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3 Tips For A Holly Jolly Social Media Holiday Season

santa-computer-social-media-featured When it comes to the holiday shopping season, retailers and businesses from sea to shining sea all have their own set of apprehensions and concerns. And, as each year passes, the need for businesses and brands alike to have a social media plan in place for the holidays is paramount. For example, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become ubiquitous in marketing conference rooms since they came into vogue -- and they are very much at the heart of social media marketing. According to AddShoppers, a leading onsite social platform for innovative retailers, on average, social traffic converted 7 [...]

Tapping Into Community Research With Facebook Graph Search

The digital marketing world is aflutter with talk of entities and structured data, and how both are contributing to the rise of semantic search. Google has rolled out its Hummingbird update, while Facebook has its Graph Search. Both represent big leaps forward in easing searchers' access to the information they're seeking. The creators of social media platforms are amassing some of the largest databases ever known. All of the data is being input on a volunteer basis by all of us who participate in social media. Much of the time, that data is being input in a way that has structure; a struct [...]

Why CEOs Need To “Get” Social Media

ceos get social media Mark my words: If it isn't already, social media is going to be like email for all tech users: indispensable. It is no longer acceptable for CEOs to cast social media aside because they either don't understand it or don't want to mess with it. Just like the doubters that thought email wouldn't go anywhere, social media has changed the way our society communicates today. This shift has been slow going for marketers trying to convince their bosses and those at the top that social media is worth their time. But we should be past the point of having to convince CEOs to approve social media m [...]

20 Quick-Win Tactics For Building A New Social Media Presence

Engine start button Have you ever noticed that all the social media experts who tell you not to worry about fans and followers usually already have plenty of both? It's great to have smart, long-term social media goals like traffic back to your website and even conversions. But we all have to start somewhere. And sometimes, where you're starting from is the very beginning. When you're building a brand-new Facebook page, Twitter account, Pinterest profile, Google+ page or other social media presence, the rules are different. For a while, your only objective is getting your audience to a minimum critical mass [...]

R.I.P. EdgeRank: How To Optimize For Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm

facebook-newsfeed-featured As you may have heard, Facebook EdgeRank is no more. A Facebook insider confirmed that the term [EdgeRank] is no longer being used internally (and hasn't been for over two years) and noted that there are currently over 100,000 factors that go into what a user sees on their News Feed when users log into Facebook. While Facebook has not explicitly told us what these factors are, they have shed some light on  the process involved in developing their most recent ranking algorithm update. The company surveyed thousands of users, asking questions to help determine what exactly makes a "high-qua [...]

The Value Of Social To TV

twitter mic For many years, the main question one would hear from people who worked at the major digital publishers and platforms was, "How can we take budget from TV?" Meanwhile, network representatives would ask how they could ensure that they didn't suffer the same fate as the newspaper companies. But now, increasingly, the questions on both sides are around how they can better work together. Here, we'll take a look at some of the ways. Selling Social Data Since its inception, Web advertising has been sold on its accountability, which was originally considered to be a benefit. But as click-through [...]

Earned Media Rising – The Earned Media Ripple Effect

Earned Media Ripple Effect The term "earned media" once referred only to the press mentions resulting from PR campaigns, but it's come a long way as of late. The recent popularization of content marketing and social sharing have made earned media the "cool kid," if not the "new kid" on the block. Recently at BrightEdge Share13 in San Francisco, more than 600 senior marketers joined 42 speakers from the likes of Google, Bing, Microsoft, Facebook, Salesforce and the Gap to discuss this very subject. The key takeaway – Earned Media is rising, and the relationship between social and search has changed. A Little Backgr [...]

3 Ways To Use Social Media To Target High-Net-Worth Consumers

social media Traditionally, marketers tend to segment their customers into either a B2B or B2C relationship. While this has worked for a long time, and will obviously continue to work, many high-net-worth consumers (who most likely also own or run businesses) must be treated differently when it comes to marketing with social media. In a recent survey conducted by the Shullman Research Center, CEO and owner Bob Shullman said: "Consumers with a household income of $75,000 or more planning to buy luxury tend to pay more attention to advertising than all Americans do. They also appear to favor traditional [...]

Beyond Gathering Likes: Moving Past Followers & Fans

What Do You Do Beyond The Like? Moving Past How Many Followers and Fans You Have When social media was new, the main go-to metrics were how many Twitter followers, Facebook Fans (remember those?) and even MySpace friends you had. However, social media marketing is continuously evolving, and marketers are learning that it is important to go beyond the numbers and focus on actually engaging this consumer base they have built. The C-suite is realizing there is real potential in gaining a large following that is also willing to engage with your brand. By providing the type of value and content your target audience wants to see on its news feed, there is a high potential for [...]

Prepping For Bad News: 10 Tips That Could Prevent A Social Media Crisis

shutterstock_148428521 Social media managers talk a lot about being ready for a social media crisis, but there's not much discussion about preparing for regular old bad news. Sometimes you have to raise prices, close a branch, discontinue a product or deliver some other unsavory announcement. You know your fans and customers aren't going to like it -- but, for one reason or another, it still has to be done. While social media crises pop up all of a sudden, you can usually see bad news coming ahead of time and plan specifically for it. That's the good news. But one can quickly lead to the other. When brands [...]

Hearing Voices: Getting The Brand Voice Right In Social Media

social-media-colors-featured If you went out to the mall and asked random people what type of person any particular brand would be if the brand were to one day wake up as a human, you'd find that people most certainly do project personality onto brands. In social media marketing, the most successful companies are having one-on-one conversations -- if not with their customers, then at least with the communities that matter to them. It's fine for individuals within the brand to have their own unique voice, but when the brand speaks, it'll be liked and trusted a lot more when it has a well-defined and consistent personali [...]

The Human Side Of B2B Social Media: Eight Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

social-media-conversation-featured [caption id="attachment_58777" align="alignright" width="300"] Image via Shutterstock[/caption] As more businesses launch successful social media campaigns, it's becoming clear that opting out of the social revolution can put companies at a competitive disadvantage. Social media offers the immediacy and interactivity consumers want and anticipate.  It can intensify customer engagement, drive quality leads and produce higher ROI. Consumer brands understand just how essential and effective social media marketing can be. Procter & Gamble, for instance, is now spending more than a third [...]

You Don’t Have To Be Big To Do Social Right!

social-media-colors-featured One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to social marketing is that it's only for big brands with big budgets. This fallacy has to come to an end now. Some of the best examples of effective social media marketing that I've ever seen come from small businesses. A classic example is the Ashkenaz Cowboy restaurant. The Ashkenaz Cowboy is local restaurant in my neighborhood. I first heard about it via the original social media -- from a friend during a face-to-face conversation. Within a week, I visited the restaurant -- and found that their use of social engagement was far beyond an [...]

How Will Discovery Change Search & Social?

image Don't know what you want to do on Friday night? Open up the Gravy app and let it know that you feel like doing something brainy. The local discovery app uses your location and suggests book readings, speakers, and/or writing groups that are all happening within 25 miles of you. [caption id="attachment_56331" align="alignright" width="300"] Image via Shutterstock[/caption] Welcome to the world of social and local discovery. These services and apps take your preferences, location, social activity (through connection to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter) and demographic information t [...]

What Are You Going To Do With All Those Likes?

likes-featured I'm a Facebook fan of at least 20 local attractions, shops and restaurants that I've never visited. The neighborhood antique store where I've been meaning to drop in. The city tour I always think I'll take one day. The dozen or so foodie-approved eateries that I've got on my short list. I'm a potential customer for all of them, and I love that social media makes it so easy for me to keep up with them. But, I'm not an actual customer of any of these establishments -- not yet. At this point, my "like" doesn't really do anything for these businesses. (And, if we're being honest, my Twitter [...]

Deeper Dive On A Facebook Marketing Case Study

facebook-banner In last month's article about how great community management is beginning to emerge in smaller organizations, I used an example from Seagull Outfitters, courtesy of Marty Weintraub at aimClear. For this post, I went back to Weintraub for some additional information. Seagull Outfitters is a regionally dominant Minnesota Canoe Area Boundary Waters outfitter. Located at the end of the rugged Gunflint Trail, Seagull Outfitters spend their days facilitating wilderness marine excursions. Prior to the campaign that I'm going to discuss, Seagull's Facebook page was pretty typical. There [...]

The Essential Three-Pronged Approach To Content Promotion

When it comes to social media, any promotion of your content can be good. One of the basic concepts of classic advertising is that brand awareness (e.g., hearing a brand's name over and over) can help customers keep you top of mind the next time they need a specific product or service that you offer. Content is one of the best tactics to help you get more exposure. But, no matter how well-written a blog may be, it will not be successful unless people are talking about it. For the successful marketer, utilizing a three-pronged approach to get people talking will not only get your content mor [...]

New Data Insights On Pinterest’s Potential

pinterest Just a few months ago, Pinterest took a big step forward in its utility for businesses by providing free access to its own suite of analytics tools. I've excitedly dug in to understand the new data and am now even more convinced that Pinterest is the first social media channel made for marketing. After studying the performance data for the ten most active brands across Ahalogy's (my company's) network, the possibilities to brands if they commit to the platform are clear. Insight 1: Viral Nature of Pinterest Turbo-Charges Reach The first test revealed that the average reach per follo [...]

A Religion Built Around Facebook Likes?

Like-idol-600x546 A Dutch artist and his collaborators are planning to transform the Facebook "Like" into a religion, at least briefly, and then burn a giant golden Like icon on an altar in the Nevada desert during Burning Man later this month, in a participatory installation/performance art event. The Like4Real project was launched by artist Dadara via the Indiegogo fund-raising platform and has now exceeded its goal of $10,000. [caption id="attachment_55340" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Like 4 Real image © by Dadara[/caption] The Like4Real website homepage sports a truly hypnotic, animated manda [...]

When It Comes To Social Media Sharing, Mobile Rules

Share This Every person on the planet has a mobile phone -- or at least it seems that way. Therefore, it should not be a big surprise that when it comes to social media sharing of content, more people do so via their mobile devices than their computers, according to a recent study done by ShareThis. The research, which compared 4.9 billion social patterns across the desktop Web and 1.2 billion social patterns across the mobile Web, also revealed insights into what people are sharing on what devices and which social networks are the most popular for sharing. Sharing From The Palm Of Your Hand The ke [...]

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