If you’re like most people, your smartphone or tablet computer have become must-have accessories. How best to market to folks on the go? Read Marketing Land’s Mobile Marketing column for the latest tips and techniques for these emerging platforms.

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Location-Based Listening & Analytics

One of the five predictions in my recent 2013 mobile predictions post was that mobile analytics and measurement would get a seat at the "adult table" this year. In particular, one of the areas in which I am seeing tremendous growth is location-based listening and analytics. As more and more companies adapt a listening strategy -- in many cases, using advanced tools like Sysomos and Radian6 (now part of Salesforce.com's MarketingCloud) -- some are starting to look at the possibilities of going deeper. During a recent interview with colleague and co-author of Digital Marketing Analytic [...]

5 Compelling Reasons To Launch B2B Mobile Landing Pages Now

mobile-jpg For everyone from business executives to teens, mobile devices facilitate a significant portion of communications and media consumption today. Yet, even as mobile devices become increasingly saturated into our everyday lives, mobile still remains a challenge for many B2B Web designers and online marketers. Most marketers do not actively employ mobile landing pages as a part of their greater B2B marketing strategy. Instead, they rely on personal opinions and gut reactions that tell them it's okay to wait. Don’t miss out on mobile! Review these five reasons to better understand why you [...]

A Marketer’s Guide To User ID Targeting – Part 1: Understanding Apple’s IDFA

Mobile is one of the fastest growing mediums of our time. It seems every day some new technology or new development is being brought to market. With so much going on in such a short time frame, key developments are sometimes glazed over and often not fully understood. This is the case with Apple’s move to replace the use of the UDID for ad targeting with a new and improved ID created exclusively for adverting purposes – the launch of IDFA (or sometimes called IFA) with their release of IOS6. This article is the first of a two-part series to provide mobile marketers with a little back [...]

The Death Of The QR Code

When was the last time you scanned a QR code? Be honest. If it was in the last month, are you hooked? Yes, that was a rhetorical question because I can't name one person I know that actively scans QR codes, and I'll bet if you ask your network, neither can you. To that end, I know that there is research that shows that an increasing number of people are "scanning a QR code," but what I haven't been able to find are statistics that show repeat usage. My guess is that there is a reason for that. The History Of QR Codes Taking a step back, QR codes (short for "quick response" codes) were fir [...]

Building Marketing Into Your Mobile Products

Starting a new business venture can be a daunting experience, especially when introducing mobile products. You not only have to deal with all the business logistics and financial burdens of your new business; but, you also have the worries that you might not attract an audience. Marketing your product is a vital link to your desired success. In recent times, we have seen a change in marketing strategies with many companies now opting to build marketing into their product, enabling these products to become viral. Seamless sharing helps word-of-mouth grow your business, increasing your audien [...]

Follow The Roadmap To App Success

Appsgeyser roadmap to Android app success Dorothy isn't the only one who had to follow the Yellow Brick road to find her way home; we all need to follow a path to find our way to success, and the app market is no different. The app market for both iOS and Android is beginning to become overcrowded. Apple first opened its app store with a mere 500 apps in 2008, and now, the store comprises over 700,000 apps for the iPad and iPhone. Android hasn’t lagged behind, either. According to Statista, GooglePlay now boasts over 700,000 apps, too, growing from just 100,000 in the past two years alone. [caption id="attachment_34250" align= [...]

10 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Marketing Via Foursquare

foursquare-featured Nearly two years ago, my co-author Mike Schneider and I published a book called Location-Based Marketing for Dummies. At the time, location-based marketing was just getting off the ground in large part thanks to the launch of two services: foursquare and Gowalla. Over the last couple of years, many of the original location-based services have been acquired or have gone out of business. But foursquare still stands in spite of the fact that it still hasn't caught fire like many of us hoped it would. While foursquare has stalled out around 25 million users, it is still a force to be reckone [...]

Book Review: “Content Strategy For Mobile” by Karen McGrane

I recently began teaching a class in mobile content marketing for MarketingProfs University, taking over for the user experience expert and content strategy pioneer Karen McGrane.  At the time, her book, Content Strategy for Mobile, had not yet been released, so I relied on other resources when putting together material for the class. First I gathered what I knew about adaptive content from her online writings and presentations. Then I added some information gleaned from my own experience with content marketing to mobile users. My goal was to present a well-rounded overview of solutions t [...]

Evolution Of Display Ad Strategies For Mobile Monetization

There was a time when the worlds of search and display advertising were completely separate, given the emphasis on click-driven search ads versus branding-focused display ads. Then mobile happened — consumers shifted from desktops to smartphones and tablets as their primary “action” devices for researching and making purchases, which brought a whole new set of preferences, timing and behaviors. Not to mention a huge change in how mobile consumers now interact with ads. The result: search and display advertising are now overlapping, leaving marketers trying to make sense of convergi [...]

The Scoop On Proximity Services Like Sonar

Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 8.14.53 AM Every year at SXSW Interactive (one of the largest interactive conferences in the world), the question always comes around to which new technology or mobile app will make a big splash. In the past, Twitter (2006) and foursquare (2009) have dominated conversations at the event where more than 100,000 of the world's most social digerati descend upon Austin, TX. Last year, the belles of the ball were three companies -- Sonar, Highlight and banjo -- which introduced the concept of something called a proximity service. The value proposition with this type of service is that if you connect the [...]

BlackBerry 10: What Marketers Need To Know Now

Back in the day, they called them Crackberrys. The first real viable mobile email devices were compellingly addictive. Like, say, an iPhone or Android device is to most consumers now. It's their pocket watch, their security blanket. And now, the company newly renamed BlackBerry has set the stage for its devices and operating system to mount a comeback. Should, or how should, mobile marketers prepare for the opportunities enabled by the new device and OS? Assessing Its Chances Whether the BlackBerry 10 OS, and the two new devices introduced yesterday, have a future or not depends on who yo [...]

How To Use Push Notifications Without Being Pushy

AppsGeyser Analysis Marketing within the mobile world is still evolving around us. With new technology and a wider audience now participating in this market, marketers are understandably focused on how best to communicate effectively with this audience. The New Messaging Mandate published in January 2012 by Forrester described the importance of turning email into a "multichannel conversation that includes a number of non-email communication vehicles." What they were describing was the ways in which marketers can get their messages directly onto consumers' devices, be it their laptops, tablets or mobile pho [...]

What’s Ahead For Mobile Marketing In 2013

At this point, you may be predictioned out. But, if you can make room for one more post about what mobile marketing holds in store for 2013 (U.S. focus), I promise to make it worth your while. Mobile has started to play a huge role in marketing over the last couple of years, and this year will be no different. In fact, I am going to be so bold as to say that this is the year that mobile finally breaks out and has that hero moment that prognosticators have been talking about for the last 10-12 years. Before I dig into my five predictions though, it is probably worth looking at a little ba [...]

One Word For App Marketing Success – Keywords

Website developers are aware of the importance of keywords and the significance of getting the right keywords integrated into their content to produce better organic search results. The fact is, keywords are not only relevant to websites, they are important for app success, too. If you are creating a mobile app, it is vital that you understand what a keyword is, how to create a suitable keyword for your app and how to avoid abusing keywords when planning your mobile app. If you use keywords correctly, you are on the way to app success. [caption id="attachment_29605" align="alignright" [...]

30 Essential Business Apps For Your Smartphone

Interactive marketing professionals don't just use mobile to reach their customers -- they're often avid users of the technology themselves. Whether it's to manage campaigns, to get work done while on the go, or just to become personally familiar with mobile user behavior, getting to know your devices and apps is critical. But when it comes to separating the wheat from the chaff for business mobile apps, it's hard to know which are duds and which are the real deal. Doing a Google search tends to bring up a lot of old posts -- many of which are outdated -- or lists that focus on consumer or [...]

Want My App? Then Scan It. Using QR Codes To Market Your App

A few years ago, we were highlighting the use of the internet for the promotion of businesses and telling you how great it was to have your business on the web for all the world to see. Now that focus has shifted to the mobile world. Due to the increase of mobile smartphones and tablets, coupled with the increased popularity of mobile apps, businesses throughout the world have taken to converting their online presences to mobile applications. Creating an app for your business is not as difficult as you may think, there are companies that will allow you to convert your online websites in [...]

A Simple Guide To Mobile App Marketing

Is there an idea bubbling in the back of your head for an app that just has to be created? But, then, perhaps you're thinking, "why create an app just to enter a marketplace already crammed with over a million apps? Is it even possible to get your app noticed any more?" The above image shows the rapid growth of the apps market (thanks to the telecomblog and Chetan Sharma consulting). The mobile app industry is booming, and since the one-million-app mark was reached in late 2011, the competition to get your app noticed in the marketplace is fierce. However, there is space for your a [...]

4 Tips For Capitalizing On Untapped Mobile Conversions

Mobile devices have increasingly become the go-to resource for consumers looking to make a near-term buying decision. In fact, our recent xAd-Telmetrics Mobile Path to Purchase Study showed that more than 60 percent of mobile searchers ultimately make a purchase, many within hours or the same day. Because mobile consumers are further along in the purchase cycle, they represent an enormous conversion opportunity. However, monetizing this ready-to-buy audience requires tailored mobile ad strategies that reflect distinct buyer motivations and behaviors across vertical categories and even devic [...]

Five Things Marketers Should Know About Apple Passbook

apple-passbook-featured Unless you've been hiding under a rock during the last couple months, you know that Apple announced the new iPhone 5 back on September 12, 2012. On this date, Apple also rolled out its latest mobile operating system, iOS 6, which came chock full of new features like enhanced Siri, new 3D maps and deeper integration with social networks Twitter and Facebook. Arguably, the most important new feature to arrive on iOS 6 was something called Passbook, which allows marketers to provide coupons, tickets, loyalty cards and more, all in one place on the iPhone or iPad. [caption id="attachment_26 [...]

To Google Play or Not to Google Play? That is the Android App Store Question

How much thought have you put into deciding which app store you should publish your Android app in? If the answer is none, don’t panic; you are not alone. Although many marketers are aware of alternative app stores, many don't know the advantages of using these additional app stores. The vast amounts of app developers initially opt to publish their app in the largest and most popular app store, Google Play. Google Play – The Two Sided Coin With over 25 billion apps downloaded and more than 600,000 apps in the store, Google Play remains the most popular app store for Android apps [...]

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