, Facebook Want Button & Smart Pricing

This week in marketing was all about transformation. LivingSocial and RockYou are transforming their business models. Google is trying to transform the way we search. And a slew of companies are trying to transform all the data we collect and turn it into information we can actually use. LivingSocial moves beyond daily deals, offers peek at future services for merchants LivingSocial will begin testing this summer a suite of new technology products designed to help merchants run their businesses as the District-based company continues to diversify beyond the daily deals that brought it [...]

Marketing Biz: U Mad Bro? Teens Bailing On Facebook, Anger at ICANN

There's an undercurrent of hostility in the marketing world this week. Google and Apple continue to joust, sending not-so-subtle messages about their intentions. There was also news that teens might not be liking (pun intended) Facebook as much as they once did. Ditto goes for Bret Taylor, Facebook CTO, who is leaving the company this summer. Finally, Dave Winer joins a chorus of folks who are mad at ICANN. Not everyone was mad though, as we saw two fairly high profile acquisitions in the digital marketing vertical. Congrats to AKQA and Econsultancy. Google Offers app now available o [...]

Marketing Biz: The Week Of The 900 Pound Gorilla

Marketing news this week was dominated by 900 pound gorillas: Apple, Facebook, Google and Twitter.  Here's a look at how they jousted with each other and where it might lead. Apple Gives Facebook Deep Integration Into iOS 6 With Siri, Sharing, App Store, API This stunningly comprehensive integration could see Apple and Facebook teaming up to fight off Google Android and launch more products together. Facebook will now be even more widely featured in iOS (and OS X Mountain Lion) than Twitter — a huge reversal from just a few hours ago when 140-characters was how Apple did social. Look [...]

Marketing Biz: New Foursquare, Transforming Data & Map Wars

It was a busy week in the marketing world, so this week's column is going to be a bit like a lightning round on a game show.  So without further ado ... Groupon and Foursquare End Distribution Deal Groupon has stopped utilizing Foursquare as a mobile distribution partner. A Groupon spokesperson on Tuesday told ClickZ that the relationship had "reached a natural conclusion" but wouldn't specify when the development occurred. The partnership appears to have lasted less than 10 months. It 'reached a natural conclusion' when Foursquare made it clear it was going to compete with Groupon and no [...]

Marketing Biz: Ch, Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes

Change is a permanent part of the marketing landscape. But change is never easy and this week was full of change. We get to review updated data on mobile payments; test a new version of bitly; transition from Google Places to Google+ Local; prepare for a rumored Facebook smartphone and assess a new Google Shopping experience (and business model). Gartner Says Worldwide Mobile Payment Transaction Value to Surpass $171.5 Billion "We expect global mobile transaction volume and value to average 42 percent annual growth between 2011 and 2016, and we are forecasting a market worth $617 bill [...]

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