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How To Use LinkedIn Company Pages For Search, Social & Reputation Management

Use LinkedIn Signal We social media marketers frequently preach that simply having a profile on social sites like Facebook and LinkedIn is not enough to be successful. While this is true -- and I highly encourage my clients to maintain active pages for their businesses on social networking sites -- it's also worth discussing the inherent value in simply being present. I used to think LinkedIn was only useful to job seekers and head hunters. So naïve. I also used to deny the fact that LinkedIn was a form of social media. Silly girl. For any business, LinkedIn provides a mountain of opportunity for maximizing a [...]

What You Should Be Tallying On Your Social Media Scorecard

shutterstock_176186546-cockpit-instruments Ah, the simplicity of American baseball: three strikes is an out, and a team's chance at the bat is comprised of three outs. In cricket, the math is a bit more extensive: an inning is considered complete once ten batters have been struck out, and matches can last several days. It's no wonder that as far back as the time of the American Revolution, enterprising printers back in England were producing scorecards so that spectators could keep track of the games. The idea of businesses using scorecards can be traced to the 1950s in postwar France, with what were called Tableau de Bord. W [...]

Why Brands Should Turn To Bloggers Instead Of Celebrity Spokespeople

Influencers_Altimeter Pop quiz: what famous celebrity do you associate with JELL-O pudding? I'm guessing you had no problems coming up with Bill Cosby, which isn't surprising given the fact that his spokesperson relationship with JELL-O lasted nearly thirty years. For those of us of a certain age -- *ahem* -- Cosby's homey kid-friendly delivery will forever be linked with a creamy dessert product. (Not to mention Pudding Pops, which Kraft tragically discontinued.) Companies have been using celebrity spokespeople for decades, with varying degrees of success. While hiring A-listers to promote products will likely [...]

What Does The WhatsApp Deal Mean For Brands?

social-comms-facebook-600x450 Unless you’ve been hiding under the digital equivalent of a rock, or perhaps living in China, it’s almost certain that you’ve heard by now about Facebook buying mobile messaging app WhatsApp for $19 billion. There has been a huge amount of discussion and speculation about why Facebook spent more than it cost to put men on the moon to buy a product built off the back of open source software, but as WhatsApp is an ad-free product, it’s more important to think about what broader lessons the purchase has for brands and marketers. First is the fact that WhatsApp’s founders have alwa [...]

Boost Your Social Strategy With SEO Data

social media We all know that a great social strategy can help your SEO efforts -- gaining visibility and shares, helping create relationships, etc. -- but thinking about things the other way around is a little bit trickier. In other words, can you use your SEO data to help improve your social media strategy? Although this method isn't quite as popular amongst small business owners, it absolutely can help. Your SEO data is full of interesting facts and trends about your audience and your online visibility, all of which can help improve your social efforts. One man who is very knowledgeable as to t [...]

Beyond Social: The Benefits To Google+ For Business

google-plus-600 Working for an online marketing company that specializes in search engine optimization for small businesses means that Google pretty much runs my life. Our email is Google. Our documents are in Google Drive. Our lives revolve around keeping up with Google algorithm changes and Google+ Local's latest and greatest ideas affecting our clients. Because we focus a lot on Google SEO, I often find myself explaining to our clients why their presence on Google+ is so important. People outside the industry tend to think it's just another social network (and one that no one is using). The truth is, wh [...]

Selling Search & Social To The CEO: Measure Business Outcomes

Altimeter Group Social Survey If you were one of those children that sold lemonade under a homemade stand (or, like me, sold lawn-mowing services), business was pretty simple. All it took was the product or service, the flash of a toothless smile or a knock on the door, and your weekly allowance began to grow. If only digital marketing were this easy. Let's say that back then, you needed a cash advance from your parents in order to stock up on startup supplies. And let's say in order to get this loan, you promised your parents you'd pay them back within 30 days. In this example, your parents probably don't need t [...]

7 Things BuzzFeed Can Teach Brands About How To Be Social

BuzzFeed-Logo Last week saw the official launch of social news behemoth BuzzFeed here in Australia. In typically BuzzFeed style, they celebrated their launch with headlines such as "17 Kangaroos That Can Kick Your Butt" and by giving out bags and badges plastered with equally tongue-in-cheek Aussie catchphrases and clichés. But you don't build a business that now reaches over 150 million people just by publishing bizarre lists, so let's have a look and see what brands can learn from BuzzFeed's success. 1. Forget about the platform, focus on the content. Although platform wars are a real issue, Buzz [...]

20 Tools To Stop The Social Media Timesuck

Findings The longer I work in social media, the more I realize that the biggest danger for a social media marketer isn't proving ROI, anticipating Facebook algorithm changes or even dealing with Twitter trolls -- it's the dreaded Social Media Timesuck. You're probably familiar with it. It's what happens when you go to Facebook just to post a link to that latest blog entry but somehow end up staying for an extra 30 minutes and opening 7 new tabs. Or you fall down a Pinterest wormhole, can't stop checking in on a great Google+ discussion, or randomly decide to update your LinkedIn profile -- all while [...]

A Quick Death: Facebook Kills Off New Open Graph Collections For Developers

Facebook Large Last March, Facebook announced that they'd be making apps a "bigger part of Timeline" and that developers could create custom collections to help users express themselves. This past Friday, however, they did a 180 and pulled the ability for users to submit new collections; but, existing collections will still function. Collections allowed Facebook users to show custom flair or actions such as the following example from the Green Bay Packers. When a user participated, they would then display their collection next to the standard Open Graph elements on their Timeline: Alan McCon [...]

How To Market On Pinterest And Instagram — Even If You Don’t Have A Branded Account

pinterest-explore-interests Looking for ways to boost your organization's social media engagement in 2014? As a marketer, you're tasked with the slippery job of putting together content strategies in an environment that's constantly changing, thanks to social media's seemingly infinite capacity for rolling out new channels and products. Who could blame you for focusing on the one or two networks where your brand already has a presence? Companies that don't yet have profiles on Pinterest or Instagram tend to overlook these platforms when it comes to planning their marketing campaigns. After all, most social prog [...]

How To Create Case Studies To Improve Your Social Media

social-media-attention-featured At the time, it was the largest potential business contract of my life -- my budding marketing agency had the opportunity to provide services to one of the most significant cultural institutions in the world. The inevitable question was posed: "Can you provide us with some case studies?" My reply: "I'll get back to you." Back at the shop, all hands were on deck as we scurried around, creating just the right case studies to send to the prospective client. We wanted studies which showed that yes, we'd worked with cultural non-profits, and that yes, we'd done projects very similar in sco [...]

17 Near-Fatal Mistakes I Regret Committing On Social Media In 2013

Head in Hands Accept it. We're all learning in social media. Every day is a new lesson learned, a new best practice established. And many of these lessons come by way of mistakes. I spend a lot of time on social media, mostly observing what other people do, how they behave, and what they click on (or don't) -- but I've never felt confident enough to call myself a guru. Perhaps that's because, despite all my time on social media, there are things I still don't know. Every time Facebook updates its algorithm, I go nuts figuring out how it all works. On the other hand, that's probably what keeps me g [...]

Leveraging The Social Media Ego

social media databases In the era of Big Data, marketers use buyer information to shape their initiatives more than ever. Data on what your targets are searching for, listening to and buying can provide a mother lode of insight that empowers you to create relevant, high-ROI campaigns. Yet this only works with targets whose data is available. Quite a few targets seem frustratingly out of reach -- and all too often, they're the executive decision-makers B2B marketers want to contact. The good news is there's a side door that can get you access to these mysterious targets: social media data. True, social platforms [...]

LinkedIn Paid Ads: A Beginner’s Guide

LinkedIn Logo There are lots of ways to spend your digital advertising budget today; but, have you considered LinkedIn? Advertising on LinkedIn is a great choice for many businesses. Below, we'll explore why you should consider it and provide a walk-through of how to create your first LinkedIn ad campaign. Why LinkedIn Gets Overlooked Have you run a campaign on LinkedIn? If not, you are hardly alone. LinkedIn's self-service ad platform often gets overlooked by today's marketers and media planners. This could be due to a number of misconceptions or challenges such as: LinkedIn is not a typical social n [...]

Social Media Metrics – Perfection Of Means & Confusion Of Goals

social media We've come a long way in a very short time. The exponential growth of social media has made it an integral part of the marketer's toolkit. Social media takes up more than one quarter of all time spent online, and is arguably the quickest, fastest way to reach millions of customers instantly. Recent research from Pew shows that 73 percent of US online adults use a social network. On a global basis, eMarketer estimated that in 2013, 68 percent of internet users around the world used a social network at least once per month, and they expect it to rise to 75 percent by 2016. Not surprisingl [...]

5 Tips To Leverage Twitter’s New Nearby Feature

twitter-local-pin-250px In recent weeks, Twitter has made headlines with the quiet launch of its experimental Nearby timeline, which allows eligible mobile users to discover tweets posted by others in their immediate vicinity, regardless of whether they are following them. This feature is currently available to a select number of users who have opted-in to allow their location information to be shared on Twitter. Nearby appears as its own tab alongside the Home tab within Twitter's mobile apps. As shown above, the tool features a map with the user's location indicated, surrounded by pins for the locations of ot [...]

How Popeyes And Others Are Riding The Saints’ Social Media Bandwagon

Saints Fans Trade Brown Bags for Chicken and Gatorade If you don't live in New Orleans, you're missing out this time of year. As of three days ago, Carnival Season started, which means we have an excuse to eat delicious king cakes in all conceivable flavors and variations from now till Fat Tuesday (my personal favorite can be ordered and shipped fresh to your door....) New Year's resolutions don't last long here in NOLA). There's only one thing that might fire up the spirits of New Orleanians more than king cake, and that's the Saints. Ever since the 2006 homecoming season following Hurricane Katrina, the city simply buzzes with enthusiasm and [...]

5 Social Media Trends To Kill In 2014

new-year The beauty of a brand new year is the fresh start it provides -- the idea that you can shake off all the past mistakes, assumptions and misunderstandings and start with a clean slate. It's also a great time to get rid of a bad habit, like smoking or swearing. We could stand a little of that out-with-the-old feeling in social media marketing. With an eye to the past year's news and themes, here are 5 social media trends that (with any luck) will expire in 2014. 1. Making Everything "Viral" Last year: Perhaps the biggest trend of 2013 was the "viralization" of... well, everything. Publis [...]

Will Social Video Ads Change TV Advertising?

FBvideoads Much has been written about Facebook's new video product, which is currently being tested by Summit Entertainment and Mindshare in the US. Much of the commentary has been around how much it will cost, whether it will affect users, data plans, and what its impact will be on Facebook's future profitability. But one area that has yet to be highly discussed is what it might do to the traditional TV spot. Many companies have set their sights on unseating TV's position as the largest recipient of ad budgets in most major markets; but, Facebook's new video product is, in some ways, an acceptanc [...]

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